CertainTeed Landmark vs Landmark Pro (2024 Guide)

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CertainTeed Landmark vs Landmark Pro is a battle that pits two types of residential roof shingles that are part of CertainTeed’s Landmark range.

Given that there are several types of Landmark shingles, each with its own costs, benefits, and drawbacks, learning more about each type helps you to find the right option for your roof. 

What Are CertainTeed Landmark And Landmark Pro Shingles?

CertainTeed cements itself as one of the leading U.S.-based shingle manufacturers by offering shingles at all ends of the price spectrum.

Landmark and Landmark Pro are two of the company’s “Landmark” line of roof shingles

They join Landmark Premium and Landmark ClimateFlex to complete the Landmark range, with both Premium and ClimateFlex costing more than Pro and standard Landmark shingles.

Focusing on Landmark and Landmark Pro, Landmark shingles are the standard shingles in the range.

They’re high-quality, meeting the certification standards of many of the industry’s toughest regulators.

But they’re not quite as tough as Landmark Pro shingles.

Landmark Pro is the mid-range option in CertainTeed’s Landmark range.

They’re more durable, come with more certifications, and offer more color options compared to standard Landmark shingles.

Landmark vs Landmark Pro Average Cost

Cost is the biggest differentiator between the CertainTeed Landmark and Landmark Pro shingles.

The average costs of Landmark and Landmark Pro shingles highlight the quality difference between the two:

  • Landmark – $80 to $90 per square
  • Landmark Pro – $105 to $120 per square

Add installation costs, which vary depending on several factors, and you can easily spend between $5,000 and $7,000 on a full roof replacement using these shingles.

Did you know? A square is equivalent to 100 square feet. Many roofing companies use “square” as their standard measurement for roof shingles because roofs are often so large that speaking about them in terms of square footage leads to higher numbers and more difficult calculations.

Typical Price Range To Install A New Roof Average: $4,190 - $6,740
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Landmark vs Landmark Pro Cost Breakdown

When creating a cost breakdown, you should consider three factors:

  • The cost of your shingles
  • The size of your roof
  • The cost of installation

You know how much Landmark and Landmark Pro shingles cost per square, so you just need to get calculations for the roof size and installation.

The latter is simple – contractors charge between $225 and $380 per square for roof installation.

As for roof size, every roof is different. This article assumes a roof size of 2,000 square feet (or 20 squares), though yours may be larger or smaller.

With these criteria in place, the cost of installing Landmark shingles on a 2,000-square-foot roof is a simple calculation.

Multiply the average cost per square of Landmark shingles by the 20 squares to get $1,700. Add the cost of labor and installation for the 20 squares to that figure (20 x $380 = $7,600) and you get a total of $9,300 to complete a roof installation using CertainTeed Landmark shingles.

You can assume the same installation costs for Landmark Pro, as the shingles install the same way.

So, add $7,600 for installation to the cost of the shingles (20 x $115 = $2,300) to get a total roof fitting cost of $9,900.

Shingle Cost per Square Cost for Installation per Square Cost for Shingles and Installation for a 20-Square Roof
CertainTeed Landmark $80-$90 $380 $9,200 to $9,400
CertainTeed Landmark Pro $105- $120 $380 $9,700 to $10,000

As you can see, in the comparison between Landmark Pro vs CertainTeed Landmark, it’s a fairly minimal difference, with Landmark Pro shingles only costing about $600 more to buy and install compared to standard Landmark shingles.

Of course, this assumes that all other cost factors are equal.

Did you know? Estimates vary on the size of the average roof in the United States. However, several sources seem to agree on an average size of 1,700 square feet (or 17 squares), though others suggest closer to 1,500 square feet, and some claim the average is about 2,000 square feet.

Average Roof Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $4,190 - $5,740 (For a 1600 sq. ft. Roof)
Low End
High End

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Additional Cost Factors

It’s not just labor and the materials that you need to factor into the cost of having new shingles installed on your roof.

There are a few additional cost factors, some of which affect everybody and others that may only affect you in certain situations.

Factor 1 – Property Size

First, the obvious factor – the larger your home, the bigger its roof, with bigger roofs requiring more shingles and more time dedicated by your installation team.

If you’re unsure how big your roof is, measure the length and width of each plane, including the plane’s dormers, and multiply the length by the width.

That gives you the square footage of the plane. Repeat for every plane on the roof to get your total square footage.

Factor 2 – Disposal Fees

You don’t have to worry about disposal if you’re building a brand-new roof.

But in most cases, homeowners want to replace existing roofs with CertainTeed shingles, which means they have to get rid of what they already have.

Expect to pay an installer’s hourly labor costs, which may be less than the cost per square they charge for installation, as well as rental fees for a dump truck and disposal of the old materials.

Expect to pay about $4 per square foot of roof removed, though many companies build the cost of removal into their installation quotes.

Factor 3 – Roof Accessibility

Your roof’s design impacts a contractor’s ability to install your shingles, with more intricate designs adding to the time taken to install.

In some cases, a contractor may add fees for dealing with difficult roofs, especially if they have to spend more time than anticipated or bring in special equipment to handle the roof.

For instance, imagine you have a carefully landscaped garden that’s fenced off to the point where your contractor can’t drive your shingles right up to the roof.

As a result, the contractor has to carry shingles further to get them to the roof than they would if they could park up next to your home, or they could stack shingles in your garden.

Those journeys add time to the job because the barriers you have in place (deliberate or not) make your roof less accessible. A contractor may charge more for that inconvenience.

Typical Price Range To Install A New Roof Average: $4,190 - $6,740
See costs in your area

How Are CertainTeed Landmark And Landmark Pro Shingles Similar?

In comparing CertainTeed Landmark vs Landmark Pro, despite the price difference (more on that later), there are several similarities between CertainTeed Landmark and Landmark Pro shingles stemming from the fact that they’re part of the same range.

Similarity 1 – Construction

On the basic level, both types of shingles have the same construction style – two-piece laminated shingles with a fiberglass-based construction.

They both feature a two-dimensional style, giving them the look and feel of traditional wood shakes, and both have UL Class A Fire Resistance.

The only major difference in construction comes from the wind resistance classification. Landmark Pro shingles have the ASTM D3161 certification to demonstrate they’re capable of withstanding high winds.

Standard Landmark shingles don’t have that certification, though CertainTeed’s warranty suggests they’re just as capable of staying in place when the wind picks up.

Digging deeper, both types of tiles feature CertainTeed’s most popular technologies:

  • StreakFighter® – Prevents the black marks and discoloration caused by algae buildup on the tiles.
  • CertaSeal – This tough adhesive uses a mixture of asphalt and polymers to create a tight seal between shingle and roof, lending the tiles their wind-resistant properties.
  • NailTrak – The NailTrak system features wide nailing areas that make it easier for installers to fit your shingles to your roof. If you’re feeling confident in your DIY skills, NailTrak also makes it easier to fit the shingles yourself, at least compared to shingles that don’t have specialized nailing systems.
  • QuadraBond – Both Landmark and Landmark Pro shingles are due-layer dimensional shingles, with QuadraBond being the tech that binds those layers together.

Similarity 2 – Some Aspects of the Warranty

The CertainTeed warranty offers both similarities and differences between Landmark and Landmark Pro shingles.

The differences are covered below, but both types of shingles benefit from CertainTeed’s transferable limited lifetime warranty.

Furthermore, both get the company’s StreakFighter® protection, though the length differs, and both have a 15-year wind resistance warranty that covers gales up to 110mph.

Note, you can upgrade the wind warranty to 130mph for both types of shingles, suggesting that both should be capable of withstanding high winds.

Finally, both warranties feature 10 years of CertainTeed’s SureStartTM protection. This covers you in case manufacturing defects force you to pay for replacement tiles, and the labor associated with those replacements.

Did you know? A transferable warranty goes to the new owner if you choose the sell the item to which the warranty is attached. In the case of your roof shingles, you can transfer CertainTeed’s standard warranty to the new owner should you sell your home.

Average Roof Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $4,190 - $5,740 (For a 1600 sq. ft. Roof)
Low End
High End

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What Is The Difference Between Landmark And Landmark Pro?

Given that Landmark Pro shingles cost about $20 to $30 more per square than Landmark shingles, you’d expect there to be several differences that justify the higher cost.

Difference 1 – Price

Starting with the obvious difference – Landmark Pro shingles cost more than regular Landmark Shingles.

The cost difference is substantial, too, adding about $600 to installation per the criteria set earlier in the article.

Difference 2 – Color

Color gives you one of the biggest differences between Landmark and Landmark Pro shingles.

The latter offers more options, giving you the flexibility to create a roof that looks and feels exactly how you want it.

Starting with standard Landmark shingles, you can choose between the following colors:

  • Burnt Sienna
  • Heather Blend
  • Georgetown Grey
  • Painted Desert
  • Sunrise Cedar
  • Moiré Black
  • Thunderstorm Grey
  • Terra Cotta
  • Weathered Wood

That selection of nine colors is pretty solid, and it should give most homeowners what they want if they need shingles that emulate the look of wooden slats while offering greater durability.

But Landmark Pro shingles up the color ante, offering the nine mentioned above along with 14 more for a total of 23 color options.

Typical Price Range To Install A New Roof Average: $4,190 - $6,740
See costs in your area

Many of these additional colors are variations on the main nine-color palette, though a few stand out as being unique enough to justify the higher cost of Landmark Pro shingles.

For example, the Max Def Red Oak color lends a unique look to your roof that isn’t possible with regular Landmark shingles, with the Coastal Blue color also bringing a shade that isn’t emulated in standard Landmark shingles.

Pro Tip: Unfortunately, CertainTeed doesn’t deliver color samples for any of its Landmark shingles to potential customers. Given that the company makes a point of saying that the color you see on a computer screen may not match the actual shingle color, it’s a good idea to ask a CertainTeed distributor or contractor to show you the shingles before you buy.

Difference 3 – Some Aspects of the Warranty

Though CertainTeed offers the same transferable limited lifetime warranty on both sets of tiles, that warranty only applies to residential installations.

If you want something from the Landmark range for a commercial installation, Landmark Pro is the best choice because CertainTeed bolsters its warranty with 50 years of transferable protection for commercial properties.

The other major difference is that Landmark Pro gets a 30-year StreakFighter® warranty compared to the 25 years that regular Landmark shingles get. 

Average Roof Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $4,190 - $5,740 (For a 1600 sq. ft. Roof)
Low End
High End

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Alternative Roofing Options

Perhaps neither Landmark nor Landmark Pro shingles appeal to you for your next roofing project. You have alternatives, both within the Landmark range and from other suppliers.

The Rest of the Landmark Range

Besides Landmark and Landmark Pro, CertainTeed offers three other shingles as part of its Landmark range – Landmark Premium, Landmark TL, and Landmark ClimateFlex.

All three cost more than Landmark Pro, so they’re not the best choices if budget is your sticking point. But each has features that may make them more desirable.

In the case of ClimateFlex, the shingles have a special rubber polymer that helps them to stand up to hail and other tough solids.

With Premium, you get more asphalt per shingle, creating a more durable roof.

Finally, TL uses a triple laminate system, again adding to the protection while arguably creating a more attractive shingle.

GAF Timberline HDZ Shingles

Like CertainTeed, GAF is one of the most popular shingles brands in the United States.

Their Timberline HDZ range comes with the smart Layer Lock technology, which makes them easy to slot together so installation costs are often lower.

Also like the Landmark range, they’re made using a combination of asphalt and fiberglass.

They compare well with Landmark Pro on the color front, coming in more than 20 colors.

As for the cost, expect to pay between $225 and $550 per square of Timberline HDZ shingles, depending on the retailer.

Obviously, this makes Timberline HDZ a much more expensive option than either Landmark or Landmark Pro.

Typical Price Range To Install A New Roof Average: $4,190 - $6,740
See costs in your area

Atlas Pinnacle Shingles

Atlas’s Pinnacle range comes much closer to Landmark and Landmark Pro in pricing, weighing in at between $70 and $150 per square, depending on the specific range of Pinnacle shingles you get.

The shingles come with a four-core system designed to provide strength – PolyCore, FlexCore, WeatherCore, and ThermalCore.

Look beyond the brand names and these cores guard the shingles from thermal shocks and extreme weather.

Plus, the shingles use polymers combined with the asphalt to both strengthen the shingles and make them more flexible.

The latter quality means the shingles are less likely to crack or warp, especially when exposed to moisture or changing temperatures.

Is CertainTeed Landmark Pro Worth The Extra Money?

If Landmark Pro shingles cost thousands of dollars more than Landmark shingles, this would be an easy “no.”

Both types of shingles use the same (or at least very similar) construction methods, meaning you’re paying extra for a few more color options and a slightly stronger warranty.

However, the fact that the price difference is about $20 to $30 per square (amounting to about $600 total for a 20-square roof) means you’re not paying a huge amount more for Landmark Pro.

That may be enough to sway you to the Pro side of the fence if you like a color that isn’t available for Landmark shingles.

Then, there’s the warranty.

Having 50 years of cover for commercial use is a major boon for Landmark Pro shingles, making them far more preferable for business use.

A little extra StreakFighter® coverage also doesn’t go amiss, especially if you live in a moist climate in which airborne algae is a problem.

Did you know? Airborne algae are a common problem for homes located near stagnant water (such as swamps) and those in areas where local water is subject to rapidly increasing temperatures. It’s toxic, too, meaning any technology that prevents its growth on your roof protects you and your family.

Should You Stay With Standard Landmark Shingles Or Go Pro?

In deciding between CertainTeed Landmark vs. Landmark Pro, your answer comes down to two factors – cost and looks.

On the cost front, you pay far less for Landmark shingles to get a product that is mostly the same, construction-wise, as Landmark Pros. CertainTeed uses the same construction methods for each, with the only major differences being the warranty you get, and the range of color options provided.

And therein lies the main reason why you might choose Landmark Pro – you get far more color options.

Landmark Pro offers almost three times the color options you get with Landmark shingles, making them the shingles of choice if you want to move beyond the standard greys and blacks of roof shingles.

And given that you’re only paying about $600 extra for Landmark Pro shingles, that ability to manage your aesthetic as you see fit may be enough to push you toward the slightly more premium end of the Landmark range.

Average Roof Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $4,190 - $5,740 (For a 1600 sq. ft. Roof)
Low End
High End

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