Local Roofers Listings connects homeowners and roofing contractors - here is how it works:

When homeowners need a roofer, and we have a contractor within 25 miles radius, they fill out free estimate form on our website. We then forward the information to all roofers near the customer. Once you (the roofer) receive the lead, you should contact the homeowner as soon as possible.

Demand for roofing contractors by State, in the last 30 days:

Use map below (hover mouse over state) to see how many homeowners in US were looking for a roofing contractor (on our website), in each state. This stats are for the past 30 days and change constantly. These stats represent homeowners who need a roofer - not total site visitors!

Free Roofing Leads

Our philosophy is to never charge (contractors or homeowners) for leads - every lead that is sent to our roofers will always be free!

We do this, because we want to change the landscape of how contractors an homeowners get matched, and remove the middle-men Lead Generation services that charge $30-$100+ per lead, and then resell those leads to several contractors.

Since we (just like you) are roofers, we understand the frustration of dealing with paid leads provides.

The Local Roofers platform make it very easy for all roofing contractors to sign up and promote your business by matching you with your local customers who are looking to replace the roof.

Your Free Listing

When you sign up, you create a personalized listing for your company, with images of the roofs you've done, the prices you charge for each material, and even a Roofing Calculator that's tailored to your company!

On your company listing, a homeowner can research your prices for roof installation, and compare them to those charged by other roofers in the area. Homeowners also look at your work pictures, verified insurance and construction license when making a decision on which company to hire. Therefore we recommend you upload them through your Dashboard.

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