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Bader asked 7 years ago

i have a 12 X 16 sun room in my Columbus Ohio home which had Aluminum roofing. after over 30 years of service this started to leak . after making few attempts to stop the leak i have decided to have this old Aluminum roof taken down and hauled away. so now i have only the sun room with out any roof. i am looking to replace it with same kind of pre-fabricated Aluminum roof or any other metal roof. i am open to making some wooden structure on top of metal frame of sun room and go with normal plywood and shingle kind of roof too.

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Leo B answered 7 years ago


I think a good option would be to install 2×3 battens (parallel to rafters) every 16" – 24" and install standing seam panels. These should never leak – the only weak spot would be where roof meets wall. But this can be easily flashed with SolarSeal 900 to make watertight.

Other option is plywood + PVC flat roofing membrane.

Both materialsh should be tucked under siding my at least 6".

Good luck

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