Replacing and Building I new Hip Roof (46W x 40L)

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William Hairston asked 9 months ago


I am during a renovation of an old wood frame home that I have gutter. I plan to use the old existing hip roof which size is 30′.6"W x 34’L and expand it to 46’Wx40’L.

My question is I like to know how much lumber and size of the Ridge beam, Hip rafflers, Common Rafters and Jack rafters to build a new hip roof 46’W x 40’L.

The existing measurement of the house is 30′.6"W x 34’L with a cover porch of 6 feet run the width of the house front.

I will be adding an additional 15′.6" to the width of the house the new measurement will be 46’Wx40’L include the 6′ length porch.

I attached several files; pictures of the exiting house and copy of the new renovation house plans.

Please get back to me as soon as you can. I am trying to put a material list together for the hip roof

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