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helmut asked 7 years ago

tar and gravel flat roof 15 yrs old /apartment bldg. roofer recommends scraping gravel off and laying down special black membrane and gravel again. good idea??? thanx. have a good one

1 Answers
Leo B answered 7 years ago


I don’t this this is a good idea. "Special membrane" won’t hold properly …

Usually what’s done in these situations is – remove gravel OR remove all old roofing to the deck, lay down insulation (mechanically fastened to the roof deck), then install new roof – be it rubber / PVC / TPO / built-up or another tar and gravel.

Tar roof is a form of built up, but there are many deffernt options, such as modified bitumen – 3-5 ply, tar and gravel, etc. Mod-bit usually does not have gravel on top, but can have a smooth or granular surface on cap sheet.

Good luck.

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