12 Tips On How To Install Shingles

Roof Installation Tips In this post, we will walk you through pro tips on how to install roof shingles, so that you don’t end up with a leaking roof.

Did you know that more than 50% of all roof leaks happen due to faulty installation?

Most homeowners don’t pay enough attention to how their roof is installed, because they lack this technical knowledge. Instead, people’s primary concerns are overall roofing cost, material brands, colors and curb appeal.

The problem is that you CAN NOT automatically assume that a roofer you hire will do a good job.

Here is how you can avoid a nasty situation where your expensive new roof leaks, and you discover the contractor screwed things up.

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Compare GAF Warranty vs. Certainteed

Compare roof warranty

Here, we will compare GAF warranty and Certainteed – the two most popular roofing shingles manufacturers. Knowing how to choose the right roof warranty can help you protect your house, in case something goes wrong.

Big manufacturers use warranties as part of their marketing strategy to attract consumers, with promises such as “50 year” or Lifetime coverage”. However, many roof materials warranties are NOT what they appear to be on the surface. You need to read the fine print to actually understand what is covered and under what conditions.

Roof warranty types

Most manufacturers offer different levels of warranties that have various degrees of protection.

Usually there are 3 levels:

Level 1: this offers basic standard coverage.

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How To Get A Fair Roof Estimate

Avoid getting overcharged for roof install as a womanOften, a homeowner who has a difficult time dealing with contractors, may get a very unreasonable price estimate for roof replacement or repair.

Single moms, elderly, divorced women and widows are especially vulnerable to these predatory roofer scams.

Many pros (like car mechanics) find that most people know very little about the technical aspects of roofing and therefore can be easily fooled.

This lack of understanding opens the door to charging much higher than usual labor and material prices. Unfortunately, many contractors see this as an easy way to make money, and often take advantage of clients.

Example: We had a client (single woman) who got a quote from Olyn Roofing (big residential roofing company in Boston area) for 60-80% higher than the average in Massachusetts.

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Problems With TPO Roofing – Just The Facts

While the popularity of TPO single ply membranes is continuing to grow among homeowners and commercial builders, there are a number of problems with this material you should be aware of.

Initially, TPO was created to compete with PVC. Its original intent was to be a cheap welded seams reinforced membrane, to dominate the commercial roofing market based on price, while offering all the benefits of PVC (a high-end, long-lasting single ply membrane).

In this opinion piece, I compare Genflex TPO (not the most expensive product) to PVC made by IB Roof Systems (one of the most expensive PVCs).

I will discuss how TPO has evolved from a fully welded system into a glued/welded product,

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