2023 Leaf Filter Cost, Installation, Honest Reviews

Typical Price Range To Install Seamless Gutters Average: $820 - $1,245
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LeafFilter is one of the most popular providers of gutter protection systems. They use state-of-the-art technology to eliminate the need to manually remove debris from your gutters, as their products take care of the dirty work.

But does their system really work? And how much does LeafFilter cost?

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LeafFilter Features and Installation

Typical Price Range To Install Gutter Guards Average: $970 - $2,745
See costs in your area

The LeafFilter Gutter Protection system is a patented gutter guard solution that helps keep gutters free from leaves, insects, and debris through effective water filtration.

When water passes through the micromesh, the liquid is drawn through it and flows away into your gutters.

The product is mounted with a certain pitch to shed debris when accepting water. This means you don’t need to clean your gutters as often.

The system consists of micromesh units that prevent debris accumulation that can cause considerable damage to your roof or other parts of the house. It is comprised of three components.

275-Micron micromesh – This part is constructed from stainless steel to minimize the risk of corrosion. It also features tremendous impact resistance, meaning it can endure fierce storms.

uPVC frame – LeafFilter’s uPVC rack doesn’t deteriorate or warp due to its high-quality, proprietary construction.

Structural hangers – LeafFilter contractors mount hidden hangers to fasten your gutter guards to your fascia board, ensuring higher stability and durability. The hangers remain secured to your roof, regardless of the debris they’re exposed to.

The installation of the gutter protection system is a multi-stage process. Here’s what you can expect when their specialists come to perform the service.

Inspection – The technicians examine the gutters for sections that require extra attention. They also get rid of any existing gutter guards, like brush or foam units, to make room for the new installation.

Preparation – Upon close inspection, the contractors perform any necessary gutter cleaning.

Additionally, they may mend certain areas, such as the soffit, to prepare the gutters for a smoother installation.

Installation – The crew attaches the gutter screens to the existing gutters. This may take anywhere from a couple of hours to a whole day, depending on the size of the job.

Cleanup – One of the best things about LeafFilter is that the contractors leave no mess behind. They remove any tools, screws, and garbage from the site to save you the trouble of cleaning up after them.

What Is the Cost of LeafFilter Gutter Protection?

Typical Price Range To Install Gutter Guards Average: $970 - $2,745
See costs in your area

Establishing the cost of the LeafFilter Gutter Protection system can be challenging, because they don’t state the price on their website.

Most companies keep the pricing hidden because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The only way to get an accurate estimate is to contact the crew and have them inspect your house.

However, some details can make LeafFilter solutions more expensive than others. Most notably, they use the highest-quality materials for their gutter guards and offer lifetime warranties.

You’ll hardly find a sturdier or longer-lasting protection system than this one. It can endure storms, ice dams, heavy rain, and practically any other element. This results in a higher cost.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to haggle over the installation cost. You might be able to negotiate a lower price, and the contractors may rethink how to perform your project differently.

However, treat them with respect rather than suspicion, and they’ll likely return the favor.

More specifically, LeafFilter projects usually cost between $16 and $41 per linear foot. This means a 150-200 linear-foot house requires the owner to fork out about $2,500-$6,000 for the installation and materials.

In addition, their micromesh screens typically will set you back $1-$9 per linear foot, whereas standard screens go for $0.40-$4 per linear foot. Finally, it may cost another $2.30 for each downspout filter.

You can use our Gutter Guards Cost Calculator to estimate the cost of installing gutter protection on your home.

Besides getting an accurate estimate, another reason you should consult LeafFilter professionals is to find out if you qualify for a discount.

The company offers lower prices for two groups, seniors and military members, with discounts of up to 10%.

You can save even more money if the job isn’t too complex. A number of factors determine the complexity of the project.

Current Gutters

The main thing LeafFilter contractors consider when inspecting your house is the condition of your current gutters.

If the units are missing some areas or they need upgrades, the price of the project will go up.

Therefore, don’t ignore the condition of your gutters if you want to purchase LeafFilter’s Gutter Protection system.

If you need to patch things up, make sure to do so before hiring LeafFilter. Otherwise, you may receive a higher quote.

The same holds if you don’t have any gutters. LeafFilter can mount them for you, but this can cause the price to skyrocket.

The scope of the job would be greater, and the contractors would need more time to install their gutter protection system.

Size of the Project

The size of your house impacts the cost of materials for your new system too. The larger the property, the more materials you’ll need to complete the project.

This is because LeafFilter’s Gutter Protection system must cover each corner of your gutters to work properly.

As previously indicated, the contractors measure your system in linear feet, measuring the length around your house. Most places need approximately 200 linear feet of the LeafFilter system.

Pitch and Height

The pitch of your roof is another major factor that influences the cost. Owners of steep roofs will need to shell out more money than families with a more moderate slope. The job is more difficult due to a precarious position, making it more dangerous.

Furthermore, the height of your house plays a pivotal role in determining the cost of the installation. Single-story homes are perfect for installing LeafFilter’s solution because the risk of injury is minimal.

Additional stories result in higher prices, as more work is needed and there could be major safety issues. As a result, the company provides higher quotes to cover itself and its workers.

Did you know? Thousands of accidents happen during roofing projects every year, with hundreds of victims. Falls from steep roofs is the leading cause.

Now, you may not be able to afford to install the LeafFilter system on all your stories, but you might not need to.

If the budget allows it, cover each section. But if you only have enough money for one set of gutters, cover the units on your top floor.

The gutters below are less affected by leaves and debris, allowing you to clean them more easily. The accumulation is much larger on upper floors, increasing the need for gutter protection.


The price of labor varies by location. If you live in a high-end area, LeafFilter may charge you more for the installation.

Typical Price Range To Install Gutter Guards Average: $970 - $2,745
See costs in your area

Pros of LeafFilter Gutter Protection

Let’s take a look at the most important benefits of installing LeafFilter Gutter Protection.

Efficient Protection for Your Gutters, Roof, and Foundation

The LeafFilter gutter guard drastically reduces the risk of structural damage. It prevents debris from blocking your gutters and downspouts, enabling them to drain correctly.

This way, water is less likely to damage the inside or outside of your house.

This is most evident on your roof. As your gutters will no longer be clogged, the chances of leaks and rot will be slim to none.

Additionally, pests won’t consider your roof a desirable home because it’s not clogged with debris and leaves. They’ll move on to another property, which keeps your roof safe and reduces the risk of infestation.

Finally, LeafFilter’s robust system helps you preserve your foundation. It allows water to freely flow away from your house rather than pool around the base.

Hence, there will be no cracks caused by water freezing and expanding in cold months.

Premium Durability

Durability might be the strongest suit of the LeafFilter gutter guard. They’re designed to keep any debris, from grains of sand to twigs and leaves, from compromising your gutters.

This is because they’re constructed from superior materials, such as stainless steel. They can withstand bad weather, powerful impact, and are highly resistant to rust.

Therefore, they should serve you well for many years.

Mounts Directly Onto Existing Gutters

Another reason the LeafFilter system is popular is that it’s compatible with any type of roof and gutter.

It can be installed onto your structure seamlessly if it’s in good condition, meaning there’s no need to disassemble parts of your roof.

This allows the contractors to complete the project faster. Sometimes, it takes them just a few hours to do the work.

Excellent Warranty

Installing gutter guards without a warranty is risky, but you won’t have this problem with LeafFilter.

They sell their gutter protection system with a lifetime warranty. They’re confident about the quality of their product, showing it’s more likely to stand the test of time.

Robust Financing Options

If you can’t afford LeafFilter immediately, you might be eligible for their special financing.

The company has teamed up with Wells Fargo to approve credit for certain purchases, allowing you to buy the product even with limited finances.

The credit incurs no interest if you repay the balance in full within a year after the purchase.

Cons of LeafFilter

While the LeafFilter mechanism is advantageous, this doesn’t mean it’s perfect. There are a few downsides you should be aware of.

Must Be Installed by a LeafFilter Technician

Although you might be well-versed in home improvement projects, you can’t install the LeafFilter gutter guard on your own. The company must perform the installation, which can be annoying if you’re used to mounting upgrades yourself.

Cleanup Isn’t Always Up to Par

While cleanup is an integral part of the LeafFilter service, the contractors aren’t always thorough. They may sometimes leave debris or screws for you to clean up.

Pro Tip. Cover your plants in the yard when the installation starts. This will lessen the chance of irreparable damage in the event of debris falling from the roof.

Gutter Helmet vs LeafFilter

Gutter Helmet is an exceedingly popular alternative with a slightly different approach to gutter protection.

Their gutter guards are hood-style products with frontal slots and curved tops that invite water. They also use unique stiffening ribs for impressive stability and have high tensile strength due to the advanced PermaLife coating.

Unlike LeafFilter products, Gutter Helmet units don’t need to be mounted by certified professionals. They are easier to install—but this also leaves more room for error.

You could easily cause serious damage if you don’t know what you’re doing, and even void the warranty on your roof.

Speaking of warranties, Gutter Helmet offers the same policy as LeafFilter. They back their gutter protection installations with a lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind.

The policy is transferable and it covers routine maintenance, as well as performance or material problems under normal conditions.

The biggest downside of Gutter Helmet is that the system comes with a large frontal opening. Hence, leaves and debris can easily enter and lead to clogging.

Cleaning the gutters requires you to strip the hood; but the good news is that the warranty covers standard cleaning.

Typical Price Range To Install Gutter Guards Average: $970 - $2,745
See costs in your area

LeafFilter vs Amerimax

The best thing about buying Amerimax gutter protection systems is the wide range of products.

Unlike LeafFilter, you can choose from a variety of materials, such as vinyl, PVC, plastic, galvanized steel, and aluminum. This can make their solutions more affordable, as you don’t need to go for premium installations.

Moreover, Amerimax provides in-depth guides to each product, allowing you to check out the features first-hand.

You can also consult them on the most suitable materials for your roof type to ensure compatibility and minimize the risk of performance issues.

Like Gutter Helmet, Amerimax doesn’t require you to hire certified contractors for the installation. You can mount their gutter protection on your own if you have the necessary skills and tools.

Each solution comes with detailed instructions to help ensure the units fit your roof perfectly. There’s a “How To” section on their website with videos illustrating the installation.

Plus, you can check out the guides on maintaining the system and cleaning your gutters. This can be immensely helpful if you’ve never performed a roofing project.

The main problem with Amerimax is that they’re not very generous with their warranties. For instance, the snap-in gutter protection doesn’t come with any warranty at all.

The metal lock-in gutter guards are covered, but only for a decade. This pales in comparison to LeafFilter policies, which guarantee your installations will be free from defects for a lifetime under normal use.

Pro Tip: Maintenance is key to preserving your warranty. For example, you may need to trim trees in your backyard to keep large branches from damaging the gutter guard.

Raptor Gutters vs LeafFilter

Raptor Gutters provide simple, high-quality gutter guards. They keep out leaves, pine needles, rodents, pests, and other threats with three components.

Besides the gutter guards, there are also self-tapping screws and a magnetic head.

The most impressive feature of their gutter guard system is its efficient design. It comes in four-foot sections made of stainless steel and aluminum to fend off the elements. The product is highly resistant to cracking, warping, and rusting.

Each square inch has 900 holes, which should be a perfect solution for debris-blocking and water filtration. Plus, the product is recyclable, and is compatible with practically any roof or gutter type.

The Raptor Gutter system doesn’t need to be mounted by certified professionals. DIY installation is risky, but the company ships the product with comprehensive instructions for the installation and measurements.

The manual also recommends the necessary equipment, installation method, the right way to secure your guards, and how to clean the gutters before the project.

Raptor Gutter is all about transparent pricing. The 48-foot box with five-inch gutter covers costs about $115 and the price of the six-inch product is approximately $140.

Both solutions are shipped for free, and you can purchase as many packages as you need to accommodate your gutters.

Any extra boxes you don’t need for the installation can be returned in mint condition within a month.

The warranty is better than the Amerimax policy, but the company is still not as confident about its gutter protection as LeafFilter.

Raptor Gutter guarantees their system will have no flaws for 25 years after the installation, provided you mount the product correctly.

LeafFilter Reviews

Most homeowners who’ve installed the LeafFilter system are happy with the product. They praise the company for terrific customer service and timely responses to inquiries.

Jobs are usually completed on time, and the technicians are professional. Also, the clients seem pleased with the system’s performance.

That said, some customers aren’t thrilled with their service. One client received an inaccurate estimate and was forced to take out more money after LeafFilter came up with another assessment.

There have been a few mishaps during the installation too. For instance, technicians accidentally severed a client’s TV cord, while another team damaged a customer’s landscaping.

Is LeafFilter the Right Gutter Guard Company for You?

The LeafFilter mechanism works great in most cases. It effectively blocks debris from compromising gutters, preventing massive structural harm.

The system is made of remarkable materials that promise years of fantastic service, and you get a lifetime warranty.

There are a few issues, but overall, LeafFilter Gutter Protection is a wise investment.

Typical Price Range To Install Gutter Guards Average: $970 - $2,745
See costs in your area

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