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There are many flat roofing options, but my personal favorite is IB Roof Systems. On average, IB PVC costs $6.50 – 8.0 per square foot installed, depending on thickness.

The roof is made from a sheet of single ply thermoplastic membrane, reinforced with polyester mesh (scrim). Once properly installed, it will not leak!

I’ve been installing this flat roof since 2005, and in 12 years not one leaked, except for a mechanical damage to the membrane.

Here, I will discuss the features of the IB PVC membrane, its installation costs, as well as pros and cons.

How Much Does IB Roofing Cost?

On average you can expect to spend around $9,750 – 12,000 on an IB PVC roof installed on a 1,500 sq. ft. a ranch style home. The final price will depend on the thickness of the membrane you choose.

Keep in mind that thicker membranes are more expensive, but they are also a lot more durable and longer lasting. We recommend using at least a 60 mil product, especially if you live in an area with inclement weather, and frequent temperature fluctuations.

Materials And Installation

IB Roof Membrane On Contemporary Ranch House

Let’s set some basic specs for the job, so we don’t have to repeat it.

1) New Install: Includes installation of 1/2″ Styrofoam insulation and a mechanically attached PVC membrane, 2 or 3″ PVC coated edge metal, 1 chimney or skylight flashing, 2 bathroom stack flashing, and 2 IB Air Vents.

2) Replace Old Roof: Same specs as a “New Install” with added tear off and disposal of 1 layer of old materials.

These are the two most common scenarios. In all other cases the cost differences are in the following:

– insulation thickness
– brand of the PVC material
– any added penetrations – extra skylights, chimneys, bulkheads, vent pipes, etc.
– rare parapet walls
– roof to wall transitions

We will discuss all these extra items below.

Simple flat roof on 1 or two storey house: While these are rare, and most roofers LOVE to do jobs like this one, these still turn up once in a while.

  • 1 square of new IB 50 mil membrane should cost around $650-$750
  • 1 square of new IB 80 mil membrane should cost around $720-$800

Extra Items

These will cost about the same for any type of single ply membrane roof, because they are basically extra labor and materials.

  • If the roof is over 30 squares (3000+ sq. ft.) you should be getting a 3-7% discount for volume.
  • Tear-off and disposal for 1 layer of an old rubber membrane should cost about $75-100 per square.
  • Each additional penetration flashing such as a chimney or skylight should cost about $200-250
  • If your house is located within 1 mile of the ocean, you should use Stainless Steel PVC clad edge metal. Stainless steel is very expensive. Figure $7-8 per linear foot of roof edge.
  • Insulation should run about $55-65 per square per 1 inch thickness. So, if your roof is 10 squares, and you want 3 inches of PolyISO rigid foam insulation, you will be spending an additional $165-195 per square. Insulation is very expensive, and most of this cost is MATERIALS only, as well as longer screws and building out higher wood nailer along the roof perimeter.
  • Additional pipe penetrations 3-4″ are $40-50
  • Large pipe flashings are $75-100

Cost of IB vs. other PVC manufacturers

IB is not the only manufacturer of PVC roofs. Other popular brands are Everguard PVC by GAF, JM PVC, Sure-Flex by Carlisle, Duro-Tuff by Duro Last, FiberTite and Sarnafil.

IB is considered by most credible sources in the roofing industry to be one of the best PVC roofs in the world, rivaled only by Sarnafil and Fibertite.

Here is how PVC membrane pricing for an IB roof compares to its competitors:

– 20-25% more expensive that GAF, Carlisle, and JM.

– 10% more expensive than Duro – Last.

– 5-10% cheaper than FiberTite.

– Sarnafil costs about the same as IB.

In this comparison, we take the cost of a complete roofing system, with all accessories and flashings, excluding insulation. Moreover, prices are compared for the same thickness membrane.


Roof Membrane on a Cabin Style Home

Having tried numerous products over the years, I prefer and recommend IB PVC material for nearly all low slope and flat roof applications – even Roof Decks! Other seasoned roofers will also recommend it for both residential and commercial applications, especially if it is a high-end project.

Here are the advantages you get by installing IB:

Superior Durability

All IB products far surpass the ASTM standards for single ply roofing membranes (ASTM D4434.96). Check out the specs for materials of different thicknesses.

Weathering Surface 156% Thicker 187% Thicker 250% Thicker
Seam Strength 247% More Reliable 310% More Reliable 360% More Reliable
Elongation 266% More Pliable 266% More Pliable 266% More Pliable
Tearing Strength 160% More Durable 162% More Durable 164% More Durable
Breaking Strength 185% Stronger 233% Stronger 270% Stronger

Resistance To Harsh Elements

– Solarwise™ finish ensures solar reflectivity and nice appearance
– UV stabilization formula protects against external elements
– Class-A fire rated
– Leak free service due to heat-welded seams, which are impervious to moisture


Many IB membranes that have been installed in 1978, when the company got started, are still functioning today. This is 40 years, or 3-4 times longer than the majority of other flat roofing materials.

Longest Warranty In The Industry

You get 30 year commercial warranty and Lifetime residential material warranty.

Largest Selection Of Colors

Here are membrane colors and thicknesses that are available in stock:

IB Colors

You can also watch this video to get a better sense of how this roof is installed, what it looks like and how it preforms.

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Author: Leo B
For over 20 years Leo has run a successful roofing business in New England, specializing in metal roofing, as well as cool flat roofing technologies. Having replaced and installed hundreds of roofs in New England, Leo has first hand experience with pretty much every residential roofing material and roofing manufacturer available in the US.
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18 comments on “IB Roof Systems Cost: Estimate Membrane & Installation Prices

  1. Hi Leo,
    Great site!
    I have a 30 year old, 2,500 Sq Ft sprayed on polyurethane flat roof with gravel on top.
    The roof has just started leaking in a few areas.
    Could the IB Roof system be installed over the existing foam roof once the gravel is removed?
    If so, how much of a savings would this be?
    Thank you!

  2. Can I apply this over an existing deck over a garage? I like that is has minimal height and is waterproof.

    Thank you

  3. How much has the PVC roof gone up since this post? Today is 5/17/2022 and I just got a bid of $41K to $51K depending on the mil which was quoted of .5 or .8 mil.
    My roof size was figured to be 4800 sq. ft

    1. Orlo,

      These are made by IB Roofs and sold to certified contractors only. There is an “aftermarket” PVC flashing manufacturer – I will look them up and let you know.

  4. Hi Leo,
    I’m the General Contractor and our roofer used IB for the flat deck with living space under. I wanted to pitch the deck with tapered foam but was talked out of it by my roofing contractor as he said IB is warranted for ponding which we have now. We haven’t added the finished pavers and want a qualified recommendation if its ok to cover with either concrete or porcelain pavers installed on pedestals or on gator mat with bed of sand.We are located at 6200 foot elev. and it freezes. I have called IB for technical support and they will have their field rep in N. CA. get in touch.


    I can email photos of deck if it would make it easier for you to comment.

    1. Lad,

      Normally I’d say it’s ok to do that. However, I don’t know how well your roofer did the job.

      What I would do – probe all seams with a metal hook, to make sure there are no voids. Visually inspect all seams – the weld should be about 1.75 inches wide … maybe even do a pul test (you will need your roofer to come out and patch it. Basically, you cut a section of seam 3×6″ and pull them apart. You can do this in 2-3 spots to be sure. If all these steps are good – you can put pavers over it.

      I would also have the IB rep look at it.

      Here is how seam pull test is done: https://youtu.be/RtfsH1W_N3Q?t=47

      Bottom line – IB is a great product – and when installed correctly I would not worry about putting pavers on it. Just make sure to not damge roof by pavers. Use some sort of separation – we typically just cut strips of IB, and place it between deck/pavers and roof.

      Hope this helps.

  5. I just read all the warranties, no where in the warranty does it meantion it covers leaks due to ponding water. It doesn’t even address it. Legally that means it is not covered. The reason that it isn’t meantioned is then it would need to be addressed one way or the other. The reason it doesn’t have to be addressed if not mentioned is it is assumed that building codes do not allow for it even on flat roofs so it shouldn’t be there. We know all flat roofs have some ponding. To say the seams are strong etc and the membrane doesn’t puncture but not to include leaks in ponds in the warranty seems more like hype for marketing and selling to people that aren’t wise enough to read the actual warranty before purchasing. PVC also contains dioxins that are carcengetics and can end up in water tables when torn off and put in landfills. There is high rate of breast cancer in the communities surrounding PVC plants. I have saved numerous studies over the last 11 yrs. on the subject for doctors and scientist. How long has each formula actually been in production without modifications? One of them isn’ t even 3 yrs old because the thermal testing is still pending. I feel bad for customers that think they are going to have their roof for 25 yrs without any additonal costs except maintenance. I am sure the warranties are prorated. That means after a certain period of time the customer comes in with most of the money and all the labor plus all IB inspection fees etc when it fails. I would like to see a 25 yr. old IB roof in service using the same formula. That might impress me if there is currently ponding on it. Most single ply manufacturers change the formula every 5 yrs. so you get whatever the flavor of the year is. There is weathering to be considered too. I have never seen a 25 yr. old PVC roof in functional service yet. I have seen many that are 7-8 yrs old with issues.

    1. Mary Emily & EVERYONE, I appreciate your input but I would LOVE some LINKIES from CREDIBLE sources. IB PVC SOUNDS like the flat roof to have, but if it takes out the homeowner or the planet before the end of its anticipated life, it should be as ineligible as a stoned snowboarder.

      1. Greater Philly. 480 sqft roof at 6°. Rear kitchen 12’x10′, slopes 25° down across 10′ wide room with 2′ overhang, significantly leaking asphalt shingles. Sloped roof is 13′ 0.5″ wide, covers 12′ horizntal.

      2. Erinne,

        I don’t get this comment, but if you are referring to an environmental issue – i have this to say:

        ALL OTHER flat roof materials create by far MORE LAND FILL WASTE.

        Tar based roofs are the dirtiest and most toxic for the environment (it’s pretty much oil refining waste).

        TPO and rubber also create more waste, by the fact that they last 10-20 years less (roof life), and are mostly non recyclable.

        PVC is 95+ % recyclable and it’s on the owner/roofer to put in the effort. Also most PVC roofs can last well into 40+ years with small repairs here and there. Most are completely repairable, even when they are very old – new patches will weld to them very easily.

        Here is a repair job I did 7 years ago in Newton, MA:

        The roof (Sarnafil) was about 25-28 years old then and had multiple punctures from falling tree branches after a big storm.

        I patched all of them with IB membrane patches. Now the roof is 32-35 years old and is going strong!

        PS – video was recorded by the homeowner 🙂

  6. Do you have anyone in the Dallas area? I am thinking about the IB PVC membrane for my office building. It is about 4000 square feet.

  7. Hey Leo,

    Thank you for the detailed break down. I wonder if IB Roof system is introduced at trades school? Or this is a relatively new technique as some of the roofers I work with seems to utilize EPDM and torch down more? Thanks!

  8. HI Leo,

    Who are a couple contractors you would recommend to install the IB PVC membrane? We have a stand-alone garage with a flat 20×30 roof with one layer of rolled on composite material. No insulation needed. Cost??

    1. Mike,

      Where are you located? If I know someone in the area I’ll let you know – otherwise I can ask IB’s local rep.

      Costs can be calculated here: https://www.roofcalc.org/flat-roof-calculator/
      Use PVC as you material. If you need 80-mil, it’s about 5% more
      Don’t forget to select your region – prices vary greatly depending on where you live – difference can be as much as 35% from least expensive region to most expensive!

      Good Luck