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Leighton Stone asked 7 years ago

4’x14′ flat roof with skylights added between two houses. done 30 odd years ago. Philadelphia. the pitch is 2.1 but has been pitched sideways toward my house. now it leaks, do we re-pirch or, repair or re-construct. Are there different types of roofers? Mine just covered over the old membrane, but didn’t address the leak or the wet wood on the inside.

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Leo B answered 7 years ago

Hi Leighton

I think the best solution is to remove old roofing, add slope away from your house (this is easily done with tapered insulation) and install PVC membrane. Alternatively TPO or EPDM rubber. However, on the roof this small, material won’t make any difference in cost – so go with the best (PVC)

This should be a mostly permanent solutuion. Make sure new roof is flashe at least 6" up the wall. If it connects to a steeper shingles roof, flash 24-36" up the slope.

Aslo since you have 2 skylights, I highly recommend to stay away from rubber. PVC and TPO have pre-fabricated corner flashigns, whereas rubber uses uncured material that needs to be stretched around corners, and will naturally pull back, causing leaks, after some time.

Good luck.

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