Costs of Asphalt Roof Shingles

Getting a fair deal on roof replacement is easy when you know market rates. Here we will help you estimate Asphalt Shingles Roof cost and explain what goes into your final quote, or how roofers price their work!

First you need to understand that while material prices are very similar for small and big companies, what components get included with your job, determines overall quality & longevity, as well as material costs for contractors.

In this guide we will show what goes onto Low-end, mid-range and High-end roofing jobs, and why some contractors can charge as much as $100 per square more or less than others.

Materials vs Labor Breakdown

Asphalt Roof Shingles InstallationBefore you read further,

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DIY Solar Metal Roof – Part 1: Planning & Budgeting

Solar panels are VERY cheap now (2017) and it only makes sense to own a solar roof, as opposed to leasing / PPA, which are a total scam. This summer I will be putting a metal roof on my house and as much as 12-14 KW of solar panels. What I plan to achieve with this is the following:

Solar Panels Installed on Standing Seam Metal Roof

  1. Completely eliminate my very high electric bill: I pay over $0.20/kwh to a horrible Eversource (which bought National Grid and increased Massachusetts electric prices by over 40%!
  2. Have too much solar electricity production: I plan to add a Mini-Split ductless HVAC system to part of my house that is very cold,

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Roofing Help – Q&A – episode 1

We’ve got many questions from homeowners on our Ask The Roofer roof help desk, and here is the first batch of Questions and Answers.

In this episode, we will talk about roof damage, and should to replace port of your roof or the whole thing. We will discuss choosing between Asphalt Shingles and a Metal Roof. Lastly we will cover a very sensitive topic of choosing a roofing shingles manufacturer (GAF vs CertainTeed).

So let’s begin!

First question comes from Daniel about a roof damage:

Hi Leo,

My roof suffered some damage above the garage. Is it wise to replace shingles in only that particular area (400 s.f.)?

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GAF Timberline Shingles: Class Action Law Suit Review

GAF Timberline Shingles In the residential roofing market, for many years GAF has been holding the top spot as the “Largest Roofing Shingle Manufacturer in North America”.

Its top selling product, Timberline Shingles, has been installed on millions of homes across the US.

These shingles have been touted by GAF as “the # 1 selling shingle in North America”, “the heaviest and longest-lasting fiberglass asphalt shingle in the Timberline series” offering “superior strength and improved weathering in harsh conditions”, because their exceptional design “promotes longest life and extra durability.”

However, in 2013 a major class action law suit was brought against GAF and its Timberline shingles, revealing a very different reality: the shingles have been prematurely cracking and failing on thousands of roofs due to material and manufacturing defects.

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Flat Roof Insulation Myths

Why flat roof needs insulation When it comes to flat roofing, one of the most important and often misunderstood components of the system is the insulation.

There are many different insulation materials and installation methods out there, along with a lot misinformation about which products to use to achieve the greatest energy savings.

Here, we debunk the most common myths about flat roof insulation, and offer our professional take on what actually works, how much it costs and the benefits you get as a homeowner.

Alternative insulation methods that we DON’T recommend

Some so called “experts” on line may recommend the following, claiming to achieve a greater R-value at a lower cost.

Myth 1: How to Save on Insulation

Add an additional layer of OSB over the roof sheathing.

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Flat Roof Insulation Cost

Flat Roof Insulation Whether you are replacing an existing flat roof or installing one on a new construction home, one essential component that you need to include is proper insulation.

Insulating a flat roof is a completely different process with different materials, than one used for a sloped roof.

However, its equally as important.

Quality insulation that is properly installed will greatly improve your roof’s ventilation, eliminate drastic temperature fluctuations inside the home, and protect it from leaks.

Here are the most common flat roof insulation options along with material and installation costs, to help you choose the product that works best for your house and budget.

How Much Does Flat Roof Insulation Cost?

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Seamless Gutters Installation Costs for 2016

Gutters on a houseAre you planning to get new gutters this summer?

Quality seamless gutters that are properly installed are essential to keeping your home safe from moisture infiltration.

In addition to gutters, there are a number of accessories to choose from, that can improve the level protection your roof gets.

We have compiled current gutter materials, accessories and installation prices, to help you choose the products that best suite your needs and budget.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Seamless Gutters?

An average size home of 2,000 sq. ft. typically requires about 150-200 linear feet of vertical gutters, as well as downspouts to allow water to drain. This costs about $10-11/ ln.ft.

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Cool New Roofing Products for Homeowners – 2016 NERCA (Part 1)

While roofing is a fairly mundane topic, there are still some innovative roofing products that many homeowners will get excited about. In late March 2016, I went to North East Roofing Contractors Association annual show / expo to find the best and most interesting new roofing products that I want to show you.

Basically this show is very BORING if it’s not your first time. Nevertheless, I still managed to scout out some cool new products that I got excited about.

So how do I define COOL? Basically, when I go “WOW, I want that on my roof” – it’s a cool product. So let’s dive in.

1. Solar Powered, Remotely Operated, Programmable Vented Skylights by VELUX

What if you left your skylights opened,

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5 Best Synthetic Slate Roofing Products

Synthetic Slate RoofAre you looking for a roofing material as durable and beautiful as slate, but without the prohibitive cost?

Thanks to modern technology, there are now synthetic imitation slate materials that look identical to a natural slate roof, are lighter in weight and are more affordable.

Our roofing pros have picked the top 5 synthetic alternatives to slate tiles. Click on each one to learn more:

1. Symphony Slate by CertainTeed
2. Polymer Slate by Davinci
3. Slate Steel Shingles by Tamko
4. Majestic Slate by EcoStar
5. Slate Select

Each of these products will save you thousands of dollars on the cost of materials and installation,

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TPO Roofing Costs for 2016

White TPO Roof on a Modern Home If you are looking to install a flat roof on a newly constructed home, or replace an old leaking rubber membrane, TPO roofing is a solid choice.

This single ply, seamless membrane has been steadily growing in popularity both in commercial and residential roofing applications due to a number of highly attractive features:

– Cost-effectiveness
– Durability and Longevity
– Leak Resistance
– Resistance to heat, UV rays, moss, algae, puncture and tearing
– Energy Efficiency

We have collected the most up to date costs for TPO roofing materials and installation to help you budget for your project.

How Much Does a TPO Roof Cost?

Residential pricing starts at $5.50-6.00/sq.ft.

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