Metal Roof Calculator – Estimate Metal Roofing Prices

Metal Roof Calculator estimates metal roofing prices for the most popular materials:

– standing seam panels
– corrugated R-panels
– steel or aluminum shingles/shakes
– stone coated steel shingles
– copper & zinc vertical panels

Estimate the cost of your metal roof now:

Roof Size:

x ft.

Metal Roof Type:

Standing SeamR-Panel / V5 CrimpSteel ShinglesAluminum ShinglesStone-Coated SteelCopper RoofingZinc Roofing

Roof Pitch:

3 (low slope)5 (medium)7 (medium)9 (steep)10 (steeper)12 (very steep)

Job Complexity:

Simple roofMedium difficultyVery cut-up roof


YES – 1 layerYES – 2 layersNO tear-off

Number of Floors:

1 Level 2 Levels 3 Levels

Skylights / Chimneys:

Ridge Vent Length:
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