8 Best Roofing Apps for Android (and iPhone)

If you are researching roof materials, installation and prices, why not use your phone to quickly access all the info you need at your convenience?

Free Roofing Calculator AppThere are a number of great apps available!

Since our roofing calculator is really a “web app”, we wanted to create a list of similar mobile apps.

I’m an avid Android user / fan, and also Android has the most users in US and worldwide.

So here is a rundown of the 7 Best Roofing Apps for Android devices – the list includes both Free and Paid apps.

Update: Added new app: #5 – Roof Bid Helper

If you know of a good roofing app for Android that we DID NOT include in this list,

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Ice Dam Prevention: 10 Best Products To Protect Your Roof

Holy Ice DamsHave you noticed large icicles forming along the eaves of your roof? This may be a sign that your roof may be at risk for ice dams and all the associated damage that they bring.

Problems with an ice dam roof can vary greatly: from torn off gutters and falling shingles to peeling paint, ruined flooring and stained ceilings, if the water gets into the house.

Another highly undesirable consequence is wet attic insulation, which will likely loose its R value, and cause serious mold issues.

To avoid all of these potential troubles, it is essential to focus on preventing ice dams.

If you are a DIY inclined homeowner, you can buy and install most of these products yourself,

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