2023 Vinyl Siding At Lowes – Prices, Installation, Reviews

Typical Price Range To Install New Siding Average: $5,672 - $8,193
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Lowes vinyl siding is high-quality, durable, easy to install, and visually appealing.

Lowes offers different patterns, styles, and colors so that everyone can find something that suits their taste. 

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Does Lowes Sell Vinyl Siding? 

Yes, Lowes sells vinyl siding.

Lowes doesn’t manufacture vinyl siding but sells siding panels from reputable manufacturers that have been in the business for years.

The two most popular vinyl siding manufacturers that Lowes works with are Georgia-Pacific and Novik. 

Both companies offer a wide range of vinyl siding panels in different styles, including vertical, board and batten, horizontal, scallop, shake, etc.

Different styles feature varying prices, so every property owner can find something that matches their preferences and budget. 

How Much Is A Square Of Vinyl Siding At Lowes? 

Vinyl siding is sold in squares, and one square is 100 square feet.

How much you’ll pay for a square of vinyl siding depends on the specific model you purchase. 

If you opt for a lower-quality model, you can expect to pay around $100-$160 per square, which amounts to $1-$1.60 per square foot.

Keep in mind this is only the price for the materials.

If you want to hire a professional for the installation, you’ll need around $210-$320 per square, i.e., $2.10-$3.20 per square foot.

Thus, the total cost of purchasing and installing Lowes vinyl siding could amount to $310-$480 per square

If you decide on medium-quality siding panels, be ready to pay around $145-$210 per square. One square foot of such siding panels costs $1.45-$2.10.

Those who want to hire a contractor for the installation process will pay $300-$430 per square or $3-$4.30 per square foot.

The total price for installing medium-quality siding panels from Lowes ranges between $445-$640 per square

A square of high-quality siding panels at Lowes costs between $200 and $280, meaning one square foot costs $2-$2.80.

Installation costs typically range between $420 and $540 per square or $4.20 and $5.40 per square foot.

The total cost usually ranges between $620 and $820 per square or $6.20 and $8.20 per square foot

Lower Quality Medium Quality High Quality
Materials $100-$160 $145-$210 $200-$280
Installation $210-$320 $300-$430 $420-$540
Total Cost $310-$480 $445-$640 $620-$820

Keep in mind that these numbers only serve to give you an idea of the prices you can expect.

Don’t forget that many factors affect how much you’ll have to pay in the end. Here are some of them: 

  • Siding replacement – If you need to remove your old siding panels to install new ones, you’ll need to pay extra. The price for removing old siding typically ranges between $0.25-$1 per square foot
  • Type of siding – The type of siding you opt for is one of the most significant factors that determine the final price. Besides the material price itself, the type of siding also dictates installation costs. For example, traditional vinyl siding carries a lower price tag, with an average cost between $2 and $6 per square foot. On the other hand, insulated vinyl siding costs closer to $12 per square foot, which is a significant difference. 
  • Labor – Job complexity, location, type of siding, and size of the project all affect labor costs.

Pro Tip: If you want to save money, you can always install vinyl siding by yourself. However, be aware that this can be a time-consuming and complex project for those with no experience. You’ll need to ask a family member or friend for assistance and purchase the right tools and equipment. 

How Much Is In A Box Of Vinyl Siding At Lowes? 

Since siding panels often feature different widths, homeowners can find various sizes at Lowes.

For example, you can opt for more standard sizes like 9 x 145 inches, 10 x 144 inches, or 8 x 150.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can also choose more unusual siding panels that measure 14.5 x 48.75 inches, 15.5 x 54.625 inches, or 20.375 x 57.5 inches. 

Which size you’ll opt for depends on the desired style but also on the surface you want to cover. 

What Brand Of Vinyl Siding Does Lowes Sell? 

When it comes to vinyl siding panels, Lowes mostly sells siding manufactured by Georgia-Pacific and Novik.

However, Lowes also sells vinyl siding trims, hooks, and siding starter strips manufactured by other brands like NewTechWood, Durabuilt, Glide-Lock, Royal Building Products, to name a few. 

All brands that Lowes works with are well-known and reputable. 

Lowes Vinyl Siding Installation 

One of the many services Lowes offers is vinyl siding installation.

Lowes works with professional independent installers in your area who can ensure your siding is properly set up.

All installers Lowes works with are background-checked, insured, and licensed (where applicable). 

You may wonder why you should work with a Lowes installer instead of finding a local contractor yourself. There are many reasons.

First, the process is much more convenient.

All you need to do is contact Lowes and schedule a free consultation, where a project specialist will inspect your home and discuss different options with you.

Then, you’ll receive a quote based on the selected material, the size of the project, and specific requirements.

Once you accept the quote, the contractor will come to your home and install the selected vinyl siding.

Besides the convenience, working with Lowes has other benefits.

Many homeowners choose Lowes because they receive a labor warranty on the installation, usually one year.

Moreover, Lowes works only with trustworthy installers who can answer all your questions and clarify uncertainties. 

Last but not least, Lowes offers excellent financing options, with up to 120 fixed monthly payments. This allows you to complete your project without exceeding the budget. 

Lowes Vinyl Siding Trim

Siding trim protects, frames, and adds a finishing touch to your home’s exterior and particular elements like windows, doors, and corners. 

Siding trims need to be manufactured of high-quality materials that won’t absorb moisture or require a lot of maintenance. 

Lowes sells exceptional vinyl siding trims manufactured by reputable brands like Georgia-Pacific, NewTechWood, Royal Building Products, and many others. 

Whether you need outside corner posts, under sills, F-trims, or H-trims, you can be sure Lowes has it. 

Lowes Vinyl Siding Hooks

Many homeowners want to hang décor on their vinyl siding but decide against it because they don’t want to damage the panels.

Fortunately, with the right siding hooks, it’s possible to decorate your siding without drilling the panels

Lowes sells siding hooks that snap into the seal of vinyl siding panels, meaning there’s no need for drilling or making permanent changes to the siding. 

At Lowes, you can purchase top-quality vinyl siding hooks manufactured by Hillman

Lowes Vinyl Siding Starter Strip 

You can’t install vinyl siding properly without a starter strip.

A starter strip is used to secure the bottom course of the siding and keep it level

Lowes sells high-quality starter strips from renowned manufacturers

What Are The Advantages Of Vinyl Siding? 

Vinyl is the most popular material for siding due to its many benefits. Here’s why vinyl siding can be an excellent choice: 

Visually-Appealing Design 

Decades ago, people opted for vinyl siding because it was the most practical choice.

These days, homeowners choose it because it offers convenience and visual appeal.

Numerous brands manufacture vinyl siding in a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs

Thanks to this abundance of options, you can customize your exterior according to your preferences. 

Easy Installation 

Compared to other types of siding, vinyl siding is quite simple to set up.

It’s lightweight and offers a uniform, smooth look in the end. 

If you decide to install vinyl siding on your own, you can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

But, bear in mind that you’ll need specific tools and equipment to complete the installation.

Pro Tip: A DIY installation is a great option for those who have some experience with similar projects. 

Low Maintenance

One of the main reasons many homeowners opt for vinyl siding is low maintenance.

Vinyl features a smooth surface that doesn’t retain dust and debris.

You can rinse it with a garden hose a few times a year to keep it in excellent condition. 

Plus, vinyl doesn’t require scraping or painting, so you don’t have to worry about patching, priming, etc. 


If you clean your vinyl siding a few times a year and conduct regular inspections to ensure there’s no damage, the siding can last up to 40 years.

Considering the siding’s low price and ease of installation and maintenance, this is an excellent lifespan. 


Vinyl is almost always the most affordable siding material.

Depending on the brand, type, and style you’re looking for, you can purchase a square foot of vinyl siding for as low as $2

Vinyl siding costs significantly less than wood, brick, or other materials.

Since it can last for decades and can’t rust or rot, vinyl siding offers great value for your money

Cost Reduction 

When properly installed, vinyl siding can reduce your energy bills.

The siding acts like an additional protective layer around your home and keeps the heat in or out, depending on the season. 

You can maximize your energy savings by pairing insulated siding with energy-efficient windows and doors. 

Enhanced Curb Appeal 

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars improving your home’s exterior.

Instead, you can install vinyl siding and enjoy the new, updated look. 


Vinyl siding isn’t susceptible to rot, rust, or corrosion.

Plus, it doesn’t retain moisture and can’t be easily damaged by the elements.

Therefore, vinyl siding is a great option for every climate and can offer your home additional protection from extreme weather conditions. 


Vinyl has a much lower environmental impact compared to other types of siding, especially considering its lifespan.

Moreover, it doesn’t require painting, caulking, or filling, during which toxic chemicals are often released into the air. 

Many vinyl siding brands take it a step further by ensuring their manufacturing process is environmentally responsible and using eco-friendly packaging. 

Pro Tip: Proper installation is key to fully taking advantage of the benefits of vinyl siding. You may see hiring a professional for the installation as an additional expense, but it can be a wise investment. 

What Are The Problems Of Vinyl Siding? 

No siding material is perfect, and vinyl siding is no exception. There are several potential disadvantages you should be aware of before opting for vinyl. 

It Can Mask Other Issues 

Vinyl siding is water-resistant and can’t rot or corrode.

While this is an advantage, this resistance can often mask underlying issues.

If there’s mold, mildew, or a leak underneath the siding, you won’t be able to notice it from the outside. 

It Can Deteriorate Faster in Certain Climates 

Vinyl siding doesn’t require painting and is quite durable and easy to maintain.

Still, it’s not indestructible.

When exposed to hot temperatures, vinyl siding can fade, crack, or warp.

On the other hand, low temperatures can make the panels brittle and more prone to breakage

Since you can’t control the temperature in your area, the only thing you can do is clean the siding regularly to minimize the risk of damage. 

It Can Lower Your Home’s Value 

While vinyl siding may look visually appealing, it’s not the most luxurious option on the market.

Architecturally, vinyl siding can flatten out your exterior and give your home a two-dimensional look some people don’t enjoy.

Of course, this isn’t a universal rule.

Some people prefer vinyl siding and would be willing to pay more for a home that has it, especially if the siding is high quality and in excellent condition. 

Is Vinyl Lowes Cheapest Siding? 

Besides vinyl, Lowes also sells fiber cement, composite/engineered wood, wood, stone veneer, and brick veneer siding. 

Vinyl is definitely the most affordable option

Is It Worth Getting Vinyl Siding From Lowes? 

The answer to this question depends on what you want from your siding.

If you’re looking for affordability, ease of installation, and low maintenance, vinyl siding can be an excellent choice.

But, if you want high-end siding that will boost your property’s value, you may be better off choosing a different material. 

Pro Tip: If you’re unsure what type of siding works best for your home and budget, feel free to consult a Lowes employee or a contractor. They can help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of each material and choose the best option. Plus, they can also suggest how to keep your siding in excellent condition. 

Lowes Vinyl Siding Reviews 

Here’s what homeowners have to say about Lowes vinyl siding: 

“We bought a new house a few years ago, and this year, we decided it’s time for an upgrade. The old siding on the house still looked decent, but it was more than 40 years old. After weeks of research, my husband and I decided to go with vinyl siding from Lowe’s. We’ve been getting stuff from Lowe’s since forever and have always liked the employees’ professionalism and experience. Since we don’t know much about vinyl siding, we consulted one of the employees, and they recommended Georgia-Pacific. In the end, we opted for the brand’s Dutch lap siding in a beautiful clay shade. The entire process was quick and easy, and we’ve been enjoying our siding for a few months now.”


“Ever since we decided to replace our siding, we knew it was gonna be Lowe’s. They offer great products, have a wide selection of products, and, most importantly, can make the entire process smooth. We went to our local Lowe’s store and talked with an employee who was incredibly helpful. Lowe’s then sent a contractor to our home, who inspected our property, took notes of our requests, and answered our questions. We received a quote shortly after and decided to proceed with the process. The contractors set up the siding in no time and were incredibly professional. It’s been two years since the installation, and the siding looks as good as new.”


“I used to have wood siding on my old house. While I love its look, wood turned out to be an incredibly demanding material that doesn’t do well in areas that get a lot of rain like mine. So, this time around, I knew I wanted a more resistant and durable material and decided to go with vinyl. I knew vinyl was popular, but I had no idea there were so many options on the market! I chose Lowe’s and Georgia-Pacific, and I couldn’t be happier about my decision. The people who came to my house installed the siding in no time and even gave me great tips on maintaining the panels.”


“If you want high-quality, durable, and resistant siding that requires almost no maintenance, choose vinyl siding. If you want all that combined with top-notch, professional, and experienced services, choose Lowe’s. I love the work they did on my house. Best of all, the entire process was a breeze, and I will 100% return to Lowe’s for every home upgrade.” 

Pro Tip: In addition to reading online reviews, don’t hesitate to ask your family members, friends, or neighbors for vinyl siding recommendations. 

Give Your Home a Unique Appeal 

Vinyl siding is eye-catching, durable, and affordable.

Plus, it’s fairly resistant, easy to install, and even easier to maintain.

Therefore, it’s the perfect option for every homeowner who wants to upgrade their property’s exterior without spending a fortune.

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