Can I use an attic fan/roof mounted fan in lieu of a ridge vent?

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Michelle Carrara asked 3 years ago

We moved into our house several years ago. The previous owners had a second layer of roofing installed less than 10 years ago but, in doing so, the contractor neglected to include a ridge vent or drip edge flashing. We have soffits and gables but no ridge vent. We have asked some contractors about installing a ridge vent now, after the fact, and it seems that it might be counterintuitive since it will require removing some of the shingles to then add the vent and re-shingle. We are wondering if we can "get by" by installing an attic fan/roof mounted fan (ideally with a thermostat and humidistat) until we are ready to rip out the two layered roof and install a completely new one. If we do so, would we keep the gables/soffits? Do you recommend any particular fans over others?


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