2021 Mastic Vinyl Siding Guide | Prices, Pros & Cons, Honest Reviews

Mastic vinyl siding is manufactured by PlyGem Designs and is incredibly versatile. Mastic siding works well for homes located where there is high heat and extreme sun, as well as homes that are located where there is hail and hurricane-force winds.

Installing Mastic siding on a 2,000 sq.ft. house costs $10,000 – 17,000, depending on the materials you select, complexity of the install and local labor rates.

Mastic Vinyl has a variety of style options depending on what you would like for your home. It is also important to consider the specific benefits that each style has while keeping in mind where you live and what you need from the siding you select.

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Metal Panel Siding | Costs, Panel Options, Pros & Cons

The exterior look of your house is the first thing that people notice. It’s also your home’s first line of protection against bad weather.

While there are many siding materials out there, metal panel siding is an ideal choice for homeowners looking for superior durability, longevity, minimal maintenance and a modern aesthetic.

There are several factors to consider in comparing and choosing a metal siding material. Metal siding can be made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, zinc and copper. It also comes in a variety of panel profiles and styles.

We will take a close look at metal siding panels materials options, costs and installation considerations, pros and cons and top features of metal siding.

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Cement Board Siding Prices, Pros & Cons, Honest Reviews

Cement board siding also commonly known as fiber cement siding has been around for a few decades now. Cement siding is the upscale alternative to vinyl and engineered wood siding, offering great durability, a wide range of colors, styles and profiles, as well as impressive energy efficiency.

Check out the material and installation costs, benefits, and the few drawbacks of choosing fiber cement composite siding over other traditional alternatives.

Get started on your siding project by requesting 3-4 free price quotes from siding installers near you.

Fiber Cement Siding Prices Per Square Foot

The cost of fiber cement siding can vary greatly between suppliers, depending on the thickness of the material as well as its shape.

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Steel Siding For Your Home | Cost of Steel Siding Panels, Pros & Cons

When you’re thinking about replacing the siding on your home, how do you know which type of siding to choose? There are, after all, many fantastic options on the market.

If you’re looking for a material that equates to durability, you might want to consider metal siding made of steel. There are multiple benefits to choosing steel siding, primarily, that it’s one of the most economical, long lasting and environmentally friendly materials. The price of steel siding panels is surprisingly affordable, and averages $4-9 per square foot. For a 1,500 sq.ft. home, you can expect to spend $6,000-13,500 for steel siding together with installation.

We’re going to focus on all the essential details regarding steel siding,

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House Siding Cost Calculator

Estimate prices of installing siding on your home using Vinyl, Wood/Cedar, Hardie (fiber-cement), and Wood-Composite siding materials – get instant price-quotes that includes cost of materials & labor, as well as windows/door trims, fascia / soffit, etc.

Calculate Siding Replacement Costs now:

To get instant price estimates, enter your home dimensions, number of floors, windows/doors, and type of the roof structure in the calculator above. This tool will help you estimate siding installation/replacement costs in your area.

All price estimates include Labor & Materials. This tool is only as accurate as the house dimensions that you provide.

Accuracy of results:

PRO TIP: Entering house dimensions properly will yield the most accurate siding cost estimate!

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