5 Best Synthetic Slate Roofing Products

Thanks to modern technology, there are now synthetic slate roofing options that look identical to the real stone, but cost at least 50-60% less.

You can install high quality composite slate roof shingles for about $15,000 on a simple 1,600 sq.ft. ranch or cape style home.

Compared to real slate, these composite shingles and tiles are also lighter in weight, highly durable, and weather resistant, making them a premium, high-quality roofing material.

Begin your roof replacement project by requesting free quotes from local roofing pros.

What are slate shingles made of?

Synthetic slate shingles are a relatively new roofing material that is made from a mixture of fiberglass,

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Roofing Cost Spike In Houston, TX After Hurricane Harvey

Damaged Roof in Houston TX after Harvey

After hurricane Harvey, roofing cost in the impacted areas has seen a major increase. Still, homeowners in Houston and surrounding regions are scrambling to find a contractor to repair or their damaged roofs. Storm chasers have flooded in, offering to “do your roof in one day” and even “pay your deductible”, as demand for roofing work spiked 4 times from its normal levels.

Since there aren’t enough local contractors available due to high demand, homeowners are faced with higher roofing prices combined with questionable labor quality and often lack of any substantial warranty. Here is what you need to know to not get ripped off, and get a properly installed roof.

How are roofing prices in Houston affected by hurricane Harvey?

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Metal Roof Colors: How to Pick the Right Color for Your House

Contrary to common misconceptions, there is a wide range of metal roof colors and finishes, that can beautifully match any house style.

Since metal is a lifetime material, and your new roof will cost at least $9,000-11,000 you want to pick a color that you will be happy with for many years to come.

In addition to curb appeal, it is important to consider the quality of the metal roof paint. Choosing a budget vs. premium coating will have a direct impact on how your roof will look 10, 20, and 30 years down the line.

In this guide:

Color options for a metal roof
Metal roofing paint quality
SMP (Acrylic) vs Kynar 500 coating
Corrosion prevention –

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Top 65 Facts About Roofing Shingles

There’s a good chance every house in your neighborhood is outfitted with a shingles roof. Mainly because 75% of all houses in North America opt for this popular type of install.

But before you decide to follow the crowd, dig a little deeper and find out more about this material.

Here are the top 65 facts about asphalt shingles you should know, before you buy.

In this post:

Shingle types

Shingles facts


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Roof Replacement Cost Variations Across US Regions

Your roofing cost can differ by as much as 18% up or down, depending on where you live.

This is about $1,200 for an average re-roofing project!

Roofing Prices Per Square Foot

New Roof Cost Based On Region

Below is a map of US regions, as well as average installation prices for a 1650 sq. ft. roof with the following job specs:

1,650 square feet, 1 storey, 5-pitch Ranch house. 1 layer tear off. GAF Timberline or equal quality shingle with manufacturer required accessories. 1 chimney flash with lead.

US Regional Roof Prices

Prices are grouped together in the following 9 geographic areas in the US:

New England

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2020 Average Cost to Replace a Roof

The current roof replacement cost is $6,400-15,840 on a 1,600 sq.ft. ranch style home, and greatly depends on the material you install.

We have done the research for you, and below are prices for the most popular residential roofing materials: asphalt shingles, flat and metal roofs.

roofing prices

All of our data is continuously updated, and you can use these estimates to compare different quotes that you receive from contractors. It is very important to have accurate pricing information prior to hiring a contractor. This can help you to weed out unscrupulous roofers, who may try to take advantage of you.

US National Average Roofing Cost

Across the US,

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