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Calculate Roof Installation Cost based on house dimensions, slope, roofing material, and building height. You can estimate costs for Asphalt, Metal and Flat (Low Slope) roofing.

This calculator will estimate total installation cost for new or retrofit projects, by a professional contractor, & includes all materials, labor, & miscellaneous costs, such as dump fees, building permits, profit & overhead.

House Dimensions: x ft.
Roof Slope:
Roof Complexity:
Number of Levels:
Sky-lights / Chimneys: #
Ridge Vent Length: ft.
Roofing Material:
Region (US Only):

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This calculator is based on US roof market, and prices are calculated in USD. While Canadian market is very similar, due to currency fluctuations, you should also use current exchange rate to get more accurate number.

If you live in Europe, UK, AU, NZ or other country that does not use Imperial measurements system, try our Metric Roof Calculator.

defaultA roof protects your biggest investment - your home, from ice, snow, rain, and other weather elements. Yet, it costs an average of 3% of your total house price. And when it comes time to replace it, many homeowners don't know what the cost of a new roof should be. Some also try to get the lowest price possible. This tool will help you calculate FAIR market rates for roof replacement, based your details, and geographic location. Most of the time, this tool is about 98% accurate to the real world quotes that you will get from contractors.

Just a word of advice for those homeowners who want to get the lowest possible price - it's too expensive to buy cheap roofs, as it will cost you double to redo it after it starts leaking within a year. This is from my vast experience.

"Local" Roof Prices - REGION Setting To get a more accurate calculation, we've added a new region setting, where you can choose where you live, to get an average price adjustment, base on your local economic conditions. This will not be 100% accurate, but will work for most people. - Estimate Reroofing Cost.jpg

Your ACTUAL costs may vary by a HUGE amount, depending on where you live. For example, if you are in the Pacific region (CA, OR, WA, AK), you you will pay 18% more than the National Average. If, on the other hand, you are in the West South Central (TX, LA, OK, AK), you will pay 16% less than the National Average.

Thus, by adding the Region price adjustment setting, we made our calculator tremendously more accurate than before. To learn more about regional price differences for roofing (and other construction trades), check out our guide here.

US Regions Map

US Regions Map

How to Calculate Roof Price:

To estimate the replacement cost, you need to get ground measurements of your house (if your roof has overhangs, ADD [overhang width * 2] to both length and width), the slope (pitch), complexity, height of the building, number of chimneys / skylights, length of ridge vent (if any), number of old material layers to be removed (tear-off) and a roofing material you are estimating.

Roofing prices are approximate, and will vary depending on your geographic location, and current materials costs.

See how we came up with the prices for this calculator in our roof installation prices guide. If you do not know your roof slope, use our Pitch Calculator to measure / calculate / convert the slope.

Factors affecting Price Calculation: Note that material costs, used for calculating the installation prices, fluctuates greatly, depending in large on the cost of crude oil, as well as other factors, such as season, region of the country, and in part by natural disasters, such as hurricanes, etc. We try to keep the calculation formula in sync with current roofing materials costs.


Additionally, it is impossible to have an exact estimated cost, as there are many variables that can affect the final number. These include: the complexity of your roof, local economic conditions, costs of liability and worker's compensation insurance for the contractor, waste dumping costs, labor cost of the contractor doing the work, as well as overhead and profits. The calculated prices are ONLY approximate figures, to let homeowners have a better understanding of what it would cost the to replace their roof.

Replacement Cost can be calculated for the following materials:

Asphalt Shingles:

- 30 yr. / "Lifetime" Architectural shingles, - 50 yr. shingles.

To see how much asphalt shingles and accessories cost, see our Material Prices Guide here.

roofing prices prices

Metal Roofing - Steel Shingles - Aluminum Shingles - Standing Seam

Check out our complete Metal Roofing Prices guide.

Have doubts about Metal Roofing for Homes? Here are the biggest Facts and Misconceptions about Metal Roofs compiled by MRA.

Flat Roofing (Pitch setting of "Flat" or "3" must be selected for accurate calculation of a flat roof cost):

- PVC Roof 50-mil - TPO Roof 45-mil - EPDM (Black Rubber) - Tar & Gravel/Built-Up

Our complete Flat Roof Prices Guide (for Rubber Roofing and alternative Single Ply membranes) is coming soon.

In the mean time, check out our Spy Guide on Rubber Roof Prices from Home Depot, that any homeowner can buy (assuming your local Home Depot store carries it).

Also check out these 70 facts about flat roofing - the most comprehensive look at different flat roof materials.

Finally, any roof that is installed in the northern regions of US and in Canada should be effective against in protecting your home against snow and ice buildups. Check out our Ice Dam Prevention Products guide, to learn what are the most effective ways of eliminating ice dams.

Average Roof Replacement Cost:

Low End
Mid Range
High End

See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

9 thoughts on “Roofing Calculator – Estimate Your Roof Costs

    1. I only require for the flashing against the chimney to be fixed. You might like to quote for renewing materials that seal the two chimney pots. Nothing wrong with roof tiles. Midlands region, postcode NG34 7BS

  1. Had leak from ice from vent on roof, now leaking with rain. May not need complete roof, age of house is only 16 years old. May only need repair but would like to have estimate for complete roof

  2. Looking to replace 10×20 low pitched roof to high enough pitched roof to allow for low ceiling loft in 10×10 back section in a year.

    1. @ Karen
      You can get free estimate from Networks – they use pre-approved contractors, and you get up-to 4 free quotes – just fill out this form

  3. looking for reroof cost for 1600sq ft roof area, gentle slope. Two skylights on one side. Want 25 yr shingles. Interested in materials cost and labor cost.

    1. You can use the calculator above for TOTAL installation price calculation, and our Roofing Materials Calculator to estimate materials cost.

      The difference between 25 yrs shingles (3-tab) and 30-yr (now called “lifetime”) shingles is about $7-10 per square, so for 1600 sq. ft. roof, subtract $112-160 from the calculation results.

      Good luck

  4. I have to tell you that your calculator is spot on to the quotes we’ve gotten. Two years ago we were getting quotes of $10,000. That price has jumped to $14,000 now. The only consolation that I have is that we have a mansard roof and the problem of ventilation seems to be more addressed now that edge vents have come out for that break in the roof.
    Two years ago, everyone wanted for my house to have a big attic fan. Now, roofers around here seem to have gone 180 on them.

    1. Hey Susan,

      Thanks! We try to keep the calculator up to date with what contractors charge and with fluctuations in material costs.

      We recently created a roof price index (RPI) which tracks US average roof costs, based on what our visitors calculate for their roof replacement.

      As far as ventilation, each roof is unique, but yea – mansards are hard to ventilate properly.

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