Owen’s Corning Duration vs. GAF Timberline HD

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Jeffrey Beltran asked 5 years ago

If you had to select between Owen’s Corning Duration and HAD Timberline HD for your personal house, which one would you choose and why?

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Leo B answered 5 years ago


I honestly don’t know 🙂 … On one hand, GAF is considered "a little better" than Owen’s Corning… On the other hand, with all the material failures class actions (past and ongoing), I would be cautious with it.

When I say ongoing, i refer to comments that we have, where people say they are trying to get GAF to remedy the failures, and get run-arounds.

Now I’m not saying OC is bad or anything … it’s just the perception that I built over last 15 years… there is no logical or factual basis for it (for me at least) … Still, if it was me I would probably go with Certain Teed … but then again, I would not put asphalt shingles on my roof at all, and I will be putting a Tamko Metal Shingles roof with Solar PV on my house (hopefully this year).

Hope this helps. Leo

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