Is An Avalanche Snow Rake Right For Your Roof? (2024 Guide)

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The Avalanche Roof Rake is a really popular hand tool designed for efficient and safe snow removal from roofs.

Engineered with durability in mind, Avalanche features a sturdy construction and an innovative design that minimizes the risk of damage to roofs.

The Avalanche snow rake is equipped with a cutting frame that slices through snow, allowing it to be easily pushed off the roof, reducing the risk of ice dams and structural stress.

Lets take a close look at the Avalanche rake to see if its right for your roofing needs.

Why the Avalanche Rake Is Superior To Other Snow Rakes

Avalanche Roof Snow Removal RakeIt’s ideal to REMOVE snow from your roof before ice dams are formed. While there are numerous types of snow rakes out there, most of them you have to press down onto, and scrape the snow of the roof.

This “pressing down” onto a snow rake, will give you muscle aches and can possibly hurt your back. Also, if your rake edge (blade) is metal, you can scrape granules of your roof shingles, and damage them. If edge (blade) is made from foam, that foam will break quickly, and you will need to get a new one.

This is where Avalanche snow rake excels! With patented “snow sliding mat” on the bottom, all you need to do is push avalanche rake up the roof.

Avalanche will cut into snow, and blocks of snow will simply slide down! Now need for you to push onto snow, and pull it off the roof!

How Much Does An Avalanche Roof Rake Cost?

Avalanche comes in a few different models, but the average cost for the Avalanche Original 500 Model is $238. Larger size rakes cost $20-40 dollars more, also depending on the accessories included.

Its also possible to get the Avalanche 700 model at a cheaper price of $147 from Amazon.

Avalanche Snow Rake vs Other Ice Damming Solutions

Take a look at the chart below that summarizes various products and solutions for ice damming, as well as their approximate cost. Compare and see which one would work for you.

Short – Term / Easy Cost Long – Term / Advanced Cost
Ice – melt socks $ Add blown – in roof insulation $$$
Ice pucks $ Improve ventilation $$$
Snow rake $ Advanced 240 v heating cables (professional install only) $$$$
Roof heating cables (DIY install) $$ Metal ice belt (professional install only) $$$$
Professional ice dam removal with steam $$ Special Ice melting system (professional install only) $$$$
    Metal Roof $$$$$

We also recommend that you explore our top 10 ice dam prevention products guide for best ways to solve your ice dams!

Avalanche Roof Rake Reviews

Lets take a closer look at what homeowners and roofing pros have to say about the effectiveness of using the Avalanche rake on a roof with snow and ice dams.

The majority of Avalanche users express appreciation for its effectiveness as well as ease of use.

Homeowners are particularly impressed with how much time they save when using the Avalanche snow rake to remove the snow build up vs other rakes.

One homeowner from Tahoe described that the Avalanche 750 “cut thru several feet of snow like a hot knife thru butter, I was amazed at what short work it made of clearing the entire area with no damage to my roof!”

Customers also praise the durability and quality of the Avalanche Snow removal tool, noting its sturdiness and long-lasting performance.

Many people emphasize the reduction in physical strain and effort required for snow removal, making Avalanche an ideal solution for individuals of varying physical abilities.

Is Avalanche Roof Rake A Good Brand?

Avalanche Roof Rake

While there are a lot more sophisticated and expensive products for removing heavy loads of snow and preventing ice damming on the roof, the Avalanche roof rake stands out as a budget friendly and quick way to solve the snow build up problem, before it gets out of hand.

While its more expensive compared to other snow rakes, the Avalanche provides clear benefits that are not found in other hand snow removal tools. The top ones include: speed and ease of use, sturdiness and durability, effectiveness at removing large snow loads.

If your roof is plagues with large piles of snow every winter, its certainly a worth while investment to give the Avalanche roof rake a shot.

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