Cedar Shingles

Cedar Shakes vs. Shingles | Compare Costs, Durability, Styles

Are you debating between installing a cedar shingles vs shake roof?

The two have significant design, installation and cost differences. On average, a cedar roof can cost $12,000-25,000, depending on whether you select wood shingles or shakes, grain quality, style and other factors.

Wood shake and shingle roofs are not the same when it comes to durability, longevity and protection against the elements.

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Cedar Shingles vs Shakes

To a discerning eye, the visual contrast between shake and shingle is obvious right away.

Shingles have a smooth uniform look that spans the entire roof surface,

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Cedar Roof Shingles Prices For 2023

The average cost of cedar shingles is $6,800-9,500 installed on a 1,700 sq. ft. ranch style home.

Cedar roofs has been around for centuries. Recognized for exceptional charm, longevity and durability, they continue to be installed throughout the US today.

How Much Do Cedar Roof Shingles Cost?

Cedar roofing shingles is a premium material, and is fairly expensive, especially if you want to add special treatments that prolong the life of the roof.

The price range is wide and greatly depends on the quality of the wood you select. Also, note that a cedar shake roof is significantly more expensive than shingles.

Cedar Shingles: For an average one story ranch-style home (roof size 1,700 sq.

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