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Many homeowners want to know what percentage of their new roof installation cost (when the roof is being installed by a contractor), goes into the shingles and other materials / accessories, needed for installation. This Roofing Materials Calculator will help you estimate this cost, and will include all needed accessories – not just the cost of roofing shingles.

To estimate shingles and accessories prices, enter roof ground dimensions, roof slope, and roof type (hip or gable) into the calculator below:

Roof Length:
Roof Width (Gable Side):
Roof Pitch:
Roof Type:


Roofing Shingles prices are calculated for MATERIALS ONLY, and use a 30-year type Architectural Asphalt Shingles material, and include all necessary accessories and flashing. Waste is calculated at 7.5% for a gable roof, and 15% for a hip roof, which are typical in the roofing industry.

To calculate roof replacement price for your house, use our Roof Installation Cost Estimator tool.

To properly calculate the amount of shingles and accessories needed to replace your roof, you will need to follow some simple steps outlined below:

Step 1: Measure your roof accurately. Use a measuring tape (preferably 50 or 100 feet long), and get exact ground dimensions of your house. Place the end hook of the tape on the corner and run it all the way to the opposite corner of the house. Measure both the WIDTH (gable side) and the LENGTH (eave / gutter side).

NOTE: If your house has a HIP roof, than it does not matter which side is the LENGTH and which is the WIDTH for accurate calculation. This is only important for gable roofs, as the calculator uses a specific formula to estimate roof run (length of gable). See the diagram below:

Roof Measuring Diagram -

Step 2: Add overhangs to your roof. If you have overhangs on the front, back and sides of your house (you most likely do), take the width of the overhang, multiply it by 2, and add to each side.

If the overhangs are not equal width, apply appropriate overhang width * 2, to the respective roof side.

Step 3: Plug the numbers into the calculator, and enter appropriate roof pitch / slope. If you do not know how to calculate roof pitch, see our guide.

To calculate the slope of your roof based on degrees, roof rise or X inches per 12″ run, use our Roof Pitch Calculator.

Otherwise, use the table or the roof slope diagram below:

  • Steep Slope – Roof pitch of 12 or 45 degrees.
  • Medium Steep Slope – Roof Pitch of 9
  • Medium Slope – Roof Pitch of 6
  • Medium Low Slope – Roof Pitch of 3 or 4

Roof Pitch Diagram -

Note that if your roof is low slope (below 3 pitch) asphalt shingles are NOT the right material for it. You will need some type of rolled or single ply material, such as Rubber, Rolled Modified Roofing, Rolled Asphalt, or TPO / PVC membrane (best choice, but expensive).

Step 4: Choose roof type: Gable, Hip or Mansard Roof. For a Mansard Roof, Choose Roof Run or height of the mansard. See the diagram below:

Roof Types Diagram -

Note: Mansard roofs are pretty much “walls” that are built at an angle, and have a FLAT roof in the middle, which is not being calculated here. Only the sloped wall part is being calculated.

The RUN of a Mansard Roof is the distance from the top to bottom edges. This is the primary measurement used in mansard calculation, and you need to enter the correct number to get accurate results.

Step 5: Click the “CALCULATE” button. Results for Roofing Shingles and all accessories will appear below. They include: Total Roof Size, Total amount of materials (including waste), and other sizes, as well as Total Roofing Materials cost and prices breakdown.

Average Roof Replacement Cost:

Low End
Mid Range
High End

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5 thoughts on “Roofing Shingles Calculator

  1. Love the page but your photo of the Mansard roof states it’s a Hip roof. just an FYI. Thanks for the info!!!!

    1. @ Joe,

      Prices are for GAF Timberline Lifetime (former 30 years) architectural shingles, and were sourced from Home Depot as well as 3 major roofing supply places in Boston. The results are an average of all 4 sources, and include shingles, underlay, drip edge, ice and water, ridge/hip caps, nails, flashing, ridge vent, caulk, etc … basically all the components of a complete system – as if you were installing a “warranty” job covered by GAF.

  2. This is a pretty good estimator. Expect to pay in the high end of the $5.43 – $7.05 per square foot range for a licensed, bonded and insured contractor and for complex or rush projects. Hire carefully, only after verifying prior work quality.

    For the best value on Shingle Roofing Installation: combine related projects; get bids from several pros; and be flexible about project scheduling.

    Be prudent. Use all your good sense and judgment when dealing with insurance companies, adjusters, and contractors. Be as cautious as you would be for any other major purchase.

    Happy Roofing!

    1. @ Jeremy,

      Thanks for your input.
      I think for asphalt shingles $5-7 installed is a bit steep, but if you (Appleton Roofing) can get it in Wisconsin, by all means.

      BTW, nice looking website – I assume it’s custom design – did you guys custom built it or it’s a theme off themeforest or something?

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