EPDM Roofing Problems – 5 Reasons To Avoid Installing Rubber Roofs

EPDM rubber may be very cheap, but from the perspective of quality and longevity, it is one of the least reliable flat roofs.

It may come as a surprise to you, but the roofing industry often misleads and misinforms consumers into buying products designed to FAIL within 15 years or less.

Failing Rubber RoofsThis is happening in an effort to keep up the demand for production of new materials, as well as the demand for roof replacement (just like old-time furniture makers would put bedbugs in new mattresses).

This mass deception based on the promises of long warranties and low prices, is called “effective marketing”.

We are not the ones to judge,

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2021 Insulation Cost | Estimate Foam Board Insulation Prices

The average cost of flat roof insulation is $0.67 per square foot (for 1 inch thick PolyISO with 6-R value).

High quality rigid foam insulation that is properly installed will greatly improve ventilation, eliminate drastic temperature fluctuations inside the home, and protect from leaks.

Here are the best insulation materials along with prices, features, and r values.

Cost Of Rigid Foam Board Insulation

Usually homeowners spend about 25% of the total cost to install a flat roof, on high quality insulation.

The most efficient and best insulation used is rigid foam (Polyiso); it accounts for over 60% of all installs.

ISO is available in a range of thicknesses,

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5 Roof Insulation Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Flat Roofing

Roofing insulation is one of the most important and misunderstood building components. There are many different types and installation methods out there, along with a lot misinformation about which products offer the greatest energy savings.

Here, we share the most common mistakes people make when installing flat roofing insulation.

We will also offer our professional take on what insulation actually works, how much it costs and the benefits you get as a homeowner.

Roof insulation materials to avoid

Some so called “experts” online may recommend the following, claiming to achieve a greater r value at a lower cost.

Mistake # 1: Save money by installing Fiberglass Insulation, and framing out roof slope using OSB board substrate

Flat Roof - Rotting Sheathing

When a homeowner really needs to cut down on costs,

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Cedar Shakes vs. Shingles – Compare Costs, Durability, Styles

Are you debating between installing a cedar shingles or shake roof?

The two have significant design, installation and cost differences. On average, a cedar roof can cost $12,000-25,000, depending on whether you select wood shingles or shakes, grain quality, style and other factors.

Wood shake and shingle roofs are not the same when it comes to durability, longevity and protection against the elements.

A cedar roof is an expensive investment, so it is important to know all your options well, before making the final selection.

In this post:

1. Difference between shingles vs shakes
2. Material and installation costs

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Cedar Roof Shingles Prices For 2021

The average cost of cedar shingles is $6,800-9,500 installed on a 1,700 sq.ft. ranch style home.
Cedar roofs has been around for centuries. Recognized for exceptional charm, longevity and durability, they continue to be installed throughout the US today.

Natural Cedar Roof

Material and installation costs

Cedar roofing shingles is a premium material, and is fairly expensive, especially if you want to add special treatments that prolong the life of the roof. The price range is wide and greatly depends on the quality of the wood you select. Also, note that a cedar shake roof is significantly more expensive than shingles.

Shingles: For an average one story ranch-style home (roof size 1,700 sq.ft),

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5 Reasons To Install A Faux Slate Roof

Davinci Roof - slate profile

If you love the beauty of real slate, but cannot afford the premium cost, a faux slate roof can give you exactly what you want:

– the look of natural stone
– 40 – 50% lighter weight
– a reasonable price – about 50-60% cheaper than an authentic slate roof.

Here are 5 reasons why our pros love and recommend a synthetic slate roof. We also discuss what it is made of and how much you will pay for materials and installation.

What is synthetic slate?

Faux slate tile is also known as composite slate shingles. It is important to know that they can be manufactured from a number of different materials,

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