Estrada Roofing LLC

Estrada Roofing LLC's estimated Asphalt Shingles roof cost: $6550
(for 2000 sq. ft. size)

What makes Estrada Roofing LLC special

We don’t have the overhead of salesmen that are driven by commissions. Our company physically installs roofs. We offer direct pricing to homeowners. In short..homeowners pay what roofing companies pay for labor. Why not buy direct?

Work Samples

Estrada Roofing LLC Installation Costs

Material 2000 sq. ft. roof cost
Asphalt Shingles $6550
3-tab Shingles $6350

Other Company Info

Construction License not verified
Insurance not verified

Estrada Roofing LLC

(1,420.2 mi away)

Location: Plano, TX

Phone: (903) 449-1158


Average Local Price: $6566

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