Mitchell Construction's estimated Asphalt Shingles roof cost: $450
(for 2000 sq. ft. size)

What makes Mitchell Construction special

--What areas of your trade do you specialize in?
Residential Roofing, asphalt shingles, 3-tab shingles, Architectural shingles, Dimensional Shingles, Composite shingles

--What questions should a customer ask before hiring a professional in your trade?
Does the roofer have an A+ accredited rating with the BBB?
Have you googled the roofer to read the reviews and verify if they are reputable?
Has the roofer been in business more than 5-10 years?
If they haven't been in business for 5 years, how can they offer a 5-10 year warranty?
Does the roofer answer the phone every time you call? Are they responsive?

--What services do you provide your customers after the work has finished?
We offer 5 year workmanship warranties on all our roofs in addition to the manufacturer's warranty on the shingles. If you have any issues, we are just a phone call away.

--How did you get started?
Mitchell Construction started back in 1973

--Tell us about the project or job that you are most proud of (in the last 12 months).
There was this brilliant engineer and his wife who were looking for a new roof. He called a dozen roofing companies all over town, checked their backgrounds and reputations, got quotes from them, and asked many technical questions. Over a 2 month period, his list of the best roofing companies got shorter, as he qualified and disqualified the roofers based on knowledge, integrity, ability, and quality. During this timeframe, we visited him many times, showed him shingle samples, did research of where different colored shingles were installed near them so he could see how it looks on a roof, and even did conference calls with him and shingle manufacturer to assure that his requirements were met. In the end, the list of best roofers was shortened to one, and we were awarded the bid. We worked hard and installed his roof to his specifications. Him and his wife came out quite a few times to check on us and make sure everything was good, and they were extremely pleased with our work and how their new roof looked. We got to know them and really enjoyed working with them. We were really happy to be able to help them get the new roof they wanted. We felt that all the extra work we did to please them was worth the effort, and we are happy that we won the opportunity to serve them and put smiles on their faces.

--How many projects do you average in a year?
We do about 50-100 residential roofs per year. We are a family business, and we like to personally supervise every roof job to insure that we continue to deliver only the best quality on every job. We find that is better than the mcdonald's approach where some roofers spit out 20 roofs a week and only see the customer at the time of the sale and when they pick up the check.

--What brands or products do you work with?
Owens Corning, GAF, CertainTeed, and Tamko.
We usually suggest Owens Corning, as the shingles can also be found at home depot and Lowes, which makes it easy for the customer down the road if they need a couple shingles for a small repair, or make their dog house roof match. The other brands usually need to be purchased through a roofing supply warehouse. Home depot and Lowes are more convenient, an they are open 7 days a week, unlike the roofing supply houses.

--What certifications or professional affiliations do you have?
We have done over 2500 roofs in the Austin area, and are insured. The state of Texas doesn't have a license for Roofing contractors, so there are no licenses or certifications required.

--What would you recommend customers looking to save money?
Call us! When we look at your roof, we give you our honest opinion. We dont try to sell you a roof if you dont need one. We give you advice as if we were in your shoes. If all the other roofers say you need a new roof, but we feel that you could do a repair, and get another 10 years life out of the rest of your roof, we will tell you that straight up, rather than sell you a roof when you dont need it yet.

--What do you wish customers knew about your profession or trade?
Since Texas doesn't have a license or registration program for Roofers, there are many unqualified roofers that compete for business against the qualified ones. Many of them don't have insurance, and estimate their bids low so that they take the business from the more reputable professional roofers.
Please check out and Google any roofer who wants to compete for your business. Find out if they have a good reputation. Are they BBB accredited and A+ rated? Do they have all good reviews or are there bad reviews? Are they more than 5 years old, or are they a new company with no history? You want to make absolutely sure any roofer you invite to your home is honest and reputable and stands behind their work.

--Tell us something customers may not know about you.
I am the only roofer that supervises all my roofing supply deliveries and roof-loaded material deliveries personally.

--What information do you recommend to have readily available before looking for a professional in your trade?
Use google to check out the reputation of each of the different area roofers before you contact them. See if they are accredited with the BBB and have a good A+ rating. Check to make sure they are insured. Check and make sure they have been business long enough to honor the warranty of their product.

--What types of jobs are the most common?
The most common jobs are gable or hip shingle roofs. Many choose 3-tab shingles for economy, and many choose the Architectural or Dimensional shingles for their longer life and curb appeal.

--What are the most frequent questions you get from customers? What are the answers?
Do I need a new roof?
Can i get by with a repair?
How much does it cost to replace my roof?
Does the damage on my roof qualify for an insurance claim?
If my roof only needs a small repair, why did all the other roofers say i needed a new roof??

Mitchell Construction Installation Costs

Material 2000 sq. ft. roof cost

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Mitchell Construction

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