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IKO Shingles Prices, Pros & Cons, Honest Reviews

If you’re looking for the ideal solution to replace your old roof, IKO shingles are a great combo of durability, aesthetics and reasonable cost.

You can install budget friendly IKO three tab shingles on your roof for as low as $3,700-4,200, including professional labor and all materials. Most homeowners install architectural shingles and spend about $5,500-6,500 on an IKO roof. Premium shingles by IKO will cost as much as $8,000-9,000 to install.

In this article, we’ll go through IKO’s shingles pricing, pros and cons to ultimately determine whether their products are the right fit for you.

If you are ready to replace you roof, contact your local pros for 3-4 free roof installation estimates.

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Top House And Roof Color Combinations

Have you ever driven by a house with curb appeal that really catches your attention?

The lawn is well-maintained, the siding on the house looks freshly painted and the color of the roof compliments the paint color and the style of the house. Perfection! How are some tips for how you can pull that look together for your home.

When the time comes to replace or paint your siding or to replace your roof, it’s important to coordinate the colors of the exterior of your house.

While many colors look good together, there are some combinations that can hurt your home’s curb appeal, while other combinations may increase it dramatically.

Knowing the basics of coordinating your new roof and siding colors can help you make sure that your home’s curb appeal,

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Roof Repair Cost Estimator | Prices To Fix Common Roofing Problems

Dealing with a leaking roof is a hassle no one wants to deal with and spend money on. It’s not just the cost to repair to the roof, but the potential damage to the frame of the house, the ceilings and walls.

It’s important to know how to take care of your roof and the signs that it’s time to repair or replace your roof, because timely maintenance and intervention can save you thousands of dollars and prolong the service life of the roof.

If you need to fix your roof, call your local roofing pros for FREE PRICE ESTIMATES.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Roof?

The average cost of a roof repair is $600 –

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2022 Aluminum Gutters Cost

No roofing system is complete and safe from water leaks without high quality gutters. Among various gutter materials to choose from, aluminum gutters stand out for their durability, longevity and reasonable cost.

The average cost of aluminum gutters is $4 to $5 per linear foot depending on the style of gutter and thickness of the metal. Gutters are typically only placed along the bottom edges of each roof slope.

If you are ready to replace your old gutters, contact your local gutter installers for FREE ESTIMATES

How Much Do Aluminum Gutters Cost?

The cost to install a 150 linear foot of seamed aluminum gutters ranges from $1,010 to $2,770 with an average cost of $1,480.

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Tamko Shingles Costs, Pros & Cons, Reviews

Heavy winter storms, falling branches and high-speed winds may cause leaky roofs and torn or missing shingles. These are signs that your roof needs repair and possibly a full roof replacement.

The most common type of roofing is asphalt shingles and one of the top roofing shingle companies is TAMKO. They offer a selection of affordable 3-tab, architectural and premium asphalt shingles, as well as three metal shingle profiles.

If you are ready to replace your old roof, contact your local roofing pros for a FREE ESTIMATE

How Much Do Tamko Shingles Cost?

This chart shows the price of TAMKO asphalt shingles ranges from $2.00 to $5.50 per square foot and from $4.00 to $8.00 per square foot for TAMKO’s metal shingles.

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Best Shingles: Tamko vs Owens Corning Shingles

If you are looking to replace your old roof, there are many asphalt shingles products and manufacturers to consider. In fact, there are so many shingle options, that its hard to know which roof shingle is the best?

Overall, Owens Corning and Tamko are two very comparable roofing shingle companies. Owens Corning has a slight edge in the main architectural shingles category. Each brand has its strengths and weaknesses.

Lets take a close look and compare two of the leading asphalt shingles brands: Owens Corning and TAMKO roofing shingles. We will compare these shingle brands based on pricing, style and color options, weather performance and overall durability.

If you are ready to install a new roof,

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Zinc Roofing Cost Estimator

When installed, zinc roofing costs around $11.5 to $13 per square foot including labor and materials. For an average size 1,600 sq.ft. ranch or cape style zinc roof, your cost will be $18,400 – 20,800

Your total roof installation cost will vary depending on whether the previous roof will have to be torn off or not. Zinc roofing ranges in pricing depending on the region you live in and the availability of the material and installers who work with zinc.

If you are ready to replace your old roof, contact your local metal roofing pros for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Cost of Zinc Shingles and Standing Seam Metal Panels

Zinc metal shingles cost between $5 and $8 per square foot,

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Decra Roofing Costs, Styles, Pros & Cons

Decra is a stone-coated steel roofing brand known for quality and durability. A Decra roof mimics the look of either asphalt, wood, or tile, without the burden of maintenance and short lifespan. Decra Roofing is known for their environmental sustainability as well as aesthetic quality of their roofs.

On average, you can install a Decra metal roof for $8.5 – 14 per square foot. On a 1,600 sq.ft. simple ranch style roof, installing a Decra roof costs $13,600 – 22,400

If you are ready to replace your old roof, contact your local roofing pros for FREE quotes.

How Much Does A Decra Metal Roof Cost?

A Decra stone coated steel roof is one of the more expensive roofing material options on the market,

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Zinc Roof Strips | Cost, Pros & Cons

A new roof is one of the largest maintenance expenses for homeowners. If you are putting on a new roof you will want to make it last as long as possible. Zinc roof strips can be a great solution to prolong the life of your roof and protect it from the destructive consequences of moss and algae infestation.

Moss, algae and fungus growth on roofs is a problem across most of the eastern half of the United States. You may have noticed streaks of discoloration on a roof. On a cedar shingle roof, the black streaking is not a sign of weathering, rather it shows that algae is breaking down the wood shingle.

Lets take a close look at how zinc roof strips can protect your roof and how much they cost.

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