Coastal Roofing 's estimated Asphalt Shingles roof cost: $6470
(for 2000 sq. ft. size)

What makes Coastal Roofing special

Services Offered:

New Roofs
*We work with General Contractors and Developers on their new construction projects.

*We work with Home Owners, Building Owners and Contractors in their Re-Roofing needs

Commercial Roofs
*We will install roofing systems on office buildings, warehouses and restaurants

Metal Roofs
*We will install metal roofs on Residential and Commercial properties

Infrared Imagery
*Using the latest technology and equipment we can perform moisture scans on certain types of roof systems. This method helps us in determining the trickiest roof leaks.
Roof Maintenance

An out of sight, out of mind approach to your roof maintenance needs is not recommended! You should maintain your roof as you would your car or even better your body. Routine maintenance should be performed on your roof at least once a year to prevent premature aging and accelerated deterioration. The majority of Roofing Systems are replaced prematurely due to the lack of Proactive Maintenance.

Roof Inspections and Certifications
We provide FREE Roof inspections and Certifications for Real Estate agents, Asset Management Companies and their clients.
Roof Coatings

We use only the best Roof Coating Products.
Properly installed roof coating systems can extend your roofing system life for up to 20 + years. This provides a great option to many property owners vs roof replacement.

Work Samples

Coastal Roofing Installation Costs

Material 2000 sq. ft. roof cost
Asphalt Shingles $6470
3-tab Shingles $6470
Metal Shingles $13470
R-Panel $13470
Tile $14470

Other Company Info

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Insurance not verified

Coastal Roofing

(1,092.8 mi away)

Location: Gateway, FL

Phone: (239) 219-4748


Average Local Price: $9060

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