Home Advisor Lawsuit – Why Contractors Want Their Money Back!

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Recently, 1000s of home improvement contractors have brought up a class action suit against one of the biggest Lead Gen services – Home Advisor Pro.

In the past 15 years, Online Lead Generation companies have grown very large, to the point that most contractors HAVE to use them to stay in business. Being in a near monopoly position, these services often engage in unethical business practices, and in some cases – outright scams.

To skip the intro, and go straight to Class Action Lawsuit Overview, click here.

Homeadvisor Scams

How to Join the Class: After multiple roofers/contractors requested (in comments) to join this class, here is the direct link to class overview and a form to get added.

Why it’s very difficult for local contractors to find new clients online

How Lead Generation services manipulate Google Search results, to ensure that contractors HAVE to buy leads from them:

Roofing Contractor Boston MA - Dominated by Lead Gen companies - Google Many roofers find it very difficult to generate new business (get roofing leads from new customer prospects) online, because the field is dominated by “Lead Gen” services, such as Home Adviser, Angie’s List, Quality Smith, ThumbTack, many smaller services, and recently, Amazon and Google.

It’s become difficult for local pros to find new clients online, as they have to compete with large Lead Generation services.

These corporations use their massive advertising budgets to “manipulate” Google Search results (come up at the top of search), which in turn ensures that local contractors either don’t show up at all, or show up all the way at the bottom. This results in significantly fewer homeowners visiting their sites.

The way homeowners search & find (roofing) contractors is by googling them. However, the results rarely show actual local companies on the first page of search (top 10).

Typically you will see 3-5 Non-contractor results from Lead Gen services and business directories, which earn money by listing local businesses or selling leads. See screenshot of a Google Search result for “Roofing Contractor Boston MA”.

In the example screenshot – you see 4 Lead Gen / directory Services before you see the 1st local contractor organic result. The 4 are:

– Home Advisor
– Angie’s List
– Thumbtack
– Yelp

You also have 3 local results right below the 4 ads at the top. However, these also sometimes show lead gen listings.

To get to the 1st organic result for an actual local contractor, you have to scroll down 2.5 screens (Chrome browser @ 100% zoom).

Basically, the search results across the US are dominated by NON-CONTRACTOR 3rd party services, making it VERY difficult for actual contractors to compete for the limited number of homeowners. Keep in mind that there is over 1,000 roofing companies in the Metro Boston area, and over 5,000 in the state of Massachusetts. The story is the same in ALL other local markets.

Just so you know – 1st position in the top-10 gets 60% of all clicks, where as 5th position gets about 10%!

What this means is that 100s of local contractors are pushed down the search ladder, by companies that have nothing to do with home improvement, besides profiting from the industry! So to stay in business, many end up having to buy leads (ranging in price from $40-$125 per one lead), just to stay in business.

Here, I won’t even touch the issue of “bad leads” which is at the core of a Class Action lawsuit against the largest online home improvement lead gen service – HomeAdvisor (formerly Service Magic). However, here is an interesting video from a roofer in Minneapolis, MN – a customer of HomeAdvisor, talking about bad leads and trying to get a refund.

To get a better picture of the situation, search YouTube for “Home Adviser scams“.

Here at RoofCalc.org – an informational resource created by a roofer of 15 years, we find that unethical leads are the bane for our industry.

That is why we’ve developed our Local Roofers Directory, made by roofers, for roofers, and designed to provide FREE (as in beer) Leads for life, to any roofing company in US!

More info on how the directory works here.

This service is what I call “Ethical Leads”. It is built from the ground up to help local roofing contractors connect directly with homeowners, cut out the middle man, maximize exposure to homeowners, and generate FREE leads!

Now, let’s look at why contractors across the US are suing Homeadvisor. Keep in mind, that we want to keep the lawsuit overview as objective as possible.

Class Action Summary

On November 14, 2016, Chimicles & Tikellis has filed a class action lawsuit against Home Advisor (later referred to as “HA”) – an online lead generation service/platfor. The plaintiffs are Service Professionals (contractors), who claim that the supplied leads “are not from targeted, serious, qualified and/or project-ready homeowners”. Tens of thousands of service professionals nation wide are involved as plaintiffs. Primarily, these are small to midsize home improvement and remodeling contractors.

Information about the case, can be found on the Chimicles & Tikellis website: https://chimicles.com/class-action-filed-homeadvisor-iacinteractive/

Full Complaint-as-filed can be found here (PDF) and here (PDF mirror)

FYI – roofing is the biggest category of leads sold by HA. Thus, we estimate that the biggest group of service providers involved in the class action, are roofing contractors – hence, we feel it is an important topic to cover here on RoofCalc.org

Plaintiffs claim that in addition to the mandatory annual membership fee, they have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on leads which contain the following: “wrong or disconnected phone numbers and contact information; persons who never even heard of the company; stale leads; contacts for homes that were listed for sale; and contacts for vacant or non-existent residences.”

In addition to supplying bad leads, plaintiffs claim that HA engages is a number of unfair business practices when dealing with contractors. These include:

1. Use coercive means to solicit new members for Membership Programs.
2. Conceal and omit material information about monthly fees for mHelpDesk, a startup, cloud-based field service software.
3. Completely ignore lead parameters and budgets set by Home Service Professionals.
4. Distribute the same lead to more than four pros.
5. Distribute EXCLUSIVE leads to more than one contractor.
6. Adopt uniform internal procedures intended to deny and discourage refunds and/or lead credits.

How HA Uses Customers’ Business Information For Their Own Profit

One big of their big scams is using a contractor’s company name and information to build links back to their own website. It works in the following way:

They use a contractor company’s information, name, address and phone number to create numerous profiles on many different websites. When a homeowner comes across such a profile and calls or emails the “contractor”, they will in fact reach the HA website!

Basically, they make money using a pro’s name and contact information, but he does not get any profit or benefit! Instead, he gets paid leads of questionable quality, while his own chances of ranking in search engines are slim at best.

What is the worst though, is that this contractor is essentially paying money to direct customers looking for his company to another competing business!

The biggest issue is that the legitimacy of this practice is clearly stated in corporate terms of service. When a pro signs up for homeadvisorpro to receive leads, they are giving HA the right to use their company name and information, as they see fit. However, an HA rep does not openly disclose this info during the sign up process (it’s the fine print that most don’t bother to read). As a result, many people have no idea that their business name and information is being used this way.

Other Practices That May Hurt Contractors’ Business

Additional questionable practices that the company uses to boost their rankings, have also been discovered.

For example: a contractor who is not signed up with this service receives a call from a rep offering a no cost partnership link exchange. If he agrees, a rep will call back later saying that he has created a business listing and will ask the contractor to add his website link with his listing back on the contractor’s website. When the contractor goes to check out this listing, he will be directed to the website that offers services in his area, asking the visitor to fill out information to receive a quote. There will NOT be ANY information about this contractor’s company on this page!

If a visitor actually goes through the process of filling out all the information to get a quote, she will end up on the Home Advisor page, and the email she will receive will also be from them. Thus, HA creates these third-party websites and pages with contractor listings that boost their own ranking and capture leads, but do nothing for the contractor!

In fact, the pro whose info is being used may have no idea that this is even going on, because he may not have even signed up for homeadvisorpro. Thus, because of the HUGE amount of back links from contractors of every field, HA’s landing pages get top positions in Google. (taken from this contractor’s comment: http://forums.jlconline.com/forums/forum/jlc-online-peer-to-peer-forums/business-strategies/57192-home-advisor-service-magic-scam-almost-got-me)

Company History

Homeadviser reviews

The company used to be called Service Magic. However, in September 2012, they decided to rebrand their domain name into Home Advisor. At the time, Service Magic was 13 years old and was making 205 million dollars in annual revenue.

They made this move despite the high risk of disrupting Google rankings and substantially loosing traffic and revenue. Interestingly, they were able to pull off this switch and actually became a lot more profitable. In 2016, their annual revenue was reportedly approaching 500 million dollars. In the same year, it had about 128,000 paid service professionals, where as Service Magic had about 80,000.

Many veteran pros who used Service Magic say that the company engaged in many of the same practices that it is now being sued for.

Be Advised: Home Advisor Is Buying / Merging with Angie’s List!

In May 2017, Angie’s List has finally agreed to be acquired by IAC, HA’s parent company. The two will now be combined into a new public company called ANGI Homeservices. This merger will make ANGI an undeniable leader in the home services market place. Combining forces will give the new company a total of 22 million monthly visitors and 211,000 service providers.

This means that individual contractors will have an even harder time ranking in search. This new company will have even more power to misuse contractor information to their advantage.

Ethical Roof Leads – Why pros need to take back control of customer acquisition from Lead Gen companies

In my opinion, it’s essential for contractors / roofers to generate their own customer leads online (I exclude referrals and word of mouth clients from this), to survive. As you have witnessed in recent years, most homeowners today search for contractors on Google (and to a much lesser degree in Bing and Yahoo), and online in general. Therefore, pros should be front and center in these searches.

What Can Contractors Do?

The sad reality is that over 50% of contractors still don’t have their own website! Of those that do, many are old, unoptimized for customers / search engines / conversions, etc. Many have bad, low resolution images, basic/generic about us page copy and inefficient contact forms (if they have a contact form at all).

So the first step is to have a website, social media profiles, a blog (to discuss topics that homeowners are interested in), and a well optimized contact form.

At the same time, pros should expand their presence on topical forums, and in directories.

Our local roofing directory is a great place (for roofers) to start:

How Local Roofing Directory works, to help roofers get more (free) leads:

1) Every roofer that registers, gets a great looking listing page, with pictures of your work, about the company section with you website link, and the prices you charge (optional), plus a cost estimator that is based on your numbers.

2) When a homeowner fills out a free estimate request from your company – you immediately get that lead in your email (SMS / text messages will be added soon). These leads will always be FREE (as in we will never charge a fee for leads, ever)! So if you receive 10 leads a month ($500-$750 value that you would spend at Lead Gen service for 10 leads), it won’t cost you a dime!

3) When homeowners browse our Local Roofers listings, they will see contractors nearby, based on their location. For example, a homeowner in NYC will see roofers in 15-25 mile radius, and if your company is near then, they will see you, and can request a quote from your company.

4) In the near future we will begin showcasing local listings in our Roof Cost Calculator, so that you get more FREE leads. We will also be showcasing contractors on other pages across our website.

All a roofer need to do, is create a great listing: Good “about us” description, great work pictures, and a compelling section of why the homeowner would want to hire you for the job.

To get started sign-up today! Make sure you fill out all the fields in the registration form.

Disclaimer: During my early years as a roofer, we did buy several leads from Quality Smith (HomeAdvisor’s / Service Magic’s competitor at a time), but never bought any leads from HomeAdvisor or any other service.

After having very bad results from the ones that we purchased, we concentrated on our own leads acquisition.

Keep in mind – we (RoofCalc.org) do not represent any party of this class action, are not involved in it, did not receive any compensation related to this class, and do not endorse any opinions about it. This article is for informational purposes only!

This roofing guide is presented by Leo B.

I've been a roofer for 15 years, and specialize in Metal Roofing and Flat Roofing.

Have a roofing question or issue? Ask me any roofing question!

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50 comments on “Home Advisor Lawsuit – Why Contractors Want Their Money Back!

  1. Recently going through issues with these foxers. We paid 100 for 300 worth of credit plus been charged over 200 since that time in about a months time. I have actually reached 2 jobs. But we’ll over 40 of these leads you cannot reach a homeowner. Never. I tries 2 weeks straight on a lot of them and homeadvisor says sorry buyout your luck. The guy who signed me up says that’s not fair we are fonna get your money back and sends me to customer service who are all twits with attitudes that doesn’t have a time to listen to anything tou have to say. And then says you do everything wrong and then tells you what you should be doing… same exact thing you had just told them… I wanted to cancel my account completely and was denied of doing that. I turned off all of my service locations in hopes I dont get charged. I just received 700 on an outside job, and 2 days later my bank account was bone dry because of honeadvisor taking amounts more than 1 time a week I might add. Like what the heck is going on. They refuse to make anything right and refuse to cancel my account so I am just stuck in this mess. They straight up lied when signing on with them. Had I know I’d be charged for everything that came on to my app, I would have never signed up. 300 worth of credit or not. They straight up told me and my business partner on 2 separate occasions and separate phone conferences that we would pay only for what jobs we won. Now he has stated otherwise. My app doesn’t recognize when I call from it, or email, or text, so it always stated that I do not make contact with any of my people, even the ones I have won jobs with. But fox yea I’m getting charged for them. I had one guy agree to 100. He was almost 2 hours away from me. I was loosing money for all the stuff he wanted done. But we talked and agreed days and everything. 2 hours later he texts me and tells me I quoted 40 and if I don’t like it he is finding someone else. I called him he said nope not directly you but someone else called me from home advisor and said you’d service me for 40. I was furious but kept my professionalism. Told him I would do it for 40 since someone else had told him I would. He very politely(NOT) refused and relisted his request online… lucky me get screwed over and have to pay for the shit again… not even in my service are at that! But nope can’t request a credit because their apps junk and doesn’t register everything properly and comes back on us contractors that are just starting out and trying to make a name for ourselves and make a living…

  2. I’m a Florida customer who uses a variety of contractors for repair and maintenance work at my home. I NEVER use any of the Lead Gen services. I know how to avoid them and paid advertisers.
    But as the article says, true local contractors are making it hard for us to do business with them. Many do not have websites or even a valid email address. They think a phone number with a message saying “we’ll call you back” is sufficient. It isn’t! Make it easy for us to do business with you, and more of us will avoid using HA or Angie’s or any third party.

  3. I also have been ripped off by Home Advisor and they take more money than they can give leads. My efforts were to pay someone’s high end salary and that is a scam at the core. I have been denied refunds that should have been refunded and this is exasperating.

  4. I have only been with home advisor for a week or so and never agreed to a membership. The claimed I could try it out with $100 dollars in and are now charging me $130 without my consent. This is robbery! Ive been lied to and they did this charge the end of the day on friday and are closed weekends. Please add me to the lawsuit, this company is a killer of small business and the owners should be jailed!

    1. Hi. I’m Emily recent victim of Angie leads pro. I am lost for words when it comes to the dealings I have had ever since being deceived into signing up with Andy’s company. They have definitely made more money than I have in the past two months. I refuse to pay them a dollar more. I have closed my bank account due to this but they still keep trying to pull from that account money that is not legit for them to take. I see that you were looking to join a class act in 2020. Did you ever get to join the class act and if so how can I do so?

  5. Sorry if this is off subject, Internet won’t bring up any other help, how do I get home advisor to stop using my company name. Any help is much appreciated thank you

  6. Please can anyone advise me on how to make them delete me from their system and quit charging me. I tried to cancel after just two weeks and now all the sudden the salesman who signed me up wont return my calls and they are still sending me leads when I told the to stop. I want OUT of this completely bogus crap. It is a total scam and ripping off small business. HELP

  7. After reading through these comments, I realize that I, too, have been had by HomeAdvisor. When I signed up, I was told that I wouldn’t be charged for anything that I didn’t accept. They put a balance on your account and if you don’t use it, it will just stay there. However, if you go to cancel, you will lose that money. They do not do refunds. I have not been had by several thousand dollars like some, but $300. My profile was not set up the way that it was supposed to be, I asked for commercial not residential and that is all I have received, residential. I was signed up for an exact match program which I received a voicemail stating that I shouldn’t have been. I reached out for a refund a month ago and the account manager told me to give it a little more time, and never once told me that I couldn’t get a refund. Since I have tried contacting my account manager several times, only to find out he is no longer employed with HA. They never reach out to tell you you have a different account manager or anything. This company is a scam, and steals money.

  8. Please add my company Dust Busters Cleaning after serveral calls from Home Advisor I finally gave in and paid the $280.00 for the year.( money I really didnt have). Thinking I would generate more clients with my husband having colon cancer money is one thing I need to make not be robbed out of. I turned off the lead still got charged I called them they say the would give me.5 free leads to make up for the changes but yet charged me for them. Then when I called to cancel they didnt cancel me they charge me again. Im at the end of my rope something needs to be done about this.

  9. I am a electrical contractor that used home advisor when I started my company I was lied to saying I pick and choose which job I wanted only to find out I was charged for the lead even when I didn’t call also lead charges weren’t consistent cost me more than I made I would call lead within seconds of receiving it to them saying already taken by someone else they keep calling wanting me to come back big scam

  10. G Rossi
    I have a pest control company and been with Home advisor for over 3 years and feel they are running my business to the ground with bad leads. I have also talked to customers who searched for Pest control companies on the internet and said the next thing they knew they were signing up for Home Advisor. Its a shame I paid 5000 for my website and people cant contact me without Home Advisor scooping them up. I have over 300 good reviews with Home Advisor and they took a customers side for a job we completed exactly what our invoice stated with a no refund policy Home Advisor forced us to pay back the customer or they would shut off our account if we didn’t. People can’t find a pest control company on the web without Home Advisor scooping them up so I cant run my business without them. We were paying over 3000 a week for leads and I had to take out 3 business loans just to stay in business. I am just staying a float and probably will loss my business very soon. Thank you

  11. My name is Eric white with D&E Construction I also wish to be added to the law suit against home advisor. I was wrongly charged leads. I had to call every month to correct my bill and even had leads charged to me that was already completed. Thank you.

  12. I used to own a small time landscaping company. When I officially opened I had dumped most of my personal savings into starting my company and I was having a difficult time at first finding work. Home advisor contacted me and told me about their program and I took a chance on it. I was screwed so hard, within just a single month I had a bill over $3000 when I explicity said that I do not want to pay for any leads over $500. Homeadvisor would turn off my leads, this lasted one week and leads would start coming again. I repeatedly called them telling them to cancel my service because I was fed up with them disregarding my request to turn off my leads and receiving cold leads because people just wanted to try their service out online and I pay $60-$80 for those people. Either way, home advisor disregarded my requests to cancel my service and then sent me to collections because they wanted all the money up front.
    When I spoke to the collection agency I told them exactly what happened and they said to me that they never told me the terms and the proper way to cancel a service was ONLY in writing. My first business failed. I spent all of my savings on that company and it was ripped out of my hands by a greedy company that has no respect for the contractors and service providers they represent.

    1. Brandon,

      Do you have any records that you requested leads to stop? Once it went to collection, how was the dispute resolved?

      You should definitely join the class and see where that goes.

      I’m really sorry to hear all these troubles you had to go through.

      Best of luck, Leo

      1. Hello Brandon or anyone interested. How did they ruin your company credit? I’m wondering how they are able to send anyone into collections without social security number? Has anyone tried calling their bank to get refunded for these scam charges?

      2. I just did this, I am waiting for the bank to get back in touch with me… hopefully it’s not going to much of a hassle. I told them I didn’t authorize the charges… and I did not. I authorized 1 charge and charges from leads thst I won. There should be like 50 bucks max, but with the “deal” they gave me with 300 in credits for 100, there’s no way I should have paid that. A lot of money within a months time

  13. Ive been scammed by home advisor. Leads with No Address, Addresses that dont exist, or go to the house address of the lead and the person has never heard of Home advisor and never asked for an estimate.. Home advisor wont let u delete ur credit card info. TIP buy a $10 gift card and put that card in so u can delete your real card.
    Add me to this law suit.

  14. John Wallace owner of 4 Aces Construction please add me to the lawsuit , 509-370-9295 , 4acesjohn@gmail.com ,, thank you home advisor lied and my discover card back billed them , they sent me a letter and said its going to collection 5 days ago , and i just looked on discover.com , they just ran the membership fee back thru again ,and at the same time say i owe it and are fwding to collection !!

  15. I’ve paid for over 500leads and a member for over 4 years they screwed me and my company so hard man it’s upsetting that they almost ran my company out of business. I’ve worked so hard for. I can go in about the different scans that they do that it’s to much to type. I’m looking for a attorney to help me. I’m still a member of HomeAdvisor I have my leads on pause I would like to build a case against them why I still a member of HomeAdvisor. That way we can document and record every situation on all the bad leads…

  16. Sounds very reasonable, planning to join when finalise my own web-site. I worked with my brothers for years, now decide to go on my own! I heard homeadvisor asks $125 for a new roof lead shared with other 4-5 contractors, and increases it to $185 if the customer enquired specifically for me! Are these numbers true?

  17. Please add me, I’m the owner of windy ridge contractors. Home advisor keeps sending me false leads of endless hope, even when leads are turned off. I did one small gutter job, paid 1k plus dollars for unwanted bogo s false leads, from no call backs/homeowners dreaming 5 yrs from now/common work that needs specialty work (like lifting a concrete house foundation, job lead is new foundation. I demand a credit, theaten to take me to debt recovery and destroy credit. Based in Wyoming,

  18. I to have been ripped by home advisor as well. out of 16 leads got to talk to one person the leads are bois.
    I want by money back.

  19. I gave home advisor a shot on 11/03/2018 I could not get into the trade I wanted do to gen lic so they put me in as a handyman I backed out on the same day I was told I would not be charged. I called the bank on 11/04/2018 and they had not took money? I cancelled the card. 0n 11/18/2018 I received a email from homeadvisor return $222,00 dollars they took the money anyways than they keeped 65 dollars I called them and was pissed they tried charging me for 3 leads they sent me I did not respond to the leads and told them to stop recredit that amount.. they sent me back $65 dollars on 1/08/2019. now there sending me threatning emails saying I owe them $85 dollars or there reporting it to the credit agencys.. I owe them zero I have filed complaints and now there making false claims against me

  20. I see a lot of people commenting here about how homeadvisor ripped them off which is insane. I suggest companies that are pouring money into leads put a percentage of that into seo (search engine optimization). Instead of relying on other websites for leads, generate them yourself. In the long run this is the only way to stop depending on yelp, home advisor, angielist etc. You’ll save thousands and build something.

  21. Same thing I got charged $1100 first seven days of being signed up with HomeAdvisor before I even made one single penny

  22. Add me to this they got me for over $1100 without getting 1 job and had some very sketchy leads were the customer didn’t know anything about what I was calling about.

  23. Awesome article. It’s getting tougher and tougher for local roofing contractors to take their fair market share of search results and traffic when they are competing with these behemoth sites with massive marketing budgets. As you’ve stated in your article it varies across the country how competitive the terms are and in some areas the lead gen sites like Home Advisor have a really strong presence. It is frustrating as most roofing contractors we work with don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to drop on advertising. Thank you for the in-depth article, I’ve just shared it on our Facebook Page too.

  24. Hi My name Paul. owner of:
    please add my company also to that list or classes.
    I loose a lot of money with HomeAdvisor.
    they charge me few thousand dollars for a couple years i call them to stop sending leads but they still did than charge for all of them, they send leads not in my trade for all membership time i geting done only one job referred buy Home advisor But customer dont have enough money to pay final payment. 🙁 This is mafia.!!!

  25. I got scammed out of hundreds of dollars from this so called leads generator company. Please add me to this list. Not one lead that they provided was real. The leads provided were all fake names and addresses.

  26. HomeAdvisor called me multiple times a day soliciting me I finally listened to what they had to say they offered me $288 for the year and that I would get this that and the other thing and that I did not have to take leads because I don’t want leads I don’t lower my prices because my prices are the lowest they said no problem offered me multiple things to get me to sign then none of it was true bogus sales tactics now turn me over to collections to collect money from me and I get nothing in return sounds like a scam if you ask me

  27. My name is Pete owner of PC Construction. I wish to be added to the class action against Home Advisor.
    I can be contacted through my Email. I have be taken advantage by HA. for thousands of dollars, they dont want to give me credit for bad leads. They also have gone way over the amount I stipulated for my leads.

  28. I want to join this lawsuit as well they lied and told me there were no fees. And charged me and still charged me for this month. My company is brand new and they recorded the conversation several time when I asked him if I will be charged for this. I started a business and I got robbed. Need help now. Let’s all sue them

  29. Hi; name is L. Hawkins and I would like to be added to this class action suit against home advisor. They charged me a renewal fee even though I was unaware that they would. When I saw the payment on my checking account about a week after the payment I called and said I do not want to renew with them. At that time I was told that I had to cancel within 72 hours after being charged or accept the renewal. I stopped the payment with the bank so then I received a bill for the renewal fee and a lead that I had never seen. They insisted that it was always there and they added more money and say they will turn it over to a collection agency and report ot the credit bureaus.

  30. I just joined the class action lawsuit. definitely strong arming contractors. they dont allow you to indicate lead was no good anywhere on there software. They are allowed to charge your credit card. I guess you have to call in right away. but they beg you to keep trying to call the customer for a least a week. They can simply give a credit if customer is no good and continue on but they are with out a soul.

  31. HomeAdvisor promised me so many things on a solicited call to me to get me to sign up then all of a sudden the bill came in I didn’t look at Leeds because I wasn’t supposed to get them and within two weeks I got a bill four leads that I didn’t know I had I was told I didn’t have to take leads I was told they would set up my profile off of reviews on the web and my website I was told that I would be in the top five if somebody looked in my area and I was until the bill came in so I turned off my leads supposedly and they disconnected my account I could never get back in touch with the salesman only spoke to multiple managers and they all lie lie lie now they threaten me with collection agency not good business in my eyes and I will fight it add me to class action I am a very outspoken person

  32. I would like to add my company to the lawsuit RDF Home Solutions, I found out the the gentlemen who signed me up was doing some underhanded things and they ended up firing him. The company deleted my profile and didnt even notify me but was still charging me I found out when I called to make a payment. A lead made complaints about a job we didnt even do, she had a contract with someone else. They didnt even listen or return my phone calls

    D Freeman

  33. Hello my name is andre smith i would like to be added to the class action lawsuit they lied to me from day one over charging me. So many lirs they told us they are a joke..

  34. Hello my name is andre smith i would like to be added to the class action lawsuit they lied to me from day one over charging me. So many lirs they told us they are a joke

  35. HA are liear they just grab your money and they say leads cost 9 to 20$ and they send you 52 to 100 dollar for fake leads. I just want to share my bad bad experience with them, my advice for other company is just stay far from HA. They are not correct they lie and just grab your money, they try to charg you over 50 dollars for one phone call most of them are fake. Please stay far of HA and don’t let HA to steal your money

  36. Please put me in, we never get any business from HA, but they keep charging us 55-110 weekly for job we never get, Our home inspection business never get any benefit from it.

  37. My experience with HA is also a bad one. I own and operate a small handyman/remodeling business with 6 employees. I was thinking HA sounded like a good deal and a way to generate more business and expand. WRONG. After signing up, paying the membership fee, filling out the types of jobs/work, I listed things such as painting, flooring, kitchen/bath remodeling and so on as well as my coverage area, that area being within my county, well I started getting leads from so called customers as far away as 100 miles. The leads, what a joke, as a handyman/remodeler I was getting leads for grass cutting, gutter cleaning window washing and so on and was getting charged for each lead, and the other leads in my field I got when I called the number was not in-service, the address did not exist or the customer stated they had already had the job completed or that I was the 5th or 6th contractor that called. HA is a joke, run away from them fast

  38. I have been told that I would get my refund back if it had not been 90 days now I am being told it would have to be 72 hours. I have gotten nothing but fake leads one was to the emergency room they were very upset with me.

  39. Tyler with Evergreen lawn and landscape and I would also like to add my name to the list and file a lawsuit Against home advisor pro. They miss lead people and every lead I’ve got has been bogus. People are just shopping around and not really interested in getting the services. The webpage should include that they charge the contractor for legal fees which it doesn’t.

    1. Tyler,
      There should be a link in the article to the complaint, which also has “contact form” … I think you can use that form to join…

      In any case, here is the link.
      Also there is a phone number to call on that same page.

      Good luck

  40. My name is BJ Wilson, I am the owner of B&J Plumbing and Handyman llc. I wish to be added to the class action suit against home advisor. Please contact me via email and I will give you my phone number and address. I too have been scammed by home advisor, and had the same conversations with them as the other business owner did in the video, as well as promised refunds, then denied them when I spoke with the supervisor. Thank you.