Can You Paint Metal Roofing? (2024 Guide)

Typical Price Range To Install a new Roof
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Did you know that you can paint your metal roof pretty much any color you can think of?

While metal roofs are already known for their durability and longevity, adding a fresh coat of paint can offer numerous advantages that make the investment worthwhile.

Repainting your metal roof can greatly increase your home’s curb appeal and improve the performance and longevity of your roof for years to come.

Let’s take a close look at how much it costs to paint a metal roof and everything you need to know to make this project a success.

Average Cost To Paint A Metal Roof

Typical Price Range To Install a Metal Roof Average: $9,150 - $14,310
See costs in your area

If you would like to paint your metal roof, expect to spend $1,500-4,000 depending on the size of the roof, and the type of color coating you want to have.

To get the most accurate price estimate for painting your metal roof, its best to get quotes from at least three local pros who specialize in painting metal roofs.

They can assess the specific conditions of your roof and provide a detailed estimate that includes all the relevant costs, materials, and labor required for the project.

Keep in mind that investing in a high-quality paint job can extend the life of your metal roof and provide better protection against the elements.

Cost To Paint A Metal Roof Per Square Foot

On average, it costs about $1.25 – 2.90 per square foot to paint a metal roof. Most homeowners spend about $2 per square foot.

Roof Size (Sq.Ft) Total Cost To Paint Metal Roof
1000 1,250 – 2,900
1500 $1,875 – 4,350
2000 $2,500 – 5,800
2500 $3,125 – 7,250
3000 $3,750 – 8700

Metal Roof Paint Prices

Typical Price Range To Install a Metal Roof Average: $9,150 - $14,310
See costs in your area

When choosing a paint for your metal roof, it’s essential to consider the specific metal roof you have, the environmental conditions, and your budget.

Here is a run down of the most popular types of paint used on metal roof along with their prices.

Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) coating – this is a very popular metal roof paint known for its durability, weather resistance, and excellent color retention properties.

The average cost of SMP metal roof paint is $50-150 per gallon.

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) coating – this is a high-performance, premium paint known for its exceptional durability and color retention. PVDF paints are highly resistant to UV radiation and environmental pollutants.

Standard PVDF colors such as white, black, or beige cost $70 to $200 per gallon. Premium colors cost $100 to $400 per gallon, while metallic colors are $150 to $450 per gallon.

The primary reason to choose a PVDF paint over SMP paint is that you have a lot more color choices and the paint will last longer under harsh weather conditions.

Galvanized Metal Paint – this paint is specifically designed for galvanized metal roofs. It provides good adhesion and protection for the galvanized surface, preventing rust and corrosion.

The average cost of galvanized metal paint is $45-76 per gallon.

It’s best to consult with a professional roof painter who can recommend the most suitable paint or coating based on your requirements and the type of metal used in your roof.

Factors that Impact Metal Roof Painting Prices

Roof Size and Material

The size and pitch of your metal roof is a critical factor in determining the cost of painting. Larger roofs will require more paint and labor, driving up the overall cost.

The type of metal also matters; different metals, such as steel, aluminum, or copper, may have varying requirements and costs.

Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation is crucial for a successful roof painting project. This involves cleaning the roof, removing existing paint or rust, and making any necessary roof repairs.

The cost of surface preparation can vary depending on the condition of your roof. In some cases, the roof may need minor repairs or patching, which will add to the overall cost.

Paint Type

The type of metal paint you choose will have a significant impact on the cost. High-quality, durable paint designed for metal roofs will be more expensive than standard roof paint.

Some metal roof coatings are formulated to provide additional benefits such as UV protection, weather resistance, and energy efficiency, which can increase the cost.

Metal roof paint varies in price from $50-450 per gallon, depending on its brand and quality.

Labor Costs

Labor costs are a substantial portion of the overall expense of painting a metal roof. The price of professional labor will depend on the complexity of the job, your location, and the expertise of the painters.

Professional roof painters typically charge by the square foot or square meter, so the size of your roof will directly affect labor costs.

Labor typically constitutes about 70% of your total project cost. So if it costs $2600 to paint your metal roof, then about $1,820 will be the cost of labor.

Your Location

The cost of labor and materials can vary by location due to differences in the cost of living and market conditions. Urban areas and regions with higher demand for roofing services may have higher costs.

Roof Accessibility

The accessibility of your roof can impact the labor costs. If your roof is difficult to access, requires special equipment, or has multiple angles and surfaces, it may increase the labor cost.

Complex Roof Features

Any additional features on your roof, such as skylights, chimneys, vents, or gutters, may require special attention and can increase the overall cost of the project.

Color Options For A Metal Roof

Metal Roof Paint


Today, there are hundreds of beautiful metal roofing colors to choose from, that can match any type of siding or house architectural style.

When choosing a color for your roof, its important to be careful about the quality of the color coating.

If you want your roof color to stay vibrant and without visible cracks and chips for many years to come, its best to select Kynar 500 or Hylar 500 roof coatings. They have the best chemical composition and the longest warranties in the industry.

How Long Do Metal Roof Paint Warranties Last?

Typical Price Range To Install a Metal Roof Average: $9,150 - $14,310
See costs in your area

Most metal roof paints have a warranty that lasts anywhere from 10 – 40 years. More expensive, higher quality coatings will offer a longer warranty.

A metal roof paint warranty may cover the following items (keep in mind that a single warranty may not cover all of these)

– Chipped paint
– Peeling paint
– Cracked paint
– Various abrasions
– Color fading

How Often Should I Paint My Metal Roof?

You will know that its time to paint your metal roof once you start to notice that its color is fading.

This will be especially noticeable on bright metal roofing colors such as red or bright blue, and if the roof is exposed to a lot of sun, you will need to paint it sooner.

Bright metal roofing colors can start to fade only after 10-15 years and need a fresh coat. However, the majority of metal roofing colors can be repainted every 30-45 years.

You can expect to paint a typical metal roof at least once in its lifetime.

Can I Save Money By Painting My Metal Roof By Myself?

Can You Paint Metal Roofing


While it may seem like a great idea to save a lot of money by painting your metal roof DIY, since the cost of professional labor constitutes at least 70% of the total, this is a job best left to the pros.

Painting a metal roof requires careful preparation, potential repairs, priming and sealing the final coat that only a pro known how to do correctly and efficiently.

Additionally, if your roof is steep, its also dangerous to try to do the job yourself.

It turns out that painting a metal roof is actually more difficult and complex than installing asphalt shingles, which is a project that many savvy homeowners tackle DIY.

So, we recommend spending the extra money to hire a metal roof painting pro, so that you can enjoy the new look and feel of your roof for years to come.

Typical Price Range To Install a Metal Roof Average: $9,150 - $14,310
See costs in your area

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