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The IKO Cambridge Shingles offer your home a unique look, in addition to providing more durability than standard shingles.

With these designer shingles, you get the aesthetic you’re looking for, though it comes at a higher price compared to classic 3 tab shingles.

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What Are IKO Cambridge Shingles?

IKO Cambridge Shingles are architectural asphalt shingles that are designed to provide heightened weather protection and a unique look for your home.

They come in various styles, including rustic, urban, and traditional. The shingles also offer a dimensional look, along with shadow bands, to set them apart from the crowd.

Created to simulate natural wood shakes, these shingles can give your home a designer look without you having to fork out huge amounts of money for traditional wood shakes.

If you are not sure which type of asphalt shingles are right for you check out our guide on Architectural vs 3 Tab Shingles.

How Much Do Cambridge Shingles Cost?

Average Roof Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $4,190 - $5,740 (For a 1600 sq. ft. Roof)
Low End
High End

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IKO Cambridge Shingles come in bundles that each cost about $18 to $22. The bundle contains enough shingles to cover approximately 33 square feet of your roof, meaning that you get a square footage cost of $0.54 to $0.66.

This is extremely favorable when compared to other companies’ architectural shingles.

However, this pricing for IKO shingles does not include the cost of installation. You can expect to pay an additional $2.5 to $4 per square foot for installation. This creates a total cost, with installation, of between $3.04 and $4.66 per square foot to have IKO Cambridge Shingles installed.

Now, let’s think about what that looks like on the average American roof. A 2,300 square foot will usually have a medium-pitch roof measuring 1,500 square feet.

If we use 1,500 square feet as our baseline, this gives a total cost of $810 to $990 for the shingles alone. Add installation into the mix and the cost increases to between $4,560 and $6,990.

But what if you have a roof with a high pitch.

High pitch roofs create more complexity in the installation process. It’s not as easy to lay and secure your shingles.

Plus, your installer may have to use special equipment, such as different types of ladders, to access certain areas of the roof.

These issues, coupled with the increased planning that goes into the installation, mean you can expect to pay about $2 extra per square foot for installation onto a high pitch roof.

This creates a per square foot cost of $4.50 to $6, with a 1,500 square foot installation costing between $6,750 and $9,000.

Did you know? A roof is considered to have a high pitch if it measures 6/12. This means the rood is 6 inches high for every 12 inches across.

While these roofs make shingle installation more difficult, they come with several advantages. These include a lower possibility of water pooling, superior energy management, and less debris.

You can use our Roof Pitch Calculator to estimate the pitch of your roof

Finally, you may also have to consider the cost of roof shingle removal. Installing architectural shingles differs from fitting regular shingles because designer shingles cannot be placed on top of old shingles.

Most installers work their removal costs into their installation quotes. However, some may charge up to $1.80 more per square foot to remove old shingles, especially if you have a complex roof.

You can use our Roof Cost Calculator to estimate the cost of installing asphalt shingles on your home.

Cost Of Cambridge Shingles vs Landmark vs Timberline Shingles

The table below compares the cost of Cambridge Shingles by IKO to its top competitors CertainTeed Landmark Shingles and GAF Timberline Shingles.

Shingles Cost of Materials Per Square Foot Cost of Installation Per Square Foot Cost For Installation and Materials onto 1,500 Square Foot Roof
IKO Cambridge $0.54 to $0.66 $2.00 to $4.00 $3,810 to $6,990
CertainTeed Landmark $0.75 to $1.45 $2.00 to $4.00 $4,125 to $8,310
GAF Timberline $0.73 to $1.30 $2.00 to $4.00 $4,095 to $7,950

What Are Cambridge IKO Shingles Made Of?

The company places a lot of emphasis on the fiberglass core in its Cambridge shingles. While this core exists, and adds to the shingles’ durability, the layers above and below this core are standard asphalt.

IKO Cambridge Shingles have a dual-layer design, which makes them stronger and heavier than standard asphalt shingles.

Key Features of Cambridge Shingles

Beyond their ability to evoke a designer look at a lower price, IKO Cambridge Shingles come with several key features to consider:

  • They’re available in IKO’s special “Advantage” size, which is larger than most comparable roof shingles.
  • These larger shingles create a more unique look, in addition to cutting down on installation times.
  • A selection of nine colors, most of which evoke earthy tones.
  • A fiberglass matt core to provide additional strength.
  • Built-in resistance to algae, which means staining shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Printed nail line guides to make installation simpler.
  • IKO’s FastLock sealant reacts to heat and becomes extra sticky to ensure the shingles don’t blow off the roof during periods of high wind.
  • A limited wind resistance warranty of 110 miles per hour, though this rises to 130 miles per hour for the high-wind application.
  • A Class A fire resistance rating.
  • Typical Price Range Average:
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    Cambridge Shingles – The Pros

    There are several reasons to consider Cambridge Shingles, especially if you’re working to a budget.

    Pro No. 1 – Architectural Shingles at a Lower Price

    With a cost of less than $1 per square foot, Cambridge Shingles offer your home a designer look at a very low price.

    Couple that with the option of its “Advantage” size, which offers larger shingles than the standard, and you can get an architectural roof installed for many hundred dollars less than you would with many of the company’s competitors.

    Pro No. 2 – Strong Weather Resistance

    IKO Cambridge Shingles come with a Class 4 impact rating and a Class A fire rating. These are the highest possible ratings for both areas, suggesting that these shingles can take a beating and will not ignite easily.

    Did you know? Roof shingles undergo an interesting test to determine their impact resistance. To achieve a Class 4 impact rating, the shingle must be able to withstand the impact of a 2-inch ball dropped from a 20-foot height.

    What’s more, the shingle must not show any signs of tearing or splitting following the impact. These tests are carried out by Underwriters Laboratories or Factory Mutual, with no other organizations allowed to conduct them.

    Check out other top rated Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles

    The shingles also have IKO’s proprietary FastLock sealant strips. These heat-activated strips work much like regular shingle sealants at first.

    However, exposure to the sun’s rays causes them to become stickier in certain situations, such as when there are high winds.

    This extra adhesive strength makes it less likely that your shingles will get blown off the roof in high winds.

    A fiberglass mat serves as the core for each shingle. This core is surrounded by strong material, providing the shingles with their high impact resistance.

    Finally, the shingles come with algae protection, which prevents them from staining over time due to water exposure.

    Pro No. 3 – The ShieldPRO Plus+ Certification

    If you’re wary of a contractor’s ability to install IKO Cambridge Shingles correctly, look for the ShieldPRO Plus+ certification.

    IKO operates this program to certify that an installer has experience in working with their materials, meaning they can carry out an installation without any issues.

    This isn’t to say that a contractor who doesn’t have the certification won’t be able to do a good job. However, the presence of this program means you can confirm that your contractor has worked with these shingles before.

    Did you know? IKO has one of the most transparent roof contractor certification programs available. You’re able to visit the company’s website and input your zip or postal code to pull up a list of all of the certified contractors in your area. Search for IKO’s “Find a Contractor” page to access this facility.

    Pro No. 4 – The IKO Pro-4 System

    In addition to its contractor certification program, IKO also offers the IKO Pro-4 System as a total roof installation system.

    If your contractor follows this system, you get the IKO Cambridge Shingles along with a synthetic underlayment, leak barrier, and hip and ridge caps.

    These extra features offer an extra layer of protection for both the shingles and your roof. Furthermore, most certified contractors are incentivized to install them because they receive bonuses for following the system.

    Pro No. 5 – The Large Color Selection

    Aesthetic appeal is one of the main reasons that somebody will install designer shingles. IKO ensures plenty of variety by offering nine color selections:

    Aged Redwood; Castle Grey; Dual Black; Dual Grey; Earthtone Cedar; Forest Green; NW Driftwood; NW Harvard State; Weatherwood

    The only drawback to this color selection is that it’s not available for all versions of IKO Cambridge Shingles.

    The standard Cambridge 30 range comes in all colors. However, its Cambridge 30 AR, Cambridge 40, and Cambridge 50 AR ranges offer more limited color selections, with the Cambridge 30 AR only offering a choice of four.

    Typical Price Range Average:
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    Cambridge Shingles – The Cons

    Though Cambridge Shingles offer plenty of strength, along with other benefits, for budget designer shingles, they do come with some drawbacks.

    Con No. 1 – Potentially Defective Seals

    While IKO’s FastLock technology is a clever idea in theory, its complexity means there are more chances for things to go wrong.

    Some homeowners have reported that the strips can become defective if they’re not installed correctly or if their properties experience extremely high winds or cold temperatures.

    Con No. 2 – A Complicated Warranty Process

    Though IKO offers an extensive warranty for its Cambridge Shingles, it requires an extensive amount of information to activate the warranty. This includes proof of purchase, proof that you own the home, the date the shingles were installed, and the exact number of shingles fitted.

    The company also asks for the number of shingles you’re claiming on before requiring that you dig into details about the roof’s slope, venting, and the type of deck it has.

    Perhaps most frustrating is the requirement for two roof shingle samples, which a professional installer must remove before you send them off.

    This warranty process is so convoluted that homeowners filed a class-action lawsuit against IKO in 2016.

    Con No. 3 – The Advantage Range

    IKO’s “Advantage” range offers oversized roof shingles that make installation easier. However, these shingles are also difficult to match with other shingles due to not being an industry-standard size.

    That means you don’t have the option of searching for another supplier if you want to replace some of these shingles.

    You can only buy more of the “Advantage” range unless you decide to pay for a complete replacement.

    Pros and Cons Summary

    The table below summarizes the pros and cons of Cambridge shingles.

    Pros Cons
    Low price compared to other designer shingles Issues with claiming warranty
    Good weather resistance ratings Some problems with seals
    The ShieldPRO Plus+ certification Advantage range isn’t industry standard
    Good color selection Poor customer service
    The IKO Pro-4 roofing system  
    Limited lifetime warranty

    What Are Customers Saying – The Good

  • Installers speak about Cambridge Shingles favorably
  • They’re capable of withstanding hurricane winds when installed correctly
  • Long-lasting when installed correctly
  • In-house manufacturing now solves many of the problems other consumers have experienced
  • Perfect color symmetry means individual shingles don’t look out of place
  • What Are Customers Saying – The Bad

  • Defective seals lead to shingles lifting and tearing off
  • Warranty is complex and covers the manufacturer rather than the consumer
  • Poor customer service
  • Rarely accepts responsibility for faulty products
  • Must install new IKO shingles to access warranty
  • Is IKO Warranty Good?

    IKO offers a limited lifetime warranty on its Cambridge Shingles, though this may not be what it seems at first glance.

    Though the warranty lasts for as long as you own the shingles, it is subject to a protection period. This period lasts for 10 years, after which IKO won’t cover the full cost of replacing damaged shingles.

    Did you know? A protection period provides you with full warranty coverage for a specified number of years. Most manufacturers conduct a full replacement, including payment of labor costs, during this period.

    Once the protection period ends, the manufacturer will usually only pay to provide you with new shingles, meaning you must pay for installation yourself.

    Furthermore, this cost may be prorated depending on the shingles’ age, meaning you may not receive a full refund.

    In addition to this limited lifetime warranty, you also receive a 15-year wind resistance warranty. This is intended to cover you in cases where your shingles blow off your roof, though it’s limited to winds of 100 miles per hour.

    Finally, the warranty allows you to transfer it to a new owner once within the first 10 years of the warranty period. It also does not cover incidental or consequential damage.

    IKO Cambridge Shingles vs. CertainTeed Landmark Shingles

    Coming in at $0.75 per square foot, CertainTeed’s basic Landmark shingles cost considerably more than IKO’s Cambridge Shingles.

    Add the cost of installation and you’ll likely spend several hundred dollars more when using Landmark. This cost of installation increases further if you opt for the company’s premium Landmark shingles, which cost $1.45 per square foot.

    However, Landmark offers a much wider color palette, with its shingles coming in 24 variations. They also match IKO Cambridge Shingles in terms of fire resistance and durable dual-layer construction.

    Landmark shingles also weigh more than IKO Cambridge Shingles, meaning they’re less likely to blow off your roof.

    Moreover, CertainTeed has a stronger reputation in the industry. The company has provided shingles for over 100 years, with its limited lifetime warranty not being as complicated as IKO’s.

    Finally, Landmark shingles come with the company’s StreakFighter algae protection, which is guaranteed for 10 years. While Cambridge shingles also offer algae protection, IKO isn’t clear about how long this protection lasts.

    Cambridge Shingles vs. GAF Timberline Shingles

    Average Roof Costs For:
    Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $4,190 - $5,740 (For a 1600 sq. ft. Roof)
    Low End
    High End

    See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

    Much like CertainTeed, GAF’s Timberline shingles price range is more costly than IKO Cambridge Shingles.

    The basic Timberline shingles start at $0.73 per square foot, though you’ll pay up to $1.30 per square foot for its Ultra HD Timberline shingles.

    Though this is less expensive than CertainTeed, it’s almost double the cost of IKO Cambridge.

    You get extra wind resistance for that money, with the Timberline range achieving an ASTM D7158 Class H Rating. Timberline shingles also offer a Class A fire rating.

    Did you know? ASTM D7158 is an industry-standard test that measures a shingle’s ability to resist the uplifting force of the wind. A Class H rating means the shingles can withstand winds of up to 150 miles per hour.

    Both Cambridge and Timberline come with a selection of nine colors. However, it appears that IKO’s warranty stretches beyond GAF’s standard 10-year limited warranty.

    Should You Be Concerned About Poor Reviews of IKO Shingles?

    It does appear that IKO Cambridge Shingles have a poor reputation. However, some installers point out that many of the complaints levied against IKO’s shingles come from installations carried out in the 1990s, with more recent installations tending to offer better results.

    Still, it appears that the company has done little to change its warranty process following the class-action lawsuit brought against it. As such, you may be justified in feeling wary about the reviews some customers have posted.

    Are IKO Cambridge Shingles Right For You?

    As you can see from our guide, IKO Cambridge Shingles are a bit of a mixed bag.

    On one hand, they’re some of the most cost-effective designer shingles available. Couple this with their high fire and wind resistance rating and you have a shingle that should perform better than standard asphalt shingles. They also provide an attractive aesthetic thanks to their dimensional look and the choice of nine colors.

    However, you can’t ignore the negative reputation that IKO has in some corners of the market. Its complicated warranty, coupled with the extensive steps the company asks you to take to prove damage, compares unfavorably to other manufacturers.

    There are also some complaints about the quality of its sealant, which appears to be prone to failure. It’s unclear if these sealant failures are manufacturing faults or come from incorrect installation.

    Ultimately, IKO Cambridge Shingles may be a good choice for those who want to save money while achieving the dimensional look that designer shingles provide.

    Unfortunately, the company’s reputation may lead to many customers feeling more comfortable installing shingles from other manufacturers.

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