Can I fix my roof with your kit?

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Le asked 7 years ago

Hi Leo,

I found your website very helpful. I’d like to hear your advice on fixing my roof, which looks like this:


As you can see there are some bubbles developed under the previous patch. As a new owner I don’t know how/when the previous owner patched there. The roof was made in 2007. My questions are:

  1. Can I use your kit to fix this?
  2. If so, what’s the best way to proceed? Should I put a bigger patch covering the whole area (maybe 10×10") including the old patch or should I peal off the old patch first? What about the bubble?
  3. The location is at the edge of a two-story roof, so I’m a bit nervous. Is there any safety measure I should be aware of when working on this?



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