Is HomeCraft Gutter Protection Good?

Typical Price Range To Install Seamless Gutters Average: $820 - $1,245
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If you’re looking for a premium gutter system, look no further than HomeCraft Gutter Protection. Its innovative design, unparalleled after-service care, and transferrable lifetime warranty are all features that make HomeCraft Gutter Protection the best option for full or partial system replacement.

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How Much Does HomeCraft Gutter Protection Cost?

Knowing how much a company charges you before going with a service or product would be ideal, but HomeCraft Gutter Protection does not publish pricing information online.

It’s nearly impossible to give accurate pricing information because different details, like the home’s size and the property’s location, can factor into the HomeCraft Gutter Protection cost.

However, understanding the pricing for other high-end gutter guards on the market may help give you a better idea of what to expect.

Premium gutter guard systems generally cost approximately $1,575 to $5,250 for a full installation or around $4.73 to $8.14 per linear foot. Although this isn’t the exact pricing for HomeCraft Gutter Protection, it is fairly standard for similar services at the high-end level.

Steel Mesh Gutter Guards Average Cost per Linear Foot Average Cost per 200 Linear Feet Labor Costs Total Estimated Cost
Low End $3 $600 $850 $1,450
High End $7 $1,400 $1900 $3,300

Once you’re ready to take the first step, call HomeCraft Gutter Protection for a free estimate and inspection. A professional will come to your home and examine your roof and gutter system.

After the inspection, a technician will reach out to you and provide an estimate. HomeCraft Gutter Protection will honor this estimate for a calendar year.

The inspection and quote are entirely commitment-free, so you aren’t obligated to go with HomeCraft Gutter Protection if you aren’t satisfied with the price.

If you’re more pressed for time and want an initial estimate before an inspection, you can visit their official website and take the online estimate quiz. After submitting your general property information, such as home size, square footage, zip code, and applicable discounts, the company will reach out with a rough assessment of how much you might spend on its HomeCraft Gutter Protection service.

Besides the gutter protection, labor and shipment costs can change the final HomeCraft Gutter Protection price. These factors must be accounted for, so ensure that you understand the proposed quote to avoid pricing surprises.

Remember that the most accurate HomeCraft Gutter Protection price estimate comes after an inspection so that you can speak with a qualified technician about your exact needs and outlying factors.

Average Roof Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $920 - $1,295 (For 110 ln. ft. of Gutters)
Low End
High End

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How HomeCraft Gutter Protection System Works

HomeCraft’s Gutter Guard system consists of three major components. It starts with a micro-mesh screen and is held together by a solid aluminum frame.

The company reinforces the hangers to prevent the guards from getting loose and guarantees precise fitment.

HomeCraft Gutter Features

HomeCraft Gutter Protection’s steel mesh screen is made using 304 stainless steel.

HomeCraft doesn’t make a flat steel mesh. Instead, it raises some sections in a diamond shape to force incoming debris up and let most flowing water pass through. The design filters out large and small objects.

The HomeCraft Gutters raised surfaces also increases the total surface area. More surface area translates to extra coverage.

HomeCraft Gutter Protection’s powder-coated aluminum frame protects both sides of the micro-mesh and keeps it in place after installation.

The edges have no sub-structures, which can prevent efficient water flow. In addition, the HomeCraft gutters frame can bend to your home’s shape if required.

As aluminum frames are light and don’t rust, installing HomeCraft won’t compromise a roof’s structural integrity or gutter installation.

You can rest assured that HomeCraft’s gutters take immense effort to displace, thanks to the reinforced hangers. They attach to the trim under the roof or the fascia. Even thunderstorms won’t pull the HomeCraft Gutter Protection away.

Here are some of the debris the mesh keeps out:

  • Insects
  • Shingle grit
  • Leaves
  • Pine needles
  • Squirrels
  • Birds

Did you know? 304 stainless steel is commonly used in various fields and applications due to its excellent corrosion resistance. You can find it in kitchenware, hardware, and tubing.

Typical Price Range To Install Seamless Gutters Average: $820 - $1,245
See costs in your area

HomeCraft Gutter Protection Sizes

HomeCraft doesn’t offer standardized sizes for its gutter guards because each installation is tailored for your existing gutter system.

The visiting HomeCraft representative will account for your current system’s size and type before making an estimate.

Therefore, because you’re ordering custom gutter guards, the sizes offered are potentially unlimited. HomeCraft will fabricate gutter guards for every homeowner’s needs.

HomeCraft Gutter Protection Installation

HomeCraft operates using a simple three-step installation process. While there may be minor steps along the way, you can expect three events to happen.

The first step is the inspection and quote. A company representative will arrive and investigate your home, accounting for any unusual circumstances. After that, you’ll get a quote.

Should you approve of the quote and installation, HomeCraft will work with you and agree on the installation date. Professionals will arrive on that day and work on your gutters. They even replace damaged ones if necessary.

After installation, the HomeCraft technicians will guide you through using the company’s gutter guards. As the products have a lifetime transferrable warranty, you can always contact a customer service representative if there are issues.

HomeCraft Gutter Protection Maintenance

The low-maintenance promise is one of HomeCraft Gutter Protection’s selling points.

Due to its micro-mesh gutter guards’ raised screens, the debris will sit nicely above the guards themselves. Water flows through easily, and there’s little you need to do.

The dirt and unwanted trash will fall off thee HomeCraft Gutter Protection on their own. In addition, the 304 stainless steel won’t rust even after days of heavy rain. The only way corrosion will set in is if chlorine somehow manages to get to the mesh.

Thus, you can consider the steel mesh self-cleaning in most aspects. This is especially the case if your area is rainy.

Implementing reinforced hangers is another good decision by the company. Since the gutter guards are attached to the roof’s trim or fascia, they won’t pull away even after experiencing heavy winds.

Average Roof Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $920 - $1,295 (For 110 ln. ft. of Gutters)
Low End
High End

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HomeCraft Gutter Protection Warranties And Guarantees

HomeCraft states that all customers are part of its “HomeCraft family” courtesy of its lifetime transferrable warranty.

Even if you move from a house with HomeCraft Gutter Guards installed, the new homeowner will still enjoy the benefits of this warranty. Besides being a sign of generosity, this warranty has another advantage.

Potential buyers will likely be intrigued hearing about included gutter guard protection that can transfer directly to them, increasing your home’s value and attractiveness.

The coverage protects homeowners from gutter blockages. If they happen, HomeCraft will come to your home and perform maintenance as long as you’re under warranty. The company believes that once you become its customer, you should never worry about these problems again.

Of course, you should check on the HomeCraft Gutter Protection once in a while. If there’s some stubborn debris, you can either remove it or call the company.

Pro Tip: The home resale value increases with more added benefits, so investing in a HomeCraft Gutter Protection system with a lifetime transferable warranty will do wonders for an asking price.

The HomeCraft Difference

HomeCraft prioritizes customer satisfaction, ensuring that homeowners are cared for and won’t have to handle gutter problems after installing their guards.

It’s possible to find negative reviews for the company, but most reviews are positive.

Typical Price Range To Install Seamless Gutters Average: $820 - $1,245
See costs in your area

Pros And Cons Of HomeCraft

Here are some pros and cons of going with HomeCraft’s gutter guard protection.


The unique raised diamond mesh improves water flow

Professionals will repair your current gutters or replace them as the situation requires

Installation includes a lifetime transferrable warranty


Only available in 12 states

The company does not have explicit price information online
Homecraft Gutter Protection is available in these 12 states:

  • Alabama
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin

Unfortunately, if you don’t live in or have a property in these states, HomeCraft isn’t an option.

HomeCraft Reviews

As mentioned earlier, HomeCraft regularly gets positive reviews. While this is excellent, there are some concerning issues many customers bring up in their negative reviews.

It’s established that HomeCraft’s staff are highly professional and friendly on the job. They will examine roof gutters properly and communicate with clients as required. If you have questions, a sales representative is happy to help you answer them.

Most customers aren’t too happy with the follow-up service and third-party installers. These third parties are somewhat of a hit-and-miss, as you can encounter excellent professionals in some branches but not others.

HomeCraft will only address omitted tasks after homeowners talk to a customer service representative.

However, you can usually expect a pleasant experience working with HomeCraft for your gutter protection needs.

Average Roof Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $920 - $1,295 (For 110 ln. ft. of Gutters)
Low End
High End

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LeafFilter vs HomeCraft Gutter Protection

LeafFilter is a highly ranked gutter protection company that offers gutter guards for the home. It shares many similarities with HomeCraft’s guards but also some distinct differences.

Both companies offer stainless steel micro-mesh guards with similar design philosophies. These guards are mounted onto the fascia and have a rugged frame.

However, LeafFilter uses a uPVC plastic frame instead of aluminum.

A plastic frame is solid, but sunlight and UV rays are known to make some plastics break down quickly.

LeafFilter also has 275-micron mesh screens, while HomeCraft doesn’t specify its products’ screen micron measurements.

Moreover, LeafFilter states that its products cost $16-$44 per linear foot. The final cost will depend on your gutter system.

The installation process is similar, having three steps. LeafFilter doesn’t use third-party installers but offers full gutter installation
if you don’t have a complete gutter system.

The company also operates in 43 states, a far cry from HomeCraft’s narrow range and a significant advantage against the latter company.

Nevertheless, LeafFilter is currently facing a lawsuit over misleading marketing. Its copy has somehow misled customers into thinking gutter maintenance is completely unnecessary after installing its gutter guards.

LeafFilter is more widespread and may be the best option if you live outside HomeCraft’s range. But, if you live in a state with both services, such as Colorado, you might want to avoid LeafFilter’s controversial reputation.

Typical Price Range To Install Seamless Gutters Average: $820 - $1,245
See costs in your area

Raptor vs HomeCraft

Raptor is a do-it-yourself (DIY) gutter guard product by Gutterglove.

Once you purchase the Raptor guards, you can find resources detailing the installation process on its website. The good news about these resources is that many homeowners praise their concise and helpful nature. It’s a sign that they invested much in ease of access and use.

You’ll want to measure your gutters and check everything before installing Raptor gutter guards.

All Raptor guards are sold in 4-foot sections and have standard sizes. These sizes correspond to many common measurements gutter system manufacturers, and roofers use. As such, they will fit without modification in many cases.

Raptor gutter guards are made of 100% recycled stainless steel mesh and aluminum frames and are a great option if you’re looking for an eco-friendly choice. The Raptor gutter guard mesh has at least 900 holes, but the exact micron measurements aren’t stated.

However, Raptor has two main issues that may be a deal-breaker for the average homeowner.

First, the raptor gutter guards are at a higher price than other DIY options. Secondly, you risk getting the wrong sizes without a technician to visit your home and inspect your gutters the way HomeCraft does.

Although accidentally buying the wrong size gutters is rare, it could happen if you plan on taking on the gutter replacement project yourself.

If you’re not a fan of DIY gutter guard installations, go with HomeCraft Gutter Protection. These two products are catered toward two subgroups within the target customer base.

Amerimax vs HomeCraft

Amerimax Home Products has several different gutter protection products. Its Hoover Dam Gutter Guard is a DIY all-steel guard that screws into your gutter system. You only need to perform maintenance occasionally.

The Hoover Dam Gutter Guard’s installation process is simple, and you get a 15-year warranty after purchasing the guards.

Please note that these are only products; you don’t get any after-sales service from Amerimax. Nevertheless, they’re affordable and easy to procure.

HomeCraft’s gutter guards are made of stainless steel, while the Amerimax Hoover Dam guards are powdered steel. The latter will eventually wear off, but in this instance, it’s to be expected with a lower price point product.

If you want lifetime protection, HomeCraft Gutter Protection has you covered.

Average Roof Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $920 - $1,295 (For 110 ln. ft. of Gutters)
Low End
High End

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Do I Have To Replace My Existing Gutters To Get A HomeCraft Gutter Guard System?

You don’t have to replace your existing gutters to install a HomeCraft Gutter Guard system.

The only reason you’d need a full replacement is if your current gutters are damaged beyond repair. The HomeCraft crew will assess your gutter’s condition and recommend the best course of action.

If your gutters are in working condition, you don’t need a replacement.

HomeCraft custom-makes its gutter guards to fit your system. They don’t sell prefabricated ones that fit specific sizes, so they can work around existing gutters.

However, some homeowners may choose to replace their gutter systems or perform repairs before calling HomeCraft, so they can take measurements and customize the guards to fit the new system.

HomeCraft will work with the existing system, whether or not homeowners choose to replace or repair it before the inspection.

Did you know? Pre-sized gutter guards are helpful, but some customers require a custom fit for maximum filtration that’s neither too big nor too small. The gutter guards should fit snugly, which is the perk of customization.

What Makes HomeCraft Gutter Protection Different From Other Gutter Guards On The Market?

A quick look at many other gutter protection products will reveal that most of them are sold in set sizes that correspond to standard gutter systems used throughout the U.S.

While this is great for most people, it doesn’t satisfy everyone.

Every home is built differently, and predetermined packages may not satisfy your needs. Some pieces will fit snugly, while you may be forced to cut down a few.

However, HomeCraft eliminates this issue by offering custom-fitting HomeCraft Gutter Protection.

The raised diamond mesh is unique to HomeCraft Gutter Protection and increases the mesh’s surface area. Water flows through the mesh easily and ensures that debris doesn’t get trapped in the gutters.

Of all the products we mentioned, only HomeCraft offers a lifetime transferrable warranty. The company prides itself on providing excellent after-sales care.

While the reviews aren’t always positive, it’s clear that HomeCraft does make efforts to provide top-notch customer service.

Typical Price Range To Install Seamless Gutters Average: $820 - $1,245
See costs in your area

Can I Install HomeCraft Gutter Guards Myself?

No, HomeCraft doesn’t offer any DIY gutter guards from its branches. The only way to get them is by scheduling an installation from the nearest branch.

However, you do need to live inside the service area to schedule a HomeCraft Gutter Protection price estimate and installation.

Where Do I Get HomeCraft Gutter Guards?

You can get HomeCraft Gutter Guards directly from HomeCraft Gutter Protection after the inspection and installation process when you agree on the quote. From there, a third-party service will install the guards.

Pro Tip: DIY gutter guards can be helpful in the short term, but they generally don’t last too long. Some costlier choices can withstand years of rain, and you’ll find premium products lasting decades.

Is Home Craft Gutter Worth It?

HomeCraft is the only highly-regarded gutter protection company that offers a transferrable lifetime warranty.

Your home is continuously protected as long as you reside in it. If you decide to move, the HomeCraft Gutter Protection warranty makes for a generous gift.

HomeCraft Gutter Protection’s exclusive diamond mesh technology is unprecedented in gutter protection, and no other company has this effect. Debris does not pass through in most circumstances.

Some customers report their first installation as lacking, but HomeCraft works with customers to ensure complete satisfaction.

Most HomeCraft Gutter Protection clients were impressed with the current gutter protection, even those that initially found the installation less than satisfactory.

HomeCraft Gutter Protection is worth the higher price point in the long term. Even though the company only services 12 states, you can enjoy premium gutter cleanliness for many years.

It’s arguably the best option where available.

Average Roof Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $920 - $1,295 (For 110 ln. ft. of Gutters)
Low End
High End

See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

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