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Home Depot siding is many homeowner’s first choice when it comes to economic siding replacement projects.

This is for good reason, as Home Depot siding features various choices that make a great fit for any style home and budget.

Does Home Depot Carry Siding?

Home Depot offers several siding choices, with prices to fit your budget and appearances to match your house aesthetics.

This makes it a convenient one-stop destination for a home siding project.

These are the siding options you’ll find at Home Depot:

How Much Does Home Depot Siding Cost?

On average, you should expect to spend around $1.82 to $17 per square foot of siding at Home Depot.

That makes the overall installation price for a 2,000-square-foot home approximately $3,650 to $34,000.

The labor costs account for approximately $1,960 to $16,000 of this price.

Naturally, the overall cost of your siding project will also depend on your location, climate, and other factors specific to your home.

Pro Tip: The least expensive time to install siding of any type is fall. There are numerous seasonal discounts in terms of materials and labor. Contractors are also less busy, so scheduling is easier, and your project will be completed sooner.

Siding Home Depot Cost Breakdown By Material

As mentioned previously, Home Depot has five material choices if we distinguish wood from composite wood siding.

They all vary in price depending on their profiles, dimensions, finishes, and other features.

The sections below will provide you with the cost estimates when it comes to each siding material at Home Depot and introduce you to some of their features.

Siding Material Material Costs per 2,000 Square Feet Labor Costs per 2,000 Square Feet
Vinyl Siding $1,700-$12,700  $1,950-$7,950
Wood Siding $1,900-$24,000 $4,000-$10,000
Stone Siding $1,200-$19,000  $6,000-$10,450
Composite Wood Siding $3,500-$22,300 $1,950-$10,050
Fiber Cement Siding $6,500-$10,500 $4,050-$16,000

Home Depot Vinyl Siding

For homeowners who don’t want to struggle too much with siding installation and maintenance, vinyl siding is the best choice on the market.

It’s durable, rot-resistant, and doesn’t require painting or re-painting over the years.

What’s more, with vinyl, you can get the widest variety of colors and styles that’ll fit modern and classic homes alike.

Vinyl is ideal for homeowners on a tight budget.

Apart from minimal maintenance that doesn’t require you to set aside much money for future expenses, the initial cost is quite low.

Since vinyl is lightweight, the installation is undemanding, so you can save money by doing it yourself. 

If you buy vinyl siding at Home Depot, you can expect the overall project price to range from $3,650 to $20,650 for a typical 2,000-square-foot house.

The vinyl panels themselves account for $1,700 to $12,700 of this cost, while labor accounts for $1,950 to $7,950.

Home Depot Wood Siding

Wood is the most traditional siding you can pick.

Regardless of the species, color, and finish, wood gives your home a touch of elegance and timelessness.

Moreover, as wood is biodegradable, it’s a fantastic choice for environmentally-conscious Home Depot customers.

Wood siding installation might sound like a laborious task, but the panels are not as heavy as they seem.

With some basic siding knowledge, you can install them on your own and save on labor costs, which means a great deal since wood can be more expensive than vinyl or some other siding materials.

However, keep in mind that wood is susceptible to rot and pest infestations if neglected.

It might be sturdy and durable, but it’s also natural and a haven for termites and similar insects.

Moreover, wood isn’t fire-resistant, unlike vinyl which can resist temperatures up to 730 F without catching fire.

Therefore, carefully consider and calculate whether wood siding is the right choice for your household. 

Buying wood siding at Home Depot will cost around $5,900 to $34,000 for 2,000 square feet.

The wood materials cost between $1,900 and $24,000, while labor adds around $4,000 to $10,000.

Home Depot Stone Siding

At Home Depot, you can find the largest selection of stone veneer siding.

Stone veneers are thin layers of stone that fool the viewer into thinking that the wall is entirely made of it.

The natural texture gives the building a rustic but tasteful appearance.

Natural stone has unmatched durability.

It won’t degrade under harsh weather or deteriorate over time. It’s also fire-resistant and requires little upkeep. 

However, when it comes to stone veneers, there’s typically something less durable underneath, such as plywood.

The stone still serves as a protective layer, but you might want to know that little detail before opting for this siding.

The overall price of the stone siding project from Home Depot costs about $7,200 to $29,450.

The stone siding itself accounts for $1,200 to $19,000 of that price.

That leaves labor at approximately $6,000 to $10,450.

Did you know? Stone veneer siding is typically produced in large quantities. Thus, there’s a high chance of stumbling upon several identical panels.

Home Depot Composite Wood Siding

Composite wood siding is made of materials like wood scraps, shavings, and sawdust.

They’re bonded by resin or another adhesive substance to create compact forms that can be used for building projects.

The primary purpose of composite wood siding is to make your house look like it’s enveloped in real wood but for a lower price.

Still, composite wood has some advantages compared to real wood.

For example, its manufacturing process has designed it to resist rotting and pest infestations. 

Your whole composite siding project can cost anywhere between $5,450 and $32,350.

The composite siding makes up for the $3,500 to $22,300 of the cost, whereas labor costs between $1,950 and $10,050.

Home Depot Fiber Cement Siding

If you’re looking for durable siding, Home Depot’s fiber cement siding is for you.

The main ingredients of James Hardie fiber cement siding, sold at Home Depot, are Portland cement and wood fibers.

They also include additives that make the siding extremely high-performance.

This siding material is non-combustible and resilient to insects, rot, moisture, cracking, and other damage.

If you live in harsh climate conditions, you can’t go wrong with fiber cement siding.

James Hardie also promises no color fading and chipping of their pre-finished products.

Nevertheless, like other siding materials, fiber cement isn’t perfect.

For one, it isn’t environmentally friendly; it contains cement and other non-biodegradable components.

Fiber cement installation could also be tricky for an ordinary homeowner, so professional installation might be necessary, naturally increasing the overall project budget.

Installing Home Depot’s fiber cement siding costs approximately $10,550 to $26,500 for an average home.

The price of fiber cement material is about $6,500 to $10,500.

The labor costs range from $4,050 to $16,000.

How Much Is A Square Of Siding At Home Depot?

Each home has different dimensions and requires a different amount of siding.

For that reason, it’s good to have the square footage cost of each siding material available.

Here are the prices per square foot for each siding type at Home Depot:

  • Vinyl Siding: $0.85-$6.35
  • Wood Siding: $0.95-$12
  • Stone Siding: $0.60-$9.50
  • Composite Wood Siding: $1.75-$11.15
  • Fiber Cement Siding: $3.25-$5.25

How Much Is A Box Of Siding At Home Depot?

Home Depot generally sells siding products in boxes, cases, cartons, or bundles.

The prices vary for each siding material:

Home Depot Vinyl Siding Bundle

When it comes to Home Depot’s vinyl siding, the least expensive package you can find is Ejoy’s six-piece set of vinyl siding boards that together cover 19 square feet.

They cost about $200.

The priciest product is Novik’s vinyl siding, which has a brown stone-like appearance.

It costs $306.60 and covers 46 square feet.

Home Depot Wood Siding Bundle

The cheapest product for wood siding is a bundle of 16-inch cedar shingles for $16.97, which covers about 25 square feet.

The most expensive wood siding product is an eight-pack bundle that covers 37 square feet and costs $986

Home Depot Stone Siding Bundle

The lowest-priced stone siding at Home Depot is a box of ADORN’s Shadowledge Slate stone siding.

It costs $50.90, has four units, and covers 4 square feet.

The most expensive set of stone siding is available as a pallet that costs $819.52.

Each pallet contains 10 boxes of stone siding that cover 8.4 square feet. Thus, the whole pallet covers a surface of 84 square feet.

Home Depot Composite Wood Siding Bundle

Composite wood siding primarily comes in pieces at Home Depot.

The lowest-priced bundle you can find is NewTechWood European siding, which features 10 pieces and costs $417.

The bundle covers 30.77 square feet.

The most expensive bundle of composite wood at Home Depot costs $3,993.88 and has 49 pieces that cover 326 square feet. 

Home Depot Fiber Cement Siding Bundle

The lowest-priced bundle of fiber cement siding at Home Depot is the GAF WeatherSide Purity straight 12 x 24-inch siding shingle.

It has 18 pieces and covers a surface of 33.3 square feet, and is priced at $98.10.

The highest price per bundle belongs to another GAF WeatherSide set of 11 pieces that covers 25 square feet and costs $142.74.

Does Home Depot Install Siding?

Home Depot offers installation services for the majority of home improvement projects.

It previously offered siding installation, but that has changed since 2019.

One of the reasons might be that siding, in general, isn’t that difficult to install by yourself, especially if you opt for a siding with a straightforward installation process like vinyl.

You can find instructions online for any type and brand of siding.

Pro Tip: When installing siding on your own, allow plenty of time for layout planning. Doing so will prevent costly mistakes and result in a finished job that looks great. In addition, invest in a story pole to help you measure the layout accurately. 

Does Home Depot Cut Siding For You?

Home Depot offers cutting services for certain materials only if you’ve purchased the product at their store.

In terms of siding, the material their experts cut is wood.

The service is free, but you may only get two cuts. Additional cuts will set you back by about $0.25-0.30 per slice.

Keep in mind that Home Depot doesn’t offer project (precision) cuts or angle cuts.

Your only option is straight cuts.

Additionally, if you come with a large thick piece of lumber, you might be turned down due to the limitations of the store’s machinery.

Home Depot Siding Review

Reviews of each type of siding include multiple products with positive reviews.

You can also filter them by most popular products, top sellers, and top-rated products based on customer reviews.

The worst reviews usually cite installation defects due to contractor negligence.

But, since Home Depot only sells siding, the finished result depends entirely on the manufacturer and other installers.

Some of the best reviews concern Novik’s stone siding, which has left customers in awe of how realistic it looks.

Many customers were also impressed with Novik’s stone siding’s durability and longevity.

James Hardie also boasts high reviews for its fiber cement siding. Most customers are pleased with its 30-year warranties and durability.

Home Depot’s website also has a shocking amount of fiber cement siding options that many clients like.

Regarding vinyl siding in general, most customers are pleased with the fact that they can install it on their own.

Multiple customers are also satisfied with the vinyl siding’s finished look and say they would buy it at Home Depot again.

However, some Home Depot customers expressed that their product in person looked nothing like it did on the website.

Others have also complained about the shipping service.

Although few customers complain about this, it’s good to know about potential issues.

Home Depot Siding Pros And Cons

Home Depot, in general, has many products that come in wide availability and variety.

The same goes for its siding products. You can access them online regardless of your location and order your products in an instant.

There are many more options to choose from, and they come in varying qualities, brands, colors, and dimensions, with warranties of different durations, etc. 

However, variety is also the main disadvantage for some customers shopping for siding at Home Depot.

Too many products could be overwhelming for a new customer who doesn’t know how to navigate the website.

Of course, while they offer customer service, going through all the products with a representative could take hours.

 It would be more beneficial for new customers to visit the store in person when possible and consult a member of the department team. 

What Siding Brands Does Home Depot Offer?

Siding brands available at Home Depot vary by material.

When it comes to vinyl siding, these are the brands Home Depot offers:

  • Ejoy
  • Ply Gem
  • Novik
  • Grayne

Regarding wood siding, you can find the following brands:

  • Ejoy
  • DuraTemp
  • Kimberly Bay
  • Ply-Bead
  • Plytanium
  • SBC

Home Depot has nearly 400 stone siding options, which means they offer the most variety in terms of brands.

These include:

  • GenStone
  • ClipStone
  • NextStone
  • Evolve Stone
  • M-Rock
  • Ekena Millwork
  • Novik
  • Boral
  • Prestige Stone & Granite
  • Silvermine Stone
  • Koni Stone

There are only two brands of fiber cement at Home Depot:

  • James Hardie
  • GAF

Composite siding at Home Depot comes in two distinguished brands:

  • NewTechWood (composite wood)
  • LP SmartSide (engineered wood)

Siding Colors Available At Home Depot

The availability of siding colors at Home Depot largely depends on the material and brand.

Each product has at least two color options, but some might come in over 10 color tones and nuances. 

You can filter siding products by their color families.

The ones available for composite siding are brown, grey, black, beige, blue, and white.

In addition to those colors, fiber cement also comes in red, green, and yellow color varieties. 

Vinyl siding comes in white, grey, brown, black, beige, green, multicolored, or clear.

Stone siding at Home Depot is also quite versatile and comes in brown, grey, white, beige, blue, black, orange, and multiple colors.

For wood siding, Home Depot offers cedar, pine, Douglas fir, and spruce siding in white, brown, grey, red, and natural or original wood colors.

It’s worth noting that when it comes to wood siding, you also have different textures and finishes that might alter the color of the siding.

So, a color on a siding of one texture might differ from the same color on a siding that has a different texture.

Some wood panels might not have any color at all, while others might be pre-primed or “ready-to-paint” and just require you to paint on the final color.

Pro Tip: If you’re customizing the color of wood siding by yourself, you have the option to paint or stain it. Both include similar applications, but paint lasts 2-3 years longer than stain. On the other hand, re-staining your wood panels is easier than repainting them. 

Is Home Depot Siding Good?

The quality of Home Depot siding depends on the material, brand, and weather conditions.

As we’ve discussed, vinyl is good in terms of durability, care, and ease of installation.

Wood gives you a timeless and traditional look but can be tough to maintain.

Stone veneer is also pleasant to the eye, but it can be difficult to work with.

Fiber cement is a valid choice, but it isn’t as ecologically friendly as wood.

As for the brands, Home Depot offers some of the top brands like Novik, GAF, and James Hardie, which guarantee high-quality products.

Nevertheless, the final decision will depend on your preferences and siding needs.

Check out other home improvement stores and compare the products and prices. 

Side With Home Depot For Ultimate Security And Comfort

Home Depot makes siding available nationwide and allows you to access various siding materials, colors, and brands all in one place.

With so many siding options, you’ll surely find the one that fits your home’s needs and matches your taste.

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