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CertainTeed Landmark Pro shingles are the top choice for many homeowners who want to install a new roof or renovate their existing structure.

A mid-level product, it offers solid durability at a reasonable price. Here’s a breakdown of the cost and key features of these shingles.

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Landmark Pro Shingles Average Cost 

The average price of CertainTeed Landmark Pro is between $110 to $125 per square (there are 100 square feet in one square).

This puts the product somewhere in the middle when it comes to pricing.

It’s more expensive than Landmark ($85 to $90 per square) but cheaper than Landmark Premium ($140 to $150 per square) and Landmark ClimateFlex ($155 to $170 per square) shingles. 

Landmark Pro Cost Breakdown

The retail price is just one expense you need to cover when mounting Pro shingles.

You also need to consider the installation cost.

In this case, professionals usually charge between $250 to $400 per square.

As a result, the total price of these CertainTeed shingles is approximately $360 to $525 per square

Landmark Pro Shingles Cost per Square
Materials $110-$125
Installation $250-$400
Average Total Cost $360-$525

CertainTee Pro Shingles Price Per Bundle 

Shingles are normally bought in bundles, and Landmark Pro is no exception. Each bundle should contain 29 shingles and costs approximately $55

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Cost / S.F.
Total Cost

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Who Sells Landmark Pro Shingles? 

You can find Landmark Pro in various stores.

The most popular option for most buyers is Lowe’s.

Other than that, you should be able to purchase the product from the following retailers: 

  • BG Roofing Supply
  • ABC Supply Co. Inc. 
  • Shelter Distribution 
  • Palumbo Lumber Co.
  • Mueller Roofing Distributors 
  • Cross Country Dist.

Landmark Pro Roofing Shingles Reviews

Landmark Pros shingles are architectural shingles that replicate the design of the Landmark series.

They have solid durability and an appealing design due to the wide variety of colors available.

These products also come with a dual laminated layer that mimics the dimensional look of wood shakes.

Combining an eye-catching appearance and excellent sturdiness, they make for a dependable roofing solution. 

CertainTeed has incorporated several proprietary technologies into Landmark Pro roofs: 

  • StreakFighter – This technology offers long-term protection from black streaks you commonly find on algae-affected roofs. Landmark Pro roof shingles come with copper-infused granules that provide intrinsic anti-algae properties. The result is a lower risk of algae growth, allowing the shingles to retain their color and beauty. 
  • QuadraBond – Keeping different layers of Pro shingles together, QuadraBond technology helps them withstand high winds and other inclement conditions. Each shingle features four adhesion points to increase resistance to deterioration and delamination. 
  • NailTrak – CertainTeed equips all their shingles with wide nailing areas, including the Landmark Pro series. This oversized area allows you to install the products more easily, accurately, and confidently. It eliminates the guesswork associated with defining nailing lines manually to help ensure proper installation the first time around. 
  • CertaSeal – This is a top-rated adhesive manufactured from a mixture of polymers and asphalt to seal your shingles on the roof. The technology safeguards against wind blow-offs and moisture penetration. Another impressive feature of this technology is that it’s not as hard as some other sealants, which often crack due to drying out. Instead, it’s designed to help your shingles remain pliable by accommodating slight structural changes caused by temperature and other elements.

Did you know? Self-sealing shingles have temperature-activated strips installed during the production process. It adheres the bottom surface of the top shingle to the upper surface of the lower shingle. 

It’s also worth noting that Landmark Pro has good underlayment.

Also known as roofing or tar paper, this part of the roof goes directly onto the deck.

CertainTeed has a technology to boost the shingles’ bond with the underlayment – WinterGuard

WinterGuard is a well-made waterproof barrier mounted at the eaves. It can also be installed on the first few feet of the roofing areas that are most prone to ice dams.

The WinterGuard technology improves protection from excessive moisture levels to reduce the risk of ice dams

Such robust construction makes the Landmark Pro series resistant to impact.

In particular, the shingles have a Class 3 impact resistance rating obtained after stringent lab tests.

The procedure included dropping heavy steel balls from different heights directly onto the shingles. Professionals then inspected the surface for damage and found little to no stress.

This gives you peace of mind during most hail storms, knowing large stones are less likely to harm your roof. 

When it comes to fire resistance, Landmark Pro shingles perform great. They boast a Class A rating, meaning they can endure a direct flame without combusting. 

Another test where Laminated Pro shingles performed well was pull testing. This is a reliable way to prove whether a roof can truly withstand winds and other harsh conditions.

The series had an excellent pull performance, making them more likely to stay on the house in the event of a storm.

Granule loss is also a key indicator of the shingles’ performance.

The last thing you want is to make repairs on a slippery roof or have clogged gutters due to granules. This problem rarely happens with Landmark Pro.

Many professionals have tested the number of granules before and after a storm and found great results. The series suffers minimal loss, which shouldn’t be an issue in the first few years of the shingles’ lifetime. 

Consistency is a strong point of these shingles too. It refers to whether or not the manufacturer sends equal amounts in each bundle.

CertainTeed regularly does a good job of distributing Pro shingles, so you don’t get packages that are significantly heavier than others. 

That said, there are a few downsides to CertainTeed Pro shingles.

Primarily, they’re more expensive than the architectural models of other manufacturers and might not be the right choice if you’re on a budget. 

Extended warranties are also expensive. This means you’ll need to pay extra for additional coverage, which can further increase your purchase and installation cost. 

Average Roof Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $4,190 - $5,740 (For a 1600 sq. ft. Roof)
Low End
High End

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Landmark Pro Shingle Warranty 

Landmark Pro shingles are available with a limited lifetime warranty.

In other words, the manufacturer guarantees that the series will have no manufacturing defects throughout its lifetime under regular use. In most cases, lifetime means as long as you’re the owner. 

If your Landmark Pro roofs have manufacturing flaws, CertainTeed should pay for the repairs, replacement, or cleaning of your products, depending on the damage. However, they may not cover the total price of the project. 

Once you make a warranty claim, CertainTeed sends an inspector to determine the extent and cause of the damage.

If they consider your claim valid, they’ll only cover the “reasonable” cost of repairing or replacing your shingles and labor expenses.

Metalwork, tear-offs, disposal, flashing, and other costs during such projects aren’t covered. 

Did you know? Homeowner’s insurance policies generally protect your shingles and the rest of the roof from many forms of damage. Commonly covered threats include hail, wind, and fire. 

Also, keep in mind that this is a limited policy.

It only offers limited protection, which means you can’t make a successful claim if your damage was caused by the following factors: 

  • Gusts of wind faster than 110 MPH
  • Hailstorms, lightning, fire, explosion, earthquakes, flooding 
  • Hurricanes and tornadoes with speeds under 100 MPH 
  • Cracking and distortion of the base material over which your shingles are installed 
  • Cracking of the decking, foundation, or walls of your house 
  • Structural changes, additions, alterations, and the installation of HVAC units or other equipment after the installation of Landmark Pro shingles
  • Discoloration, stains, or shading due to algae other than blue-green algae, moss, fungi, mold, mildew, lichens, and chemicals 
  • Abuse, misuse, improper installation, neglect, handling, storage, and transportation 
  • Installing the shingles over incompatible roof decks 
  • Installation of Landmark Pro roof shingles that wasn’t performed in line with CertainTeed’s instructions 
  • Ice dams or ice backups 
  • Foot traffic, equipment, and other tools 
  • Animals 

Overall, the warranty provides lifetime coverage, but it’s extremely limited.

Making a successful claim is difficult because it’s hard to prove that any damage was caused by manufacturer defects and not external factors. 

Hence, you might want to consider extending your coverage.

CertainTeed can cover tear-offs and labor under such arrangements during different periods: 

  • The cost of tear-offs and labor for two decades (three-star warranty) 
  • The cost of tear-offs, labor, and disposal for five decades (four-star warranty) 
  • The cost of tear-offs, labor, disposal, and additional workmanship coverage (five-star warranty) 

Regardless of your policy, you’ll be able to transfer it.

However, the warranty is only transferable to the first subsequent owner.

They can no longer transfer the policy after the original purchase, which can be a problem if you buy a house with Landmark Pro from a second or third owner.

Furthermore, CertainTeed considers changes of ownership on deeds and bank foreclosures warranty transfers. 

Landmark Pro Shingles Colors

As previously discussed, the design is one of the biggest selling points of Landmark Pro.

This is mainly because the series comes in a host of colors: 

  • Cinder Black
  • Granite Gray 
  • Black Walnut 
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Charcoal Black
  • Coastal Blue
  • Cobblestone Gray 
  • Colonial Slate
  • Driftwood
  • Espresso
  • Georgetown Gray 
  • Heather Blend
  • Mojave Tan
  • Moire Black 
  • Pewter 
  • Red Oak 
  • Sunrise Cedar
  • Weathered Wood 
  • Silver Birch 

Such a wide variety enables you to customize your roof and find a matching color for your house.

Additionally, it helps you follow any homeowner’s association guidelines on appropriate colors for your neighborhood. 

How To Install CertainTeed Landmark Pro Shingles 

You can install CertainTeed Pro shingles yourself if you have experience mounting roof shingles.

Stripping the old surface, preparing the underlayment, flashing, and drip edges, and mounting new shingles are relatively straightforward tasks.

You don’t need advanced tools to complete this job, but you should follow CertainTeed’s guidelines; 

  • You must install the shingles over a clean deck to preserve their impact resistance rating. No roof-overs are allowed. 
  • You need to apply WinterGuard technology over the entire deck if you’re installing Landmark Pro to low-slope decks. This usually applies to decks with a slope less than 3-in-12 (the roof level increases less than three inches vertically for every horizontal foot). 
  • The roof deck needs to have plywood that’s at least 3/8 inches thick. Other alternatives include non-veneer or nominal wood that’s at least 7/16 inches or one inch thick, respectively. 
  • Make sure to use rust-resistant flashing to reduce the risk of leaks in areas where your roof meets another roof, chimney, wall, or other objects piercing the roof. 
  • Your shingles might not seal immediately if you’re installing them in cold weather. Dust accumulation may postpone the process. If that’s the case, you’ll need to manually seal the units after a certain time. 

Did you know? Many factors come into play when installing shingles, but it normally takes professionals between one and three days to mount new shingles. 

While you might be able to mount Landmark Pro shingles on your own, hiring a CertainTeed-certified installer is a safer alternative.

It eliminates the risk of injury and ensures correct installation, which preserves your warranty. 

Typical Price Range Average:
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Pros and Cons Of Landmark Pro Shingles

Here are the most significant advantages of Landmark Pro: 

  • Reliable performance – Like most other CertainTeed products, Landmark Pro resist moisture and control airflow. This makes them perfect for lowering noise and improving indoor air quality. Better indoor air reduces the need to turn on your HVAC system, leading to major energy savings that can make you eligible for tax credits. 
  • Excellent durability – Landmark Pro roof shingles are designed to endure heavy impact, fire, and high winds. Consequently, they’re more likely to remain on your roof during a storm, providing dependable long-term protection. 
  • Great design options – You can find the shingles in a slew of colors to complement the rest of your house or your backyard. Each shingle has a convenient shape that lends itself to creative layouts. 
  • Sustainability – Asphalt shingles aren’t eco-friendly materials, but CertainTeed decreases the pollution associated with most products, including Landmark Pro. They’re mostly manufactured from recycled materials to reduce the amount of waste in landfills. That’s why they’re ideal for environmentally conscious homeowners. 
  • Long warranty – Your asphalt shingles are covered for manufacturer defects for as long as you’re the owner. 

The biggest disadvantages of Landmark Pro shingles are as follows: 

  • Higher price – You can find cheaper architectural shingles at some other manufacturers. 
  • Limited warranty – Although Landmark Pro roofs are backed by a lifetime warranty, the policy is limited. 
  • It’s hard to qualify for the extended warranty – CertainTeed lets you add extended coverage , but it’s too expensive for many people. Furthermore, qualifying for extended coverage requires you to hire a CertainTeed-certified installer, which adds to your labor costs. 

What Is The Difference Between Landmark And Landmark Pro Shingles? 

CertainTeed offers a few products similar to Landmark Pro shingles. One of which is the Landmark series. 

Landmark Pro and Landmark feature exactly the same construction.

The only difference is that Landmark Pro has a thicker layer of asphalt.

They’re heavier than the standard version to help make your roof more durable

That said, the extra sturdiness also makes them more expensive than Landmark shingles. 

Did you know? Many roofers consider Landmark Pro shingles as one of the five best CertainTeed asphalt shingles. Other picks include XT25, Landmark, Grand Manor, and Belmont IR. 

Landmark Pro vs NorthGate Shingles

Another CertainTeed product you can consider is NorthGate.

There are several major differences between these and Landmark Pro. 

On the one hand, CertainTeed uses a blend of polymers and asphalt to produce Landmark Pro shingles.

On the other hand, NorthGate features a premium composition with specialized SBS modifiers to improve the shingles’ resistance to weather and extreme temperatures.

The NorthGate series also boasts a higher pull and tear resistance while remaining relatively flexible in sub-zero conditions.

Here are a few more differences between the two products: 

  • Landmark Pro shingles are available in more than 20 colors, whereas NorthGate comes in 11 colors
  • Landmark Pro has a Class 3 impact resistance rating, while Northgate is a category above these shingles (Class 4). 
  • NorthGate shingles typically last slightly longer than the Landmark Pro series. 

How Long Do CertainTeed Landmark Pro Shingles Last?

The average lifespan of Landmark Pro roof shingles is around 30-40 years.

This can be higher or lower, depending on two key factors: 

  • Weather in your area – If your region is prone to hailstorms, rain, and snow, you’ll probably need to replace your roof sooner than homeowners in more clement areas. 
  • Maintenance – Some problems are inevitable with Landmark Pro shingles as they age. If you can address them on time and keep them from spreading, they should serve you longer. 

Is Landmark Pro a 40-Year Shingle? 

Landmark Pro can be a 40-year shingle with appropriate maintenance.

Caulking your flashing, proper insulation, monitoring moss levels, and clearing your gutters can extend the product’s lifespan.

Is Landmark Pro A Good Shingle? 

Landmark Pro is a good shingle if you’re looking for a relatively affordable roofing product with decent performance characteristics.

It has a robust, attractive design to endure various conditions.

You can get a lot of value out of them if you don’t mind the limited warranty. 

A Solid Pick For Your Roof 

You’ll hardly find a better architectural shingle than Landmark Pro.

Even though it’s slightly costlier than competitor products, it’s an excellent choice from a durability standpoint.

It also looks good and has a user-friendly design to facilitate installation.

Average Roof Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $4,190 - $5,740 (For a 1600 sq. ft. Roof)
Low End
High End

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