Roofing Help – Q&A – episode 1

We’ve got many questions from homeowners on our Ask The Roofer roof help desk, and here is the first batch of Questions and Answers.

In this episode, we will talk about roof damage, and should to replace port of your roof or the whole thing. We will discuss choosing between Asphalt Shingles and a Metal Roof. Lastly we will cover a very sensitive topic of choosing a roofing shingles manufacturer (GAF vs CertainTeed).

So let’s begin!

First question comes from Daniel about a roof damage:

Hi Leo,

My roof suffered some damage above the garage. Is it wise to replace shingles in only that particular area (400 s.f.)?

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Timberline Shingles Lawsuit Review

This is a summary of a recent large class action shingles lawsuit against GAF Timberline Shingles.

In 2013, a major legal action took place, with the claim that shingles have been prematurely cracking and failing on thousands of roofs, due to material and manufacturing defects.

Our goal is to inform you about GAF’s alleged sub-par manufacturing practices, deceptive marketing, and lack of care for the consumer, as related to this case.

While the GAF lawsuit has been settled in April 2015, we want to make you aware of this situation and summarize the case, because there is a complete lack of media coverage on this issue.

The actual number of people involved the class action was not disclosed,

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