Timberline Shingles Lawsuit Review

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This is a summary of a recent large class action shingles lawsuit against GAF Timberline Shingles.

In 2013, a major legal action took place, with the claim that shingles have been prematurely cracking and failing on thousands of roofs, due to material and manufacturing defects.

Our goal is to inform you about GAF’s alleged sub-par manufacturing practices, deceptive marketing, and lack of care for the consumer, as related to this case.

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While the GAF lawsuit has been settled in April 2015, we want to make you aware of this situation and summarize the case, because there is a complete lack of media coverage on this issue.

The actual number of people involved the class action was not disclosed, but there were more than 10,000 warranty claims related to this problem, that were filed in just one year.

Timberline Roof Shingles

Since the shingles in question were manufactured from 1998 to 2009, at the rate of 10,000 claims per year, our guess is that there were at least 100,000 failed Timberline roofs.

The company has been covering up this issue for years (we will show quotes from high-ranking company officials), failing to inform homeowners, roofing contractors and state authorities, or to recall the defective product.

What Are Timberline Roofing Shingles?

GAF Timberline Roof Shingles

In the residential roofing market, for many years GAF has been holding the top spot as the “Largest Roofing Shingle Manufacturer in North America”.

Its top selling roofing shingles, Timberline, have been installed on millions of homes across the US.

They have been touted as “the # 1 selling shingle in North America”, “the heaviest and longest-lasting fiberglass asphalt shingle in the Timberline series” offering “superior strength and improved weathering in harsh conditions”, because their exceptional design “promotes longest life and extra durability.”

Case Summary

In 2013, a class action lawsuit, titled Building Materials Corp. of America Asphalt Roofing Shingle Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 8:11-mn-02000 (D.S.C.) was brought against GAF. Plaintiffs claimed that the company’s Timberline products have a defect that makes them prone to prematurely crack, tear or split.

GAF, in turn, claimed that they were not defective and were appropriately covered by the warranty. However, the company agreed to offer two settlements covering products manufactured:

1. Between 1999 and 2007 at GAF’s plant in Mobile, Alabama.

2. Between 1998 and 2009 at other GAF manufacturing plants.

The settlements would cover the following claims:

1. Cracked Shingles

2. Damage to the roof system (roof structure and roof system including the roof deck, underlayment, leak barriers, starter strips, ridge cap shingles, and attic ventilation.)

3. Damage to other building materials (anything directly connected to the shingles themselves or the roof System, such as flashings, gutters, siding, valley metal, crickets and saddles, plumbing vents, and soffit and fascia).

Decision To Cover Up Defects

During the course of the investigation it was discovered that for many years GAF deliberately continued to hide Timberline’s defects from suppliers, installers and consumers, while actively marketing it as a top quality product.

Here is what it looked like:

1. By late 1990’s GAF received information about premature cracking on many of its roof shingles, including Timberline. To address this issue, the company assembled “cracking teams”, who investigated the source of the problem.

As a result, they discovered that defective raw materials and inadequate manufacturing practices were used to make the shingles in several of its factories, including facilities in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Baltimore, Maryland; Millis, Massachusetts; Fontana, California, Dallas, Texas and Mobile, Alabama. For example, one of the findings was that the cracking claims increased by 43% from 2001-2002 alone.

A 2006 report by GAF employees, Sudhir Railkar and Adem Chich, revealed that the company received 10,170 cracking complaints for Timberline products through 2002. The average age of the roof subject to a cracking complaint was 7 years.

In 2002-2003, investigations were conducted in the Minneapolis facility. In August 2003, a GAF employee, Guy Gimson, issued a CQA report, titled “Minneapolis Shingle Cracking”, which outlined testing conducted by GAF that proved that its laminated fiberglass shingles, including Timberline, cracked at low temperatures.

Other internal documents revealed that “Shingles made in Minneapolis are cracking during warranty preview”. The time frame provided in that report for the issue being analyzed was “products manufactured since the 1980s”.

At around the same time, investigations were conducted in Mobile, Alabama, and Dallas, Texas, facilities. They also revealed cracking problems. Internal reports described laminated shingles as having a “high failure rate” in all regions and climates where they were sold.

2. By 2002, the company received more than 10,000 “cracking claims”. It paid out several million dollars as a response to the claimants. However, it continued to conceal the true nature of the cracking, did not recall the defective shingles, and didn’t advice consumers about these problems.

3. The fact that the cover up was deliberate is clearly evident from the documented communication between GAF District Manager, Kevin Hull, and regional manager, J.D. Hasselbach. When Hull brought up concerns regarding the cracking shingles, Hasselbach responded “yes I know all about the millions of dollars we are paying in claims and class action suits. Cut out the email traffic on this, as it can be used in court against us. You are not telling me anything new . . . Just keep selling.”

4. The severity of the problem and its coverup was best summarized by GAF’s Vice President of Engineering Services, Mike Ferraro, who stated that no other problem was “more extensive, had more involvement at the highest levels” than the premature cracking of Timberline roofs.

Deliberate Marketing Misrepresentations

GAF marketing claims

To encourage consumers to purchase this product, GAF has knowingly made a number of misrepresentations about its durability and longevity:

1. On their website, they claimed that: “Because of our state-of-the-art manufacturing process, the odds of you having a problem with a new GAF roof is about one in a thousand.”

However, internal testing, confirmed by the company’s head of Quality Assurance, Guy Gimson, reveals that more than 5% of Timberline products experienced premature vertical cracking.

2. GAF made claims to its distributors and installers that the fiberglass mat contained within the shingles, provides “Balanced Tear Strength in all directions” and “Balanced Tensile Strength in all directions”, which result in “Better Resistance to Expansion-Contraction Cycles,” “Better Overall Performance . . . No Directional Weakness,” and “Longer Life.”

During the investigation, several company representatives, including Adam Chich, Director of Research & Development, admitted that the above claims are inaccurate.

3. GAF manufactured 3 types of products in this line: Timberline 30 (designates a 30 year warranty), Timberline 40 (designates a 40 year warranty), and Timberline Ultra (designates a 40 year and a Lifetime Warranty). These warranties specifically warrant the performance of these shingles for a designated time into the future (longer warranties also cost more). As a result, consumers find these warranties meaningful and trust that their roof will last for the stated time period.

However, GAF representatives, including Regional Quality Manager, Paul Miller, have admitted that warranty representations are a “marketing tool.”

Side Note: Later on, in the mid 2000’s, GAF and other roofing manufacturers in the US, removed the label “30, 40 and 50 year shingles” and relabeled all of their architectural shingles as “Lifetime”, while not making any significant changes to improve longevity, which is indicated in their warranties.

4. GAF did not conduct any testing or engineering analysis to determine whether Timberline would actually last for the period stated in the warranties. Instead, the warranties served largely as a marketing ploy to meet or beat warranties offered by competitors.

5. All products were stamped as meeting the designation ASTM D3462, in effect falsely representing that the shingle has been manufactured, tested, and inspected, in accordance to the standard and meets its requirements. Moreover, since they did not meet the ASTM standards, they also failed to meet local and state building codes, and where legally prohibited from being installed.

As a result, consumers purchasing them falsely believed that they were getting a fully-compliant product.

Poor Treatment Of Consumers

GAF reviews

One of the worst practices that surfaced during this lawsuit was deliberate and poor treatment of consumers who tried to file warranty claims when their shingles started to fail.

1. Prior to experiencing cracking problems and other subsequent roofing damages, consumers and installers had no way of determining that they got a defective product.

2. In many cases, GAF did not repair or replace the defective roof, or didn’t fully pay for the damage caused by premature cracking and shingle failure.

3. When claims where made and plaintiffs tried to inquire about the cause of the cracking, the company did not disclose the fact that the product was defective to begin with.

4. To avoid making payments, they tried to impose unenforceable limitations on the scope of the warranty coverage and its obligations to consumers. (Refer to the court documented page. 111)

As a result, GAF breached its express warranties for Timberline roofing shingles.

Settlement Summary

The lawsuit was settled on April 22 and 23, 2015.

The total amount of payoff to plaintiffs remains undisclosed.

The award included either replacement roof shingles (comparable to the product installed) and/or a cash payment. In some cases, depending on the evidence presented in the individual claim, there was a potential to receive payment for other damages, such as the cost of labor and any damage to the roof system and other building materials.

GAF never issued any public statement admitting the defective nature of Timberline products, the existence of “cracking teams”, and the use of sub-standard materials and practices in the manufacturing process.

Other lawsuits against GAF

In the 1990’s, another class action lawsuit was brought against GAF Timberline. This was Coleman, et al. v. GAF Building Materials Corporation, CV-96-0954 (Alabama Circuit Court, Mobile County), and involved claims of prematurely cracking and defective shingles. This case involved only shingles manufactured prior to December 31, 1997. The company paid out more than $13 million to settle.

Quality and reliability of GAF Timberline roofs today

According to court documents, once GAF discovered serious problems with its raw materials and manufacturing practices, it has changed both, to actually meet the necessary ASTM standards.

However, the company has not issued any public statement regarding these changes, and there are no field testing results of the “new generation” products that we know of.

GAF continues to market this line, making the same claims regarding its quality, durability and warranties, as it did prior to the lawsuit.


GAF Timberline Defective Shingles Class Action Complaint.pdf – our backup copy.
(Original source was removed or longer working – http://www.classactionsnews.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/GAF-Timberline-Defective-Shingles-Class-Action-Complaint.pdf)



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Author: Leo B
For over 20 years Leo has run a successful roofing business in New England, specializing in metal roofing, as well as cool flat roofing technologies. Having replaced and installed hundreds of roofs in New England, Leo has first hand experience with pretty much every residential roofing material and roofing manufacturer available in the US.
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55 comments on “Timberline Shingles Lawsuit Review

  1. In middle of having a fight over bad shingles, your article says. (To avoid making payments, they tried to impose unenforceable limitations on the scope of the warranty coverage and its obligations to consumers. (Refer to the court documented page. 111) where would I find this?

    1. They usually do not notify you. In fact in most cases they don’t even know that you have their roof. If you register for a warranty at the time of installation, then the company will be aware of you, but still will not notify you.

      Also, shingles fail for many different reasons – not always manufacturers defects.

  2. We had a GAF roof installed in 2020 and are experiencing cracks , granular loss and multiple leaks. I see a class action was settled recently, are there any new class actions against GAF that we might become a part of?

    1. Nancy – leaks has nothing to do with granule loss.

      Former is bad installation. Latter is possible material defect. Granule lost will not have any adverse effect on your shingles for at least 5 years. After 5 years, the effect of material degradation caused by UV will become visible.

      Unfortunately – in most cases GAF will not honor the warranty, as they have done many times to so many homeowners. You will likely need to join a class action. Still worth trying.

      In your case – current problem is roof leaks – and that is on the installer. I don’t know if you can get them to fix it under labor warranty. Most states have 12 months required labor coverage, after which contractor is off the hook. In this case, GAF can also say that your roof is “defective” because of bad install, and not material failure (blame everything on the roofer to deny coverage).

  3. in 2011 after a complete tear off contractor installed 32 squares of timberline weatherwood 30 year shingle within 4 years wind was raising the tabs and tearing shingles. contractor indicates the tabs not sealing correctly

  4. Very poor quality. Aggregate started coming off right after installation in 2018 and continues to this day 5/4/21. Fiberglass core is now exposed in many areas.Now looking to join another class action suit.

  5. My roof was redone in 2011 & not long after, the ridgecap began to deteriorate & had to be replaced. Now the shingles are beginning to crack. Did not know about a recall.

  6. I have white lines across the bottom of my gaf 30 year timberline shingles with Granual loss in my gutters. Who in Minnesota can I contact about this.
    The roof is 17 years old now.

  7. I purchased a house in December 2013 with new shingles that were installed about August-September if the same year. In the past 7 years I’ve had repeated problems with cracking and loss of shingles and have paid contractors 3 times to repair. Unknowingly, they were purchasing same shingles from same local l lumberyard so just replacing bad with bad. Recently I lost approximately 1/3 of my shingles in a storm and was told they no longer make this color. Was wondering if I have to go through a lawyer to get compensated through the lawsuit as it says I have 7 years from settlement. I can provide proof of original purchase and myself purchasing home several months later. Would appreciate the help/advise.

  8. Are material suppliers (i.e.) ABC , ALLIED etc . required to release the names and or addresses of buildings and owners who received GAF Timberline shingles? . Oftentimes a contractor won’t even specify which manufacturers ‘ shingles he is using . The supply house on the other hand will have exact records of manufacturer, delivery date , number of bundles , etc . I would like to access these records and contact building owners and ; 1. Inform them of the suit and their rights 2. Perform an inspection to see if they are eligible 3. Assist in their claim if warranted . I’ve been in the roofing business for over 40 years in nearly every capacity from union apprentice, foreman , superintendent, estimator, and owner .

    1. Hi William,

      Roofing suppliers certainly have an orders & deliveries database, but I almost guarantee NONE of them will be sharing that info, and most of them will site “client privacy” as well as many other reasons. And honestly I would agree with suppliers. It’s not their fight. They are just a middleman. I don’t see any way how suppliers would be “required” to release this information. But I’m not a lawyer … For that, you might try some legal sub on Reddit.com … Lawyers there are very helpful.


  9. Our roof from GAF came with a 40 year warranty, that was 13 years ago. GAF is offering us less than $700 in compensation. Roof removal and replacement will cost another $6,000. Can you suggest possible options for us to recover losses?

  10. I am in the roofing business and I am especially curious about the ASTM testing issue. Is GAF now compliant with the testing standards? And how can I prove that the shingles did not meet those requirements? Is there data somewhere?

  11. I just contacted GAF about the warranty on my roof. The roof is 4 years old and already is cracking, losing granules and has discolorations all over. My roof looks like it is 30 years old. It has to be replaced. They sent me a very long list of things I must do, including removing two entire pieces of shingles off my roof. I am a recent widow and have no idea where to start. My husband tried to deal with this before he died but I have taken over. I think they should sent out some representative to look at the roof instead. I have all my proof of purchase papers to prove what I bought and when so that is not a problem but I am not going to start ripping down part of my roof.

    1. I was told by Linda at GAF that she would send that box for the damaged shingles and she has not to this day. I has been around 8 months now. The customer sales manager is sending out massive emails that I am NUTs according to the contractor; my roof is leaking and he got a letter form GAF about taking care of the situation, and he so smoothly put it on, the reason he does not want to address the issue is because “I AM CRAZY!’ I so wish I could post pictures. See Sadie Redd on Twitter for my posts.

  12. We got a new roof December 2017. While putting up Christmas lights we noticed that the GAF timberline shingles were shot and our gutters were full of granules. We got the roof from Florida State Roofing and Construction. We also purchased the Golden Pledge Warranty from Florida state roofing also for another 800.00. what a waste of money. We have been fighting with Florida state roofing and GAF for over 14 weeks now. We don’t know where to turn to next. Please help us. Thanks john and Virginia Voleck

    1. John,

      Sorry to hear about your problems. Have you had GAF’s inspector come out to your house? Does the Golden Pledge Warranty say anything about granule loss?

      If you are getting a run-around, contact Department of Consumer Affairs and/or FL Attorney General’s office. They should have some sort of consumer protection programs / agencies. See where that goes.

      BTW, you should keep records of all your communications with GAF and your contractor, going forward, and I hope you have records from previous conversations. Email is one of the best methods for this. However if you send something in writing, take pictures with your phone, before you mail it.

      I am not sure if it is legal for you to record phone conversations, but since most phones support this feature, you can Inform the other party (GAF or your roofing company) when you speak with them on the phone, that you will be recording it (they probably already record you). This “should” make it legal, because by continuing speaking with you, after you tell them that conversation is recorded, they “give consent”. Now this is NOT a legal advise, so speak to a lawyer about phone recordings.

      I hope you get this resolved. What I could try, is talk to some GAF people on LinkedIn (I have many of them as “connections”) … maybe they could help out.

      Finally, if or when you get some funds for your roof – don’t install asphalt shingles again… go with metal.

      Good luck, Leo

      1. Leo, they do record your conversation; I have subpoenaed all documents; or all they would release; and one of those is the discussion of a such a call, as I complained that the customer service manager just quit talking as I called out her name many times; Nicole and she told upper manage, I alleged, that I hung up on her. At least the person whom reviewed the call, stated the call faded out; OH YES IT DID; it was her end of the call; Linda said the same, as I was most aggravated when they said, this is not GAF’s problem you have to contact the contractor, GAF is not responsible in the most snarky tone. This same contractor has 3 lawsuits with three different attorneys going in the same county of those not wanting to pay him for his crappy work, as I allege; and my issue includes these crappy shingles. He knows how to use the court system, so he does not have to do anything right; and GAF ELITE MEANS NOTHING! His work is substandard he can play the game, as he never ONCE came to look at the problem, even denies there was ever a leak on BBB. He harassed me on Google Review too.

    2. I got mine on 2017 also and the products “middleman,” came from ABC Mine look like some monster chewed them!

    3. Leo, I thank you for this website so we can understand and if I build a home in a few years and get away from this allege corrupt city government; I would. If you were in the TN/NC area, that would be my area could you put one on, will it be noisy; if hail hits it, how much damage does that cause; however, in the meantime, I think what people are saying they may not be able to do that right now after their expense. I cannot.

      Maybe GAF needs back to back Class Action suit, and I am willing to start a search for an attorney group who is willing. I see how GAF’s reaction is, they believe their contractors, as their terms and policies mean nothing.

      I see how GAF customer service is; they do not care, only pretend to, as they had a representative to call; I got subpoena information request Jan 11, sent and they respond 3 months later the day before the trial; as I have workmanship Master Elite issues plus the Shingles with GAF it is a mess.

      1. I’m in. Three years ago we had 22″ of snowfall in a 36hr period. 1/4 of the roof on front of my house broke loose and slid about 8″ downward. I have the timberline 30yr. I made an insurance claim and adjuster said that whoever put the shingles on had the air pressure to high and that’s why my roof failed so quick. I told him me and my family nailed the roof on and it’s been up for 10yrs. He knew his answer before ever pulling in the driveway. Long story short now the back and sides are starting to split and slide. I paid $7500.00 just for these AWESOME shingles I want compensation

    4. Betsy in the Mobile AL area 803-276-2532 will give you names at GAF to call; then you will be sent to someone who is operating as the authority of that division. Personally I would rather stick a needle in my eye to speak with either Linda, or Nicole at GAF; here is their game, if you do not hear them and it sounds like they hung up; they are still on the line, they are just waiting for you to hang up, so they can say that you did. I have subpoena my records and let me tell you; this is a huge cover up I allege, and they have contractors out there peddling off their rotten goods. It is time for another suit. Stay in touch. I am calling my division, as I am not of the South East, but in the Midwest. My product came from ABC like Douglas poling; so which we could post pictures.

      1. I’m from minnesota looking for someone to look at my roof yup
        gaf 30year shingles any help would be Appreciated.

  13. We purchased GAF shingles from Florida State Roofing And Construction. After 16 months they are shot and our gutters are full of granuals. We have been fighting with GAF and Florida State Roofing And Construction for over14 weeks and still are far from anything getting done.We even got the golden pledge warranty for an extra 800.00. what a waste of money. we got scammed by Florida State Roofing and GAF. Where do we turn next. Please help, thanks john and Virginia voleck purchased in December 2017

    1. Run to your Atty Generals Office with this information and if this is trued; sounds like fraud and contact theirs in NJ; I promise you are not going to be alone. GAF is huge on a good standing for their Contractor Master Elite’s having a good BBB rating, but it does not matter that they are not even accredited, so make sure you go to NJ their headqtrs and yours too.

    2. John, file a complaint with BBB and Angie’s list on the Contractor Look at their website and scrolled to the bottom; it will damaged his reputation. Did they say anything about being a Master Elite?

  14. This comment is for Douglas; you mentioned ABC Supplies, and they are headquartered in Beliot, WI; which gives me reason if you obtained your shingles from GAF through their distribution center then these extremely faulty shingles are being sold through their distributorship. I, too, have been sold shingles from this source; so does that make you in the Midwest area of the US also? They may be distributing these damaged shingles to many in this area and the Atty General Office needs to be informed. I believe that another class action suit should start; does anyone have the attorneys for this last class action one available?

  15. How did the Atty General not get involved in GAF’s deceptive practices for withhold information from the consumers; did anyone report them? or even the FTC?

  16. Customer Service with GAF is just a nightmare; their Master Elite Certified Contractor program is worse; totally ridiculous now with the newer “add-ons”; as all I have experienced it gives the “unconventional,” storm chaser company a front, and only that, because it does not mean anything as far as quality; the GAF specifications that they are to go by; even the way they are to treat customers, is just a book to them, as I had Contractor that I will post his name later at my home, and he put on GAF Timberline shingles that are terrible. I am making a CD/Power point of the pictures and send them to every CEO who is a competitor of GAF Corporation to show the work of GAF’s “ELITE!” They have not fixed anything to correct this pass issue, or they are distributing the bad batches to these unscrupulous minions, or the final issue could be the contractor damaged them; what I have read here, makes me believe they are just getting rid of the faulty ones with some of their underhanded sign on’s, because how could a brand you roof look like mine does. If the shingles are of poor quality then is it FOOT TRAFFIC or crappy shingles?

    1. I wish I could post a photo of this; as I have a email from a subpoena the contractor and I are battling; he is suing/thus countering for my deposit; for nonpayment for what? A leak alleged /fraud/attempted/fraud [to be determined by AG and IDFPR] ripping out a skylight, he was not to touch; he had it pre-ordered, then said it was a mistake; the shingles are deteriorating; and albeit it is called Foot Traffic; I will bet you it is crappy shingles. I contacted SC Law Firm. I put down $4000 and now I need a total replacement; drip edge is backwards, and torn, specifications is a joke and my roof area around my chimney for the leak is only a patched, they never put on new step flashing that was 15 + years old; only patched, and I am suppose to be thrilled with that fix? He doesn’t want to fix a thing; as he knows it is shoddy work. This is how bad a manager with GAF is as she passed this in a massive email; Nicole: “I like to give you guys a fair warning in case the homeowner calls in. Per the roofer (who is suing the homeowner) the lady is a nut! Please see his email to me below. Let’s see if she beats Pevac.”

      Warner Roofing has been harassing me on Google Review/Map read my review after sending in an affidavit and certified/return receipt letter. He was accusing me of making fake reviews and setting up false accounts, I am 67 years old, tell me how to do that? Do any of you know…then he put my first and last name for the world to see and stated Just please pay your bill!

  17. Hi Leo, my apologies as I am just seeing your response. I am STILL getting the runaround from GAF. Is there a way I can speak to you in regards to your response below? Can you email me your contact info?
    Thank you

  18. I just installed timberline shingles on a job I’m 60 years old I’ve been in the industry since I’ve been 16 I have never seen a single slide Off the roof the very next day when I come back after in this shingle is criminal if it is a 16th of an inch thick that’s giving it some time I talked to Timberlin’s rap and she told me it was a nailing problem that I didn’t nail the shingle where it was supposed to be nailed she failed to recognize that that is eight nails that failed and if you take 40 shingles times eight that’s 320 nails that failed I called Abc Roof center where I purchased the shingles from and they were dumbfounded about it we finish the job with the shingles because I had to get the roof watertight we didn’t find the problem so we had 12 squares already on then we started the cap it and the cabs cracked in half as we were installing them I’m not done with this shit I want to know how the shingles on the market somebody is clearly turn a blind eye and Or Thay don’t know their goddamn job anybody going onto these roofs are taking their lives in their hands because these shingles can slide right out from under your feet especially if you’re on 9on 12 or 1212 roof pitch

  19. My parents roof has the defective shingles from the class action lawsuit. Shilgles have been cracking off since installing. They have at least 3 separate claims with GAF dating back to 2014, 2016 and this year.
    I have gotten nowhere w GAF customer service and am continuously getting the run around and no call backs ect.
    I cannot be the only one?!
    Any recommendation?

    1. Anita,

      Sorry to hear about your problems.
      If there are no open class actions that include your situation, I would make a detailed video, put it on youtube, send us the link, and we will try to get you some exposure, and hopefully attention of GAF.


  20. Hello,
    Would the more experienced folks here recommend going through the laughable GAF warranty program or recommend the settlement program.
    Thank you

  21. I submitted a claim to GAF because the roof installed on my house on Nov. 2008, the granules are coming off the timberline shingles. GAF has agreed with this problem. GAF has given me a settlement letter for shingle replacement, (which I HAVE Not signed yet) for just 68% of the prorated use because they say according to the warranty that GAF sent me because it is after 5 years so it doesn’t cover labor or any other parts of the roof, ridge caps valleys parts etc. this comes to $3025.55 offer but I am having to spend a lot of money for a whole new roof. Because I am putting solar panels on my roof and I don’t want to do this again if the roof is only going to last a couple of more years. GAF indicates that this is all they have to do because they say that is what the warranty says they have to cover.
    Is there anything I can do to get them to pay for a whole new roof or at least all the material. The roof is less than 10 years old and I expected it to last at least 30 years.
    I am located in SLC, UT and have heard of at least one other case with this problem. Is there anything else I can do to try and get more for defective shingles?

    1. Donald,

      Without going into details about settlement offer from GAF, I want to mention a very important aspect, since your are planning to go solar.

      Regardless of how good the shingles are, and how well they are installed, solar panels will add tremendous extra heat to the shingles beneath the panels, which will greatly shorten their life span (even if you have excellent attic insulation & ventilation). In the end you will have to replace your roof “prematurely”, and will have an extra cost of removing and reinstalling solar panels – about $1.50 – 2.00 per WATT (labor is now the most expensive part of any solar PV system). Watch this video:

      So my recommendation it to install a standing seam metal roof instead of asphalt – this way you can pretty much guarantee that you won’t have to replace roof before solar panels go bad (25-30 years).

      Additional benefit of metal, is never having to worry about ice dams, which is a problem with all asphalt shingles, and trust me – ice and water shield / barrier does not work in most cases to prevent ice dams (although manufacturers say that it does).

      Good luck with your claim.


    2. GAF Timberline website for “cracking” class action:

      Shawn Raiter
      Direct: 651-312-6518
      Charles J. LaDuca, Esq.
      Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca, LLP
      8120 Woodmont Avenue
      Suite 810
      Bethesda, Maryland 20814
      Tel: 202-789-3960
      Fax: 202-789-1813
      Yes, I am going to pursue a Class Action suit as I see how the inside of GAF is working now. I have records that I allege they know, my suspicions are there are some of us that getting the bad stuff pawned on us; or it is all going to come out like that. Call these people and ask them.

    3. Any update on your settlement with GAF? I’m having the same issues and an inspector is being sent out to look at my roof Has anyone got any labor to replace their roof ?

      1. Hi John how did you get GAF to send out an inspector to look at your house .I’m curious to do the same

  22. I would like to be in a class action suit concerning Kelly roofing and GAF, how do I go about it?
    My slate roof had been broken and falling because the rusty hooks break off.
    This problem had been happening from the start..
    I’m 80 ….widowed and cannot afford to hire a lawyer on an hourly basis.
    I would very much appreciate your help.
    Thank you,
    Loretta Fox

  23. Was wondering how many actual claims in this lawsuit have been processed and how much awarded to property owners awarded to-date. There just seemed to be a number of areas, that would influence the acceptance of a claim and an actual accurate award amount. Examples..installation, ventilation, pro-ration, etc…Roof award amounts independent of a class action lawsuit are pretty grim for the property owner. Does that seem to be the case in this lawsuit?

      1. Hi Leo I was wondering what would company of architectural shingles would you recommend for Chicagoland area thanks.

  24. How can I find out if the problems that caused the lawsuit have been resolved, so I can make a decision about this product?

    1. KT,

      Well, honestly we will never know the truth… even this case was settled without disclosing details.

      That said, most likely GAF fixed the issues. Will they have other problems down the time-line … yes, sure. But at the same time virtually all roof manufacturers (especially shingle makers) have similar issues / lawsuits that get settled / product defects, etc.

      With all of the above, most shingles WILL NOT have massive defects. Chances that your roof will have a problem like in this class, are minuscule, and are just as likely to happen with CertainTeed / Owens Corning / Tamko / Malarkey, etc.

      I think you need to consider a fundamental flaw with asphalt shingles: They are designed to fail (within 10-15 years) … they are commodity product, and roof manufacturers need them to fail, so they can sell you same junk roof in 10-15 years, and so on.

      If you want quality – you need a metal roof.

      If you want “cheap quality” you can go with a 5-rib metal roof, which cost only 15-20% more than shingles (total installed price). However, 5-rib/R-Panel is far superior to asphalt shingles.

      Good luck.

  25. What specifically does this mean? “serious problems with the raw materials and manufacturing practices used”
    as in what raw materials and what processes are attributed to the cracking?