2023 Roof Replacement Cost Variations Across US Regions

Typical Price Range To Install a new Roof
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Your roofing cost can differ by as much as 18% up or down, depending on where you live.

This is about $1,200 for an average re-roofing project!

New Roof Cost Based On Region

Below is a map of US regions, as well as average installation prices for a 1650 sq. ft. roof with the following job specs:

1,650 square feet, 1 storey, 5-pitch Ranch house. 1 layer tear off. GAF Timberline or equal quality shingle with manufacturer required accessories. 1 chimney flash with lead.

US Regional Roof Prices

Prices are grouped together in the following 9 geographic areas in the US:

New England – MA, CT, RI, NH, ME, VT
Mid Atlantic – NY, NJ, PA
South Atlantic – MD, DE, VA, WV, NC, SC, GA, FL
East South Central – KY, TN, MS, AL
West South Central – TX, LA, OK, AR
East North Central – IL, MI, IN, OH, WI
West North Central – KS, MO, MN, NE, IA, ND, SD,
Mountain – CO, UT, AZ, NM, NV, ID, MT, WY
Pacific – CA, OR, WA, AK

As you can see, installation costs in the North East (New England and Mid Atlantic states) are very high, and the Southern states are toward the bottom. The Pacific Region, West Coast States, are the MOST expensive.

National Average vs. Regional Roofing Prices

US Regions Map

US Regions Map

  • National Average – base for calculation.
  • New England: +7.37%
  • Mid Atlantic: +6.67%
  • South Atlantic: -6.42%
  • East South Central -9.51%
  • West South Central: -16.18%
  • East North Central: +2.79%
  • West North Central: -0.89%
  • Mountain: -4.8%
  • Pacific: +18.09%

That’s correct. Roofing prices on the West Coast are 18% higher than the National Average. This puts North East’s average of +7% to shame.

How Are Roofing Costs Calculated?

These calculations are based on an average roof replacement job, which has the following specs:

Roof Size: 30 squares.
Slope: 4 in 12.
Dormers: 2
Valleys – about 80 ln. ft.
Chimneys: 1
Skylights: 2

Roof Installation Includes:

Tear off existing roofing down to the wood decks.
Install new felt underlayment.
Install new fiberglass asphalt shingles (min. 25-year warranty) – these would be 3-tab shingles ,
Install galvanized drip edge and mill-finish aluminum flashing.

The job includes about 5-squares of hip roof, custom flashing for two average-size skylights (these flashings are always provided by skylight manufacturers, so “custom” is a gimmick, and a premium vented ridge.

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Author: Leo B
For over 20 years Leo has run a successful roofing business in New England, specializing in metal roofing, as well as cool flat roofing technologies. Having replaced and installed hundreds of roofs in New England, Leo has first hand experience with pretty much every residential roofing material and roofing manufacturer available in the US.
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3 comments on “2023 Roof Replacement Cost Variations Across US Regions

  1. We are a roofing company from Sofia, Bulgaria and we working with PVC/TPO membranes from 2002. Here in Europe, the value of a ready finished installed commercial roof with TPO membrane of 60mil is 1.15 USD/sqft. For us the shown in you website prices are crazy high.

  2. Living in Central Florida, is metal roofing less expensive during the fall and winter months vs. just before and during hurricane season?

    1. During & after hurricane, all roofing is MUCH MORE expensive, because of immense demand and short supply. My friend from Connecticut goes to Florida after hurricane and has work there for at least 3 months going forward.

      Because there is so much work, roofers can charge higher than normal prices. On top of that, shortage of materials further increases the costs.

      So it’s best to replace the roof during “off season” – during the winter.