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DaVinci Roofing is one of the leading manufacturers in the composite roofing industry. They promote their composite roof shingles and tiles as a mixture of science and art, delivering high performance in poor weather conditions.

DaVinci is most famous for their imitation slate roof, which most people can’t tell apart from real slate stone. On average, for a 2,000 sq. ft. house you are looking to spend $11,500-21,000 on a DaVinci roof installed by a licensed roofer.

Lets take a close look at all the major properties as well as pros and cons of DaVinci shingles and tiles. We will also help you decide whether investing in one of their products is the right choice.

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What Is A DaVinci Roof Made Of?

DaVinci Roofscapes

Compared to most other composite roof shingles, DaVinci shingles are manufactured with much higher quality materials and superior technology.

Composite materials in DaVinci products feature thermal and UV stabilizers, pure virgin resins, and a special fire retardant. As a result, the shingles and tiles are designed with cutting-edge technology that enables them to endure any type of weather conditions.

In addition, DaVinci tiles contain engineered polymer and inorganic eco-friendly pigments. If any materials don’t meet the required specifications, they are re-used as starter tiles. DaVinci roofing materials are 100% recyclable, which is a rarity in the roofing industry.

If you are interested in composite roofing, check out our guide to the Top Synthetic Slate Roofing Materials

How Much Does A DaVinci Roof Cost?

Like most composite roofing shingles, Davinci Roofscapes tiles and shingles are not cheap, in fact they are on the expensive side, compared to other similar products, such as CertainTeed or Enviroshake.

On average, you can expect to pay $4-6.5 per square foot for materials only (equivalent to 400-500 per roof square, which is 100 sq. ft.). Materials prices may vary slightly depending on the location of the supplier.

Installation costs can be $1.75-4 per square foot or $175-300 per square, depending on your location and complexity of the install.

Overall, the average price of a Davinci roof is $5.75 – 10.5 per square foot. For a 2,000 sq. ft. you are looking to spend $11,500-21,000 on a DaVinci roof installed by a licensed roofer.

This pricing is very similar to the cost of installing a metal roof. However, compared to asphalt shingles, you are looking to spend at least 3 times more.

Compared to natural wood roofing, Davinci can be about 20-25% more expensive.

Davinci Roof Installation Cost Break Down

Here is a quick example of how much you can expect to spend to install Davnci tiles or shingles, depending on the type of house you have as well as the size of your roof.

The estimate is for a typical house with 2,000 sq. ft. of living space and an attached 2 car garage. Also, 5-10% waste factor is included, as this is how professional roofers estimate their quotes.

As you will see in the table below, the estimates roof sizes vary, depending on the house architecture. Note, these are rough estimates, and you need to measure your actual roof size as well as roof pitch, to get a more realistic roof replacement quote.

House Type Single story ranch/cape Split-level 2 story Standard 2 story Complex roof
Roof Size 3,000 sq. ft. 2,490 sq. ft. 1,850 sq. ft. 2,500 sq. ft.
Average cost $24,000 $19,920 $14,800 $20,000
Low – end cost $17,250 $14,380 $10,640 $14,375
High-end cost $31,500 $26,145 $19,425 $26,250

This estimates do NOT include the cost of gutters and need to be calculated separately.

Factors That Increase The Cost To Install DaVinci Roofs

A number of factors determine the cost of DaVinci tiles:

•Product you choose (Multi-Width Shake or Slate, Bellaforté tiles, Fancy Shake, or Single-Width Valore Shake or Slate)

•Exposure level at which your shingles will be installed

•The coursing you select – staggered or straight (this is also based on the choice of your DaVinci product)

•Transportation costs – these depend on the amount of materials you order, and the distance traveled.

•Underlayment expenses – Your home might need a water and ice shield, or other underlayments to protect you from the elements in your location.

•Cost of professional labor – roof installation costs vary greatly (by as much as 25%) depending on where you live. This is why its so important to get quotes from local roofers. The prices that you get online may not be accurate for your region.

•Number of layers of old roofing that need to be removed. This can cost as much as $1 – 1.35 per square foot, on top of the initial roofing cost.

•Complexity of your roof – if your roof is cut up, has many valleys, penetrations, your installation cost may go up by as much as 30-40%

Brief Overview Of DaVinci Products

There are two main categories of roofing products at DaVinci: DaVinci Slate and DaVinci Shake.

DaVinci Slate

DaVinci Slate Roof

DaVinci slate boasts outstanding versatility. The tiles are light, but at the same time, impact-resistant, and maintain their original color much longer than usual.

These products are created from real slate (without the high price tag) and have a natural appearance. They also feature a hand-made final touch and realistic chisel marks.

The most significant properties of DaVinci slate tiles include:

• Class A fire resistance
• Class 4 impact-resistance rating
• 110-mph wind resistance
• Limited lifetime warranty

If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes and shingles blow off, check out our guide to Impact Resistant Roof Shingles

There are three types of DaVinci slate roofing materials, and here are the specifications:

BELLAFORTÉ 12″ 1/2″ 12″ (158lbs)
SINGLE-WIDTH 12″ 1/2″ 8″ (275lbs)
      7.5″ (294lbs)
      7″ (315lbs)
      6″ (367lbs)
MULTI-WIDTH 12″ 1/2″ 8″ (266lbs)
  10″   7.5″ (283lbs)
  9″   7″ (304lbs)
  7″   6″ (354lbs)

Did You Know? One of the greatest benefits of slate roofing is the incredibly long lifespan. In particular, you might not even need to change it once during your lifetime, whereas shingle roofs might need to be replaced two or three times.

Bellaforté Slate Tiles

DaVinci Bellaforte Slate

The Bellaforté model is designed to emulate the look of natural slate at a much lower cost. It comes with the following features:

• 12” of exposure
• Intertwined tiles that allow for a built-in gutter
• Each tile is secured by a leading edge, significantly improving wind resistance
• Doesn’t require a lot of overlapping (reducing cost and waste), making the tile a budget-friendly, good-looking choice
• Constructed from real slate
• Limited lifetime material warranty
• Resist pests, cracking, rotting, and fading
• The tiles reach your home pre-divided according to their color and bundled, eliminating guesswork and sorting in your location.

Single-width and Multi-width options

DaVinci Slate Multi-width

• You can install them at 8”, 7.5”, 7”, or 6” of exposure
• Constructed from real slate
• Resist pests, cracking, rotting, and fading
• Limited lifetime material warranty
• The tiles arrive at your home pre-divided according to their color and bundled.

DaVinci Shake

Bellaforte Shake by DaVinci

DaVinci Shake is a great option if you’re looking for the appearance of cedar shake roofing with fewer maintenance requirements. Just like DaVinci slate, the tile is well-protected:

• Class A fire resistance
• Class 4 impact-resistance rating
• 110-mph wind resistance
• Limited lifetime warranty

You can get DaVinci shake in a variety of sizes:

BELLAFORTÉ 12″ 1″ on average 12″ (194lbs)
SINGLE-WIDTH 9″ 5/8″ 10″ (297lbs)
      9″ (330lbs)
MULTI-WIDTH 9″ 5/8″ 10″ (300lbs)
  8″   9″ (333lbs)
SELECT SHAKE 10″ 5/8″ 10″ (284lbs)
  8″   9″ (316lbs)

Bellaforté Shake Tiles

DaVinci Bellaforte Shake

Save the differences in design, Bellaforté shake tiles are identical to their Bellaforté slate counterparts in terms of properties:

• 12” of exposure
• Intertwined tiles that allow for a built-in gutter
• Each tile is secured by a leading edge, significantly improving wind resistance
• Doesn’t require a lot of overlapping (reducing cost and waste), making the tile a budget-friendly, good-looking choice
• Constructed from real slate
• Limited lifetime material warranty
• Resist pests, cracking, rotting, and fading
• The tiles reach your home pre-divided according to their color and bundled, eliminating guesswork and sorting in your location.

Single-Width and Multi-Width Shake Tiles

Davinci Multi-Width Shake Tiles

This is what Single-width and Multi-width shake tiles bring to the table:

• You can install them at 9” or 10” of exposure
• Realistic patterns, deep grooves, and thick construction create visual richness and striking shadows
• Resist pests, cracking, rotting, and fading
• Limited lifetime material warranty
• The tiles reach your home pre-divided according to their color and bundled, eliminating guesswork and sorting in your location.

Select Shake and Hand-Split Shake

Here’s what makes Select shake and Hand-split shake tiles popular:

• The tiles are constructed from real wood profiles
• Hand-split tiles are 18” tall
• You can install them at 9” or 10” of exposure
• The 10” models have simulated indentations, providing the appearance of 6” and 4” shakes. This offers a multi-width look.
• Resist pests, cracking, rotting, and fading
• Limited lifetime material warranty
• The tiles get to you pre-divided according to their color and bundled, eliminating guesswork and sorting in your location.

Did You Know? Hand-split Shakes are perfect for homes in the countryside due to their rustic appearance.

What Is Special About DaVinci Roof Styles And Colors?

The main reason why DaVinci roofs are so appealing is the distinct combination they feature. Namely, the company has successfully merged the traditional texture and appearance of real cedar, slate tiles, and polymer plastics.

This makes Davinci roofs much more durable than real slate and cedar. Also, they provide you with great protection against the elements, lower your carbon footprint, and require almost no maintenance.

Another benefit of DaVinci is the powerful UV protection added to their tiles. Therefore, if your location is highly exposed to the sun’s rays, you can get the Renaissance finish along with Kynar to protect your roof from UV rays to an even greater extent.

Furthermore, DaVinci takes pride in its wide range of colors. Due to their VariBlend process, various color variations on each tile are created. These changes in nuances give your roof a natural look. Also, you can add up to eight colors in your color blend to come up with a unique mix.

DaVinci tiles are also known for the Nature Crafted Collection color technology. It has enabled the company to emulate the softness and warmth of a patina that was previously created only by exposure to natural elements and time.

You can also employ DaVinci’s Color Visualizer. The program enables you to see how well your preferred color blend fits your home. Using the program, you can upload images, and come up with numerous color combinations for your roof, trim, and even more.

What’s more, you can select one of DaVinci’s Cool Roof tiles that block heat and sunlight. This provides higher reflectivity, leading to cooling load reduction and an increase in energy efficiency.

As a result, your energy consumption is reduced, which is why Cool Roof tiles possess the Energy Star rating. Moreover, Cool Roof tiles meet California’s strict Title 24 requirements.

Superior Weather Resistance

DaVinci offers one of the most reliable means of protection against severe weather conditions. Their tiles are tested according to the highest standards of durability, and have the following weather resistance properties:

WIND UPLIFT TEST ASTM D 3161 Certified to 110 mph

DaVinci Shingles vs. Asphalt Shingles

If you’re not sure whether to go for DaVinci composite shingles or asphalt shingles, the following properties should help close the deal in favor of the former:

DaVinci composite shingles

• Experience no glue failures
• Have no problems with granule loss
• Can be installed in low temperatures
• Experiences no growth of algae
• Can be power washed
• Outstanding resistance to extreme weather conditions

Asphalt shingles

• Sealant and glue failures can be an issue
• Granule loss/delamination can be problematic
• Can result in breakage if installed in low temperatures
• Algae growth occurs relatively frequently.
• Can’t be power washed
• Deteriorate as they get older
• Outstanding resistance to extreme weather conditions is usually reserved for premium shingles.

Really, the only major benefit of asphalt shingles is that its the cheapest roofing material for sloped roofs.

However, if you are looking for real style and durability that will last for many years, asphalt roofing is not the ideal choice.

Benefits of a DaVinci Roof vs. Other Roofing Materials

DaVinci roof shingles and tiles outclass other top roofing materials in a number of fields.

Owing to its distinct composite construction, Davinci features much greater protection against the elements than natural shake and slate.

In terms of other properties, here’s how DaVinci fares compared to metal, natural shake, slate, concrete and asphalt.

Property DaVinci Asphalt Real Shake Real Slate Metal Concrete
Fire Great Average Weak Great Great Great
Wind Great Average Great Average Great Average
Thaw/Freeze Great Weak Weak Average Great Weak
Impact Great Average Average Average Average Average
Color Fading Great Average Weak Great Average Average
Maintenance Low Average High High Low High
Weight Light Average Average Heavy Light Heavy

Did You Know? The most common roof maintenance methods include inspecting for damaged or missing shingles, trimming overhanging branches, sealant replacement, rust inspection, cleaning the gutters, maintaining the mortar of your chimney, and preventing ice dam formations.

Judging from this data, DaVinci is the only roofing manufacturer to combine lightweight and outstanding protection against all the threats commonly associated with roofs.

Are DaVinci Roofs Eco-Friendly?

All of DaVinci’s tiles and shingles are eco-friendly and sustainable. The manufacturer has two programs for recycling their products:

Waste from the site

Once you complete your roof installation, you can have cuttings and scraps returned to DaVinci’s plant in Kansas City for recycling. This way, you can keep waste away from landfills. However, DaVinci only accepts scraps or tiles without nails in their recycling process.

Before you send your scraps to DaVinci, make sure to inform a sales representative that you’re willing to take part in DaVinci’s recycling program. Then, the company will send you boxes in which you can place scraps and tiles without debris.

If you live no farther than 500 miles from Kansas City, the company will enable you to return the scraps for free. Otherwise, you’ll have to arrange the shipment to the company’s plant.

Tiles whose life expectancy has expired

Once your tiles have passed their life expectancy, you can also have them returned to a DaVinci’s plant for recycling. As with the first program, you need to make sure that the tiles contain no debris. In addition, shipments within 500 miles of Lenexa are free.

Return On Investment

Since installing a new roof is a sizable investment, you should spend a lot of time considering your options.

A crucial component of getting a new roof is figuring out whether it’ll yield an adequate Return on Investment (ROI). If you opt for DaVinci, here’s how your new roof will help you save money and add value to your home:

A Lifetime roof

DaVinci roof options come with a limited lifetime warranty. Even though this period doesn’t literally mean a lifetime, but rather 50 years, it’s still quite convenient. It’ll enable you to hold on to your high-quality roof for a while, and prevent the costs of repairs and replacements.

Hail resistance

One of the biggest threats to roofs is hail. However, DaVinci makes Class 4 impact-resistance roofing that can survive extreme hailstorms. In fact, their roofing can even endure sledgehammer impacts, which is quite impressive.

This saves you money in two ways: there’s no need for costly repairs after hail, and a large number of insurance companies offer discounts for houses with Class 4 impact resistance roofs.

Learn how to file a roofing insurance claim the right way.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance is especially important if you’re in a location that’s susceptible to blazes. Luckily, DaVinci roofing has Class A fire resistance. This means that your roof won’t ignite even if high winds are blowing fire towards it.

Insect Protection

Anyone who’s had experience with natural roofing knows about roof insect problems. Bugs such as termites can prove to be a real nuisance, and cost a lot of money to get rid of.

Fortunately, DaVinci makes composite shingles that don’t sit well with insects. As a result, DaVinci gives you another way to ensure a large Return on Investment.

Algae Resistance

Algae growth is a common issue among roofing manufacturers. When rain reaches the area beneath shingles, it creates ideal conditions for algae, as well as moss, mildew, and mold.

Did You Know? Moss can degrade almost any type of roofing material, including clay, concrete, metal, asphalt, and wood.

But due to built-in algae-resistance in DaVinci’s materials, it’s impossible for algae and other similar organisms to form. This eliminates the need for yet another repair or roof replacement, ensuring cost-efficiency.

To sum up, you can ensure a large Return on Investment with DaVinci due to several factors: lifetime warranties, fire, hail, and algae resistance. All these combined will help you save a lot of money in the future.

Can A DaVinci Roof Help Me Save On Roof Insurance Premiums?

As previously mentioned, insurance companies are pretty generous to homeowners who invest in a well-protected roof. This is especially the case if you live in areas such as the Midwest.

Such locations experience regular storms that leave many homeowners with damaged roofs and costly subsequent repairs or replacements.

But if you install a DaVinci’s Class A impact-resistance roof, you’ll not only receive better protection, but you’ll also be entitled to discounts from insurance companies. In fact, you can get discounts of about 20%-30% from insurers if you live in hailstorm-prone areas.

You Can’t Go Wrong With A DaVinci Slate Roof

DaVinci offers highly dependable protection for your roof. Their tiles and shingles are almost impervious to all the elements, allowing you to rest assured of your home’s safety in the most extreme weather conditions.

Besides, DaVinci tiles have fantastic designs and can give your house a luxurious appearance in a plethora of eye-catching colors.

So, if you’re looking for a stylish and extremely durable solution for your roof, there’s no need for second thoughts about DaVinci slate.

Note: all photos in this guide have been sourced from davinciroofscapes.com

Author: Leo B
For over 20 years Leo has run a successful roofing business in New England, specializing in metal roofing, as well as cool flat roofing technologies. Having replaced and installed hundreds of roofs in New England, Leo has first hand experience with pretty much every residential roofing material and roofing manufacturer available in the US.
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6 comments on “2023 DaVinci Roofscapes – Costs, Color Options, Pros & Cons

  1. Why is the cost of installing a davinci roof so high in Southern California? I have two bids now for a 3,000 sq ft house that are over $200,000. I have existing plywood under the current old roof and no other problems.
    Can you refer a roofer in the Goleta area?

    1. Paula,

      So i’m not sure how large your roof is, but let’s say your 3000 s.f. home is a single storey home with average pitch of 6, some overhangs, valleys, dormers, etc. and let’s say the roof is 3800 s.f., or 38 squares. Now, 1 square of DaVinci is about $600 for materials. With all the accessories, let call it $800/sq.

      So if your roof is 38 squares, and quotes are for $200,000, that’s around $5250 per square installed. Of that $800 is materials. Let’s say labor will be $300/sq. and dump fees around $1500. Keep in mind all these costs are overstated, but for argument’s sake, let’s go with it. So we assume the contractor’s cost is $1150 per square. That leaves $4100 for overhead and profit.

      I don’t know about you, but I think that is grossly overpriced. Typically in roofing cost breakdowns are more like 30-40% for materials, 30% labor, and 30-40% overhead and profit for the contractor.

      So in my opinion the problem he is not that contractors charge too much, but that homeowners agree to pay these insane prices, and driving up the costs. If homeowners did not pay these high prices, contractors would lower them.

      Think about it form another point of view. Let’s say the market price of your home is $2,000,000 (based similar size homes in Goleta, CA) … a $200,000 roof represents 10% of your home’s value. This is rather insane if you ask me.

      In my opinion, you should not pay anywhere near this price. This would just pour fuel on the fire of high costs.

    2. @Paula – I’m in Minnesota and the bids I’ve received for a davinci roof are ranging from 180k to 290k, so I think this pricing must be inaccurate or not up to date. Or we’re getting completely inflated bids from all roofing contractors.

  2. I had a Davinci Bellaforte black oak staggered shake roof installed to replace an old wood shake and I absolutely LOVE it. It is beautiful and has held up nice over the last year and all the neighbors compliment it.
    It did cost a few pretty pennies – around 80k total, with tear off, 2 story, steep roof with several valleys – but I still think it is the best investment.
    I don’t think solar will work on this roof but would be interested if I can? I know it states it is energy efficient, but I haven’t noticed any difference on my electric bills- especially for the summer.

  3. Could someone please call me or let me know whether your shingles can be painted. I have used your shingles on four separate buildings including my home. I bought the shingles proximately 5 to 7 years ago at a cost of around 35,000. I completed 3 1/2 roofs and in the last six months purchased enough to complete the fourth building. The color was smoky gray and does not match the other buildings. All of the original shingles we’reSmoky grey and the new shingles do not match. Can I paint the shingles could you please let me know.

    1. Hi Larry,

      I think it would be faster to contact DaVinci’s customer support by phone (800-328-4624) or online here:


      I do not think their employees are monitoring our comments, looking for customers with product issues.

      Let us know if your issues were resolved.

      PS – it’s not unusual that shingles from different batches, especially so far apart in time (5-7 years) be off on color.

      Also, no matter what the fading warranty claims, any painted product will fade in the sun. In fact, I’m sure that fade warranty allows for a certain amount of fading. Otherwise all these manufacturers would be in very hot waters. You cannot really prevent fading.

      Also, as far as painting, I do not think paint will hold. You will have more issues from paining.

      Good luck …