Liquid EPDM Rubber Roof: Material and Installation Costs

Is your flat rubber roof leaking all the time? As frustrating as this is, you are not alone. It turns out that over 65% of rubber roof repairs are due to leaks!

One long-lasting and cost effective solution is to apply a liquid EPDM rubber roof coating. This can be done to either repair the existing leaks, or to prevent future ones and prolong the service life of your membrane.

We will discuss exactly what a liquid EPDM rubber roof is, how much it costs, and the benefits it can bring you.

What is a liquid EPDM Rubber Roof?

Liquid Rubber Roof

Similar to standard EPDM rubber, the liquid coating is a synthetic polymer made from combining ethylene,

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Pros & Cons Of A Real Slate Roof

Its no secret that the beauty and curb appeal of a natural slate roof far surpasses other types of materials. After all, this is why roofing manufacturers continue to develop technologies that can replicate the look of slate using composite and polymer materials, asphalt, as well as metal.

Today, its possible to install a synthetic slate roof for 50-65% less than the price of real slate stone, and it will actually look beautiful!

So many homeowners and architects wonder whether a real slate roof is worth the money, or a different material that simply looks like slate can work just as well?

To answer this question, lets take an in-depth look and the pros and cons of slate roofing.

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Architectural Shingles vs 3 Tab: Compare Prices, Pros & Cons

Many homeowners who want to replace their old roof debate between installing economical 3 tab shingles vs. more expensive architectural shingles.

On a 1,600 sq.ft. roof the average difference in the total price between the two types of shingles can be $800-1,100+ This is a lot of money, considering that replacing the roof of this size would cost about $5,000-6,000.

So lets explore why architectural roofing shingles cost so much more, and whether they are worth the extra spending.

In this guide:

1. Which asphalt shingles are better made?
2. Compare the cost of architectural vs 3 tab shingles

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Roof Heat Cable Calculator – Estimate the Length and Cost of Heating Cables

If snow and ice accumulate on your roof, heating cables are an easy and effective to solution to eliminate ice dams before they cause major damage.

Use this calculator to estimate the cost and length of heat cables for your home, based on your roof length and overhang width.

Roof Length:


Valley Length (optional):


Overhang Width:

6″ – 12″
12″ – 18″
18″ – 24″
24″ – 30″
30″ – 36″
36″ – 42″
42″ – 48″

De-Ice Gutters:


Roof Type:

Asphalt Shingles
Rubber / Low Slope

Region (US Only):

National Avg.
New England
Mid Atlantic
South Atlantic
E.S. Central
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Corrugated Metal Roofing – 2018 Prices For R Panel & 5 V Crimp Roofs

For homeowners looking for a durable metal roof that will not break the bank, corrugated metal panels have become an increasingly popular option. R panel and 5V Crimp metal roofs can cost as little as $4.95-7.06 per square foot, including all materials and professional labor.

This is almost 50% less than metal shingles or standing seam panels, which cost $7.65-12.59 per square foot

Moreover, if you do all the work yourself, your total cost can be as little as $2 per square foot, because R Panels (5-Rib) and 5V Crimp corrugated panels are priced at $1.00-$1.50 per square foot at Lowe’s and Home Depot.

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Best Roof Shingles: Timberline vs. Landmark – Compare Costs, Durability, Colors, Warranties

If you are looking for the highest quality asphalt shingles, the choice typically comes down to: GAF Timberline vs. Certain-teed Landmark.

Both GAF and Certain-teed are very large and reputable roofing manufacturers; their products have a solid performance track record.

In terms of material and installation prices, Timberline and Landmark shingles cost about the same:

However, just like anything else under the sun, each of these shingles has advantages and drawbacks.

Here is a straight forward (no marketing talk) comparison of the two shingle brands. It is based on price, durability, longevity, ease of installation and warranty factors.

Certainteed Shingles vs GAF: which is cheaper?

popular roofing shingles

Price is a huge determining factor for many homeowners.

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Best Steel Shingles To Install On Your Roof In 2018

Steel Roofing

While steel roofing is a fairly mundane topic, there are still some innovative products that many contractors and homeowners can get excited about.

One such cool material I want to introduce is steel shingles and metal tiles manufactured by CertainTeed Matterhorn. They cost on average $7-9 per square foot installed. This includes labor and all materials.

What makes these metal shingles exceptional is their curb appeal: they masterfully replicate natural materials, such as wood shake, slate, and clay tile.

Here are their features, design and colors options, pricing and advantages.

How much do Matterhorn shingles cost?

Because this is a fairly new product,

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Flat Roof Replacement Cost Calculator

In recent years flat roofs have grown in popularity because of their distinctly modern look, as well as ease of installation and repair. When it comes to cost, a flat roof is cheaper than the majority of sloped roof materials, with the exception of composite shingles.

On average, the price to install or replace a flat roof is $5-10 per square foot. A 1,600 sq.ft. flat roof costs $8,000 – 16,000. This includes tear off, insulation and the new roofing membrane. Final prices depend on the quality of the material, roof size and complexity, your contractor and location.

Estimate installation prices for the following flat roof materials: 1. Single Ply Membranes (TPO,
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Should You Install GAF Shingles? Prices, Colors & Designs, Roofing Reviews

Is it time to replace your old roof and you are not sure which shingle product to install?

While there are dozens of manufacturers and materials options, GAF roofing shingles stand out from the rest for their quality, durability, versatile design and affordable prices.

The average cost for GAF shingles is $3.60 – 4.10 per square foot installed (materials and labor). Installing the most popular Timberline HD shingles on a 1,600 sq.ft. ranch/cape style home would cost $6,048-6,500.

Being one of the oldest and largest roofing manufacturers in the US, GAF makes shingles that will enhance any re-roof or new construction project, from budget friendly homes to high-end residences and condos.

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Malarkey Shingles Overview And Homeowner Reviews

If you want a roof with exceptional curb appeal, you will love the variety of beautiful textures and colors from Malarkey Shingles.

You can choose from high-quality, 3-tab, Architectural, and Designer shingles.

Every product line has a unique pallet, modified asphalt body for added strength, and long-lasting color coatings that retain their original look for many years.

Learn about Malarkey material and installation prices, as well as what makes these roofs upscale and weather resistant than CertainTeed or GAF.

How Much Do Malarkey Shingles Cost?

When comparing various shingle brands, most homeowners want to know their prices. If you are looking for a cheap asphalt shingle,

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