Plumbing or Roofing Leak

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Sam asked 4 years ago

Good day

My tenant noticed a streak of moisture on the first floor of the ceiling of my two story townhome. Two plumbers took a look at the leak and said it was coming from the roof. The maintenance crew from my HOA had a look at the leak and could not find any leak in the attic; both plumbers think leak is coming from roof and the HOA thinks it is coming from plumbing.

The leak shows up sometimes and other times it does not; for instance after a day of full rain this week, we did not notice any leak.

Have the following questions:

  1. How is it possible if the leak is coming from the roof that it shows up on the ceiling of the first floor and nothing showing up on the top floor?
  2. What are main or top causes of leak like this and what can I narrrow it down to?

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